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Respecting Your Sacred Temple

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Respecting Your Sacred Temple: The Gender Battle within and 10 Tips on Deeper Respect.


We all have goals to improve our body and we can all abuse it at times, but now is the time to change our attitude towards our body and how it supports us, give it the respect it deserves and work on some changes to create a thriving temple for our growth, wellness and fulfilling our potential in life.

Our bodies are the vehicles for our lives and how well and enjoyable we are experiencing our lives, how fulfilled and supported we feel and what we feel capable of doing.

There is a major imbalance in ourselves, in both waves of polar energy, both the masculine and feminine within us all, we fight within ourselves for the right to be heard and understood by both gender and through this fight we then fight with others of the opposite sex, which are triggering our inner battle.

 Old Paradigm for each Pole – How this may not be serving you.


Sexual property, being submissive, negative stigma of what is beauty, being seen as an object’s, feeling like we need to be as strong as men and do everything for ourselves, hormonal imbalances due to the pill and morning after pill, PMS myth – it is common but not healthy, impossible and unhealthy expectations around sex, not getting sexual satisfaction, being disrespected and hushed, told to calm down and belittled, not appreciated for your gentle, nurturing, intuitive and powerful nature, who you are attracted to.


These are a number of ways that the collective views and stigmas of gender and the temple of the body affect women today, it is very sad and something needs to change, but as women we need to take a stand and first start loving and nurturing ourselves and creating healthy boundaries, than sticking to them. So we create a new benchmark  for the collective and the other pole to step up.

My message to the Feminine:

Women know your divinity as a portal for creation. Your temple is sacred. Don’t let it be touched by those who don’t honour and respect your sacredness and splendour.
Love your body for the amazing tool it is for your life, experience and expression and never be ashamed of it or for only allowing the best for you and it.

Step into your divinity: 



Needing to be  Macho, must have muscles, needs to want sex and lead, porn, told to be emotionless and toughen up, extra pressure to provide and support a family and get a house, fight for your country, make something of yourself, get a good job,  keep it together for everyone else, work hard, pay for dinner, open doors, be romantic, being dominating, acting like you don’t care, who you are attracted to, not feeling respected for working hard and feeling you can’t do what you want to wind down.

These are a number of ways that the collective views and stigmas of gender and the temple of the body affect men today,  the way men get pressured into having to be so macho and emotionless robots and slaves is unfair and outdated, both of the genders want to be able to provide and share different roles, the promotion of porn and how it negatively and unrealistically gives young men the view of how to treat women and the illusion that this is what women want to be aroused and desired as sex objects, they are too naive to realise the lies, this is also a way to create negative views of the feminine energy inside them, that it will be abused and is not allowed to be shown. This all needs to change, now is the time to take back the power to educate and love ourselves without anger, lust, abuse and egotistical ideals of a patriarchal and matriarchal society.

My message to the Masculine:

Man know your divinity as a force of creating and protecting. Your temple is sacred. Don’t let it be touched by those who don’t honour and respect your sacredness and splendour.
Love your body for the amazing tool it is for your life, experience and expression and never be ashamed of it or feel forced to do something that does not feel right and noble to do. Be the one to step up and open your heart, don’t fear the views of others. Embrace your inner self and power to be balanced. Allow your good qualities to be honoured and respected.

Step into your divinity: 



“Love both parts of your soul, the male and female, we each hold both poles within, allow balance and utilise the gifts both energies hold within” – Cynthia Jauch

“As we go through life we begin to notice different parts of ourselves, sometimes the collective view of the duality in us and imbalance can make it hard for us to accept and use both parts.

The battle of the sexes and other dualities is that of the battle within us all, when we can see and experience this we begin to find a way for peace for both energies to live within our temple and they learn to work as one.

Over time we can learn how to harmonize with both songs and vibrations of the energies that exists within all of us, this creates an imaging and perfect feeling of wholeness and empowerment and affects our outer world and the way we connect and engage with other energies around us.”


We all need to take responsibility for our own healing and that means both pole within us, there is too many battles of the sexes and it does start within, but we need to as a whole come together and apologise and forgive and see our part in the whole, to grow, evolve and create more harmony. The devastation’s in the world today is a direct effect to the cause of unhealed wounds within us, it will continue until we each take our part to step up, be our best, love ourselves first and take loving actions for our temple and our path ahead.

Healing is a journey of commitment to see the wounds in our triggers and then nurture ourselves to heal them, to have gratitude to those who allowed us to see, to explore ourselves with love and grow this love consistently. It is important to allow for Unity within us and allow this for the collective.


10 Tips to really respect your temple:

1. Power of your thoughts:

Thinking nice thoughts and saying kind words about it, no matter what you don’t like, you will change and improve how it looks by loving, accepting and nurturing this part of your body, this will promote confidence, higher vibrations to create shifts and changes.

Meditation or contemplation in silence and stillness:

This is all part of thought and mastery of the mind, the mind is a part of you connected to your temple and enables you to be aware to create balance in your body by how our thoughts affect our physical matter and the emotions and actions they cultivate.

“Through inner reflection and stillness of mind and body, all fears can be overcome, all problems solved and all things created” – Cynthia Jauch

2. Nourish through nature:

Ground with bare feet and go to forests, mountains and the beach or water bank, connect to it as much as you can, hugging trees, sitting on grass, climbing mountains, swimming in the water (very cleansing for your body and aura, releasing a buildup of toxic thoughts and emotions), make sure to thank the land for its healing energy and show respect to it. Get out in the sun and  breathe deeply. Thus allowing all the elements that are in you to be replenished by those outside.

3. Move how you Love:

Whether it be dancing, skipping, yoga, running, martial arts, sports, cycling, swimming, skateboarding or anything that gets you consistently moving, allowing your body to move in a way you enjoy, promotes wellness and balance. Movement is number 4 of 7 things we need to survive and thrive as beings, it even comes before eating. When we move our bodies we allow energy to shift and to learn and grow ourselves in new ways, feeling stronger and more empowered to achieve more.

3. Conscious Eating:

The food we eat is both fuel and medicine to the body, so naturally if we feed it poison and toxins it will eventually shut down, slow down and have no way to build back up again. Our bodies are amazing to heal and evolve but when they are too overloaded with things they have not been designed to consume they become incapable of fulfilling their potential. Conscious eating means to tune in and know what your body needs, to create balance, and to not give it the things that make it feel sluggish and unwell, most allergies and mental health challenges have direct links to food, especially ADHD in children and other conditions that are growing rapidly in our culture and society, the common theme in this is the food we eat is getting worse. Until we take responsibility for our bodies and show them love we can not expect them to respond with love to us.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” – Hippocrates

 4. Self Love:

With this one comes a whole plethora of things including all of the above, but for deeper love we must see ourselves as we are and choose to accept even the flaws, to hold unconditional love of self, to learn what the self is and first we must learn what the self isn’t. A choice must be made to take regular action to love self, part of this is knowing your boundaries and not letting you or anyone else neglect what you rightfully deserve in the way of respect, appreciation, acknowledgement and joy. Doing things that you love regularly, being creative, finding a space for healing, connecting with other like people and being nurturing when things are tough, giving yourself that time to process and grow and sticking to the boundaries and values you hold dear to you, speaking your truth and holding your ground in love. Self Love is one of the key things to create positive shifts in you and your life.

“Don’t forget to fall in love with yourself first” – Carrie Bradshaw

5. Self Care:

This includes hygiene, the toxicity of the products you use, drinking enough water, educating yourself on what is best for you, trusting your intuition and what is right for you, creating regular practices that care for the bodies needs, like healing, extra time out, knowing when you need to get into nature, making sure you have enough sleep and rest for what your day will need energetically. It is no one else responsibility to care for us but us. We need to understand others will not treat us better than we treat ourselves.

6. Sacred Sex:

For me this means only engaging in any sexual act when it is out of love and respect, in a way that is for the intimacy and connection of both parties who are committed and love each other, sex is naturally sacred but our views and attitudes of it has been so twisted that it has become a tool for quick pleasure and lust in which degrades it and all involved. If you are seeking sex as an escape eventually you will have to stop and heal and take responsibility, either through an STD’s, STI’s or pregnancy. Sex is meant to be an act of love, but with so much of the skewed views and attitudes that have been influencing us, people are scared to be seen and open up to being real, raw and vulnerable. Sex is so much better when sacredness and honour is involved, where two souls are connecting to feel unified and spiritually alive and grow.


7. Your Associations:

The people you surround yourself with are a big indicator of how you will respect yourself and your temple, you are a part of that temple and if those around are not loving, respecting and nurturing themselves, chances are you will become someone who isn’t. We are naturally affected by those around us unless we choose to totally close off and not have anyone around, which can be harmful to our mental and physical health. Choose people to be around who love and respect their bodies, they will encourage you and treat you right and you will grow and evolve even more, you will feel happier and more connected to your soul and integrated and grounded in your temple.

8. Choose THRIVE:

This is key to aligning yourself to do all of these things mentioned, you must change your thoughts and beliefs and actions to THRIVE, to grow, to be nourished, to be supported and to excel, to not settle for OK, or GOOD. In our current society and health system, the goal is to be OK. WHY should we just be OK? Shouldn’t we want to be amazing? As best as we can be? As best as we can feel? YES we should. So choose to thrive, believe it with every part of your being, you can thrive, you will thrive, know it, show it and allow it.

9. Get good at saying NO!:

It is not often easy to say NO, and I don’t mean to opportunities, I mean keep your boundaries firm and don’t give yourself away to those who don’t respect and appreciate you, those who want you for what you can give them and will attempt to manipulate you and talk down to you so they can get what they want. It is good for us to learn to say NO to us also for those things that we know in our soul are not for our highest good. Having balance is important, so be conscious about the things you are asked and see the benefit for you, of saying “YES” or “NO” and always trust your gut.

10. Commit to Personal Growth and Authenticity.

We can become so used to the person we think we are and then we can lose the meaning and passion in life, to really treat our souls and temples as sacred we must keep moving forward to grow expand and set new intentions, get out of our comfort zones and feel liberated and excited for the newness and the person we become. It is not always an easy task becoming authentic there is a lot of ourselves we did not see, and as we do we must use our self love to grow with nurture and care. When we become more authentically us, we align ourselves to those things that are true to our heart, our values and our true path and potential.


“As we go through life, what we see is us, the parts sometimes we refuse to see. Don’t hide from your shadow, love it and let it integrate into you as a whole.” – Cynthia Jauch

Those things from others that trigger us are from within us, the anger, frustration, resentment, struggle, it comes from deep within us, something they do, has just brought it to the surface. When we become more aware of ourselves and our stuff we begin to see this, we can then observe, learn to love and heal these parts of us and thank the other person for this awareness.

We than can rise above our inner battle and feel more centred and empowered to be our true authentic selves and let our gifts shine, showing all parts of ourselves with confidence. We are amazing and fascinating creatures, all our different bodies, physical, emotional, mental, astral and more. We are multi-dimensional and connected to all.

Our inner state vibrates out into the universe to attract what we need to learn and remember, so we can rid ourselves of our inner battle, pain and false guilt of our existence.


To a future of peace within, nourishing our sacred temples and respecting each other with, love, compassion, nurture and kindness.

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“Be Real – Be True – Be Honest – BE YOU.”

With Peace, Love and Light.
❤Namaste – Infinite blessings

Cynthia Jauch

Intuitive, Coach, Healing Facilitator, Poetry, Writer, Speaker, Thought Leader and Visionary.

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Sex, Love and New Paradigm Union

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Sex, Love and New Paradigm Union:

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I think the old paradigm male/female connection and synthetic and ego relationships needs to be shed, it doesn’t suit most people (hence all the: fights, gender battles, abuse and cheating) but most people don’t question it to create something new.
I now will only enter into a Sacred Soul Union  with someone, and only engage in Sacred Sex.
But I now know what I want with clarity.
I couldn’t get it before I knew of the opposite. All my actions will be aligned to only accepting these things into my world as possibilities.
Get Clear, Learn what you don’t want, Labels of the old and common way don’t work for most people.


We are worth the joy, bliss, expansion, infinite and unconditional love.
A lot of stigma comes along with the titles of girlfriend, marriage and relationship, this will affect you and the other person you verbally and/or written contract with for connection. Does this serve your highest good? Or is it what we have been told is the only way to connect, engage and be intimate with another person?
There is always choices and we have the power to create our lives and ourselves in any way we choose. Who are we really? 

I choose unconditional love, freedom, sacred and divine deep connection, total respect, expression and conscious expansion and growth with any other person I decide to merge my soul with.
I urge if only to think about this, for a little while and ask yourself why you want so badly to follow a tradition that limits you, makes you owned, makes you wish to resist, creates conflict, a potential for hurt and betrayal, devalues your infinite soul and sacred temple and makes you feel guilted into it.

Sex and relationships are not even about love anymore, they become about what people can get, through finances, things, kids, time, gifts, attention and validation of them as to feel like they are worthy to exist and be loved. But we all are worthy.
Love begins within and you won’t be happy and truly connected to another soul or being until you learn to do it within yourself.

Now I am not saying don’t get married if you wish to, but from the things I have learnt of observing myself, my ego, my insecurities, doing massive healing on all levels, self love and dream therapy work I have started to see where a new way can be needed for me. The old does not fulfil me and what my soul is craving for.

The final decider to share my new clarity on what I really want in a connection and partnership with someone has come after having four and a half years mostly single and for nearly two years of that time I was celibate as I was unable to climax after some time in a relationship and not feeling trust or intimacy. I was in the normal relationships from the age of 17-24 all but about 5 months of my adult life was I free to be me, learn about me and do what I wanted. I always ended up bored and feeling trapped and like I had lost myself to the other person and their needs and wants, which was always a choice. But after a 5 year relationship that ended and I left with hardly anything after working for 4 years at a job I hated in order to make a family home and have a fair relationship, I was angry and I realized while in India several years later, all the daddy issues come up, but it wasn’t just my daddy, it was the masculine energy, I had mutated my own masculine and shunned it, and any male to me was untrustworthy and would break my heart after getting my trust or use me for sex, which I was usually very clever to avoid.

After hitch hiking around Australia in April, I was more aware of myself and my sexuality and desires, I was more balanced in both energies, I had learned to become vulnerable and intuitive and nurturing and also powerful, creative, protective and supportive. I was falsely led into a guy’s place under the pretenses that he liked me, he appeared to be a spiritual guy wanting to be genuine. I fell for a lie, he then proceeded to manipulate me and kicked me out of his bed after saying he can’t offer me more than sex, he spent hours seeming uninterested after I arrived and I was happy to just hang out. But then when he kissed me and stopped and said “I can’t offer you more.” I was confused, for one I didn’t know him that well, so I was silly to be there in the first place, but we had met before and had many mutual spiritual and kind friends. After I said I was ok either way, since I was actually tired and just wanted to go to sleep, he said I will set up the couch for you. I was shocked and started thinking “Oh my god, no one has ever thrown me out of their bed”, but it got worse, he than text me and told me to come back, I said no and after many messages he came and grabbed my hand and took me outside with a blanket to have sex under the stars, I felt shocked and I didn’t stop him. Why? and than while we were having sex, I realized something in my new awareness. I wasn’t in my body, I actually realized I am not usually in my body, I start making noises and they think I am enjoying myself, but I total disassociate not feeling intimacy or connection of the soul level, my soul protected me.

On some level this was sexual abuse, how ever I learnt something and I will not go into pressing charges, I am happy to raise awareness for other men and women who have been manipulated like this as I know many have, but the issues for this goes much deeper. Some people see this as OK, that this is the norm and our culture, so many fear commitment, when really they just want Soul Mate or our Twin Flame and don’t know how to go about it, or creating true intimate and soul connections. We are not taught how to connect to ourselves, we are taught to feel guilty about sex, sensuality and connection. How wrong is this? For our first desires as children on learning to connect is naturally and primitively a sexual urge for connection of the soul, for deep pleasure and feeling of protection, nurture and transcendance of the physical body. It is not wrong. The warped collective view of connection, and companionship and community is way unbalanced and rigid.

Even as children we get conditioned to feel love conditionally from our parents, teachers and adults, as that is what they know. Real love is unconditional, no limits, boundaries are beneficial for growth and clarity, but love shouldn’t be the result of being something specific or doing something specific, or even more what relationship or title a person has in relation to you. Someone you just met deserves unconditional love as much as a partner, relative or close friend. Love only has limits when we believe in a lie, which limits its true power and creative and transcending potential. We are all worthy of joy, peace, love and passion in abundance. But we must first question what we have been taught and be prepared to think for ourselves and our choices for what fuels our soul and our best intentions for growth, well-being and fulfilment.


After this above interaction occurred, I changed dramatically, I had realized where I had changed something in me to become more female and submissive, but it was imbalanced to my masculine to protect me and empower me. I decided after that I wanted a relationship but not a normal one and soon after I was getting premonitions of an amazing kiss, I had it every few weeks, like it was happening in real life, I couldn’t see anyone though. I noticed a new friend on facebook not long after this, Jc, a seemingly spiritual guy with mutual friends, I tuned in and there was a massive attraction. I will not tell the whole story but me and Jc met and before we did, we knew each other, not from chatting but on a soul level. We were in a relationship after the second time we met, I was set to go overseas for 6 months, which was part of my spiritual journey and this had thrown a huge spanner in the works, nothing flowed for me to leave. Me and Jc hadn’t even kissed before we were in a relationship, he was very shy and the first time we kissed was after 30 minutes of soul gazing, nothing else existed, I was flowing out so much poetry and we were so in love. But the feeling of resistance and the title what felt like chains to me got in the way. Not long after my dad kicked me out of his place, I had been staying there before heading overseas for 6 months. So kindly Jc offered for me to stay at his, we had only met 5 weeks prior and for me this was a huge rush, I was so freaked out feeling it was going to ruin everything.

All others show us ourselves, or parts of us, they will trigger our wounds, and as we learn to reflect and take more responsibility for our sovereignty, we begin to feel empowered to make choices for our highest good and then we can show up more authentic to everything in our lives and speak our truth, face our fears, have faith in the unknown and risk it big and get the rewards.

I am sad to say but as of yesterday me and him are now extremely close friends, we grew so much the past 6 weeks of our official partnership, I strived to not use terms like girlfriend and boyfriend as I know words hold vibration and I wanted something new, this thing we had, this connection was different. Other worldly, and I have been in love before, even love at first sight. In the past 24 hours after we have gone our separate ways we have gotten even closer without the weight of the status looming over us. We will remain close friends and I am going overseas, the means to leave have showed up just in time. Perhaps once more healing occurs in both  of the divine masculine and feminine we could maybe engage in a soul union but we felt that 6 years of experiences passed through us in mere 6 weeks. The immense growth and transformation we have both had and I feel the potential would have been even more without the dense structure and labels of society’s ideal of life and companionship. All my past stuff came up and as it did I learnt where I projected my old view of what the perfect women should be in a relationship, it wasn’t me, it wasn’t real and it most certainly wasn’t sustainable. I was drained and felt unfulfilled, I know all the circumstances unfolded as they should, for me to learn and share this. There was many things at play, things which kept me feeling trapped and drained and stuck in an unnatural flow of being, to think I needed it to connect and unite with another soul. But we don’t.

Right before me and Jc agreed to be a couple I was frustrated, as I was about to go overseas and I didn’t know where I stood, I felt his energy change in preparation for me leaving and I confronted him, I then post on facebook these 11 tips for conscious dating , which I had learned over the past four and a half years of being single and searching for what I was really looking for. He saw it and messaged me about it, we took things virtually to the I love you stage and had only hugged twice and held hands, but a few days later we were on facebook officially a couple and I had a bad and trapping feeling about the title, even though I thought he knew my views, I allowed it and all that was to follow. I wanted infinite and deep soul connection, not mundane and purely physical and emotional responsibility to another and all the dramas that follow that.


If you are single, married, or coupled, ask yourself why are you with someone?  What is the connection for? Could you be more fulfilled? Is it within you or is it in the restriction and resistance to an outdated view of connection, intimacy and companionship.

“Real love is not about labels and ownership. It’s about letting the infinite and pure creative force expand without limitations.” – Cynthia Jauch

In a world of labels, critics, definitions, political correctness, diagnosis and major logic it is easy to get stuck in a box, but that is not where we or love belongs. Love is naturally unconditional, why place restrictions on that which is infinite and perfect.

With our titles and explanations, we limit our potential for growth and expansion, for freedom, we have become accustomed to this, through experience from our youth. We can change, we can leap out of the boxes, re define what it means to love and be loved. Not need an ego gratification of an illusion of proof and forever. Love is infinite, people in our lives change. It is good. Learn to trust and love yourself. Than you will not feel trapped and confined by the labels, past energy of our ancestors and the vibration of the labels.

We can choose our essence and our magical life, we don’t need to be owned to feel love, we don’t need to be told we are taken care of, if we have faith we know we always are. Release your insecurity of the need to know for certain and to have someone forever, we are all connected and one.


“Be Real – Be True – Be Honest – BE YOU.”

With Peace, Love and Light.
❤Namaste – Infinite blessings❤

Cynthia Jauch
Intuitive, Coach, Healing Facilitator, Poetry, Writer, Speaker, Thought Leader and Visionary.

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The Art of Learning!

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Learning:  What does this word mean to you? School? University? Perhaps self study?


We do not get taught how to learn, only what to remember in school, for us to get a job and or have more study where we are told what to remember and how to behave. Has learning lost it’s spark, where knowledge becomes meaningless and just a thing to force your brain to retain to get a piece of paper? If so it is a sad truth. But I  know there is a better way.


Learning can be joyous, from experience comes wisdom and this moulds marvellous creations and infinite expansion. We have an untapped abilty to be amazing beings of growth, innovation and tremendous potential but we all have our own unique genius and way of learning. Some people prefer visual, some kinesthetic (touch), some audio. As we allow ourselves to learn things with a method and process to easily retain the information and  knowledge we require for a fulfilling life and achieving our goals and desires, learning becomes so much fun.


I recall hating school, I was bored and I spoke and got in trouble, my body and soul responding to this with physical illness in which I was accused at the time of being a hypercondriac as my symptoms and  actions did not match up, my mum didn’t know what to do with me. I left school just before I turned 15, as 15 was the legal age. Barely completing grade 8 and since my self education and learning has sky rocketed, I fell in love with learning and using my skills and unique essence to have more learning faster, from reading, writing, course creation, workshops and much more. My knowledge, language, written and math skills far surpass my siblings who have completed all their schooling years and some even uni or college. For my love of learning and not just memorizing what I am told, has infinite potential, I am not capped at what others decide or how others choose to judge or critic my ability to know or use information.


We each hold the keys for our mind and their potential and if we have kids we have choices of how to allow them to grow and flourish in their lives and education. What and how is the most beneficial way to learn?  In this fast paced digital age there is so much information and technology at our fingertips to be able to achieve so much and our options seem so much wider, so why are our education institutes more limited? in resources? in processes? In life? In passion? We can change this. It all starts with us. Changing our own views on what is acceptable and using the tools to learn for ourselves, using our experiences to learn wisdom and having more empowerment in how we are educated.


Select a new subject to study and choose for the learning to be fun and I suggest the below 5 tips to help with this:

  1. Know your learning style, Audio, Digital, Visual or Kinesthetic (Touch and Hands on)
  2. Use something you like doing with your learning i.e listening to your fav music.
  3. Pick a subject you love.
  4. Get a friend or loved one involved to learn with you.
  5. Set your mind to banish the negative view of learning from whatever negative experience you had. it isn’t about remembering, it is about enjoying the journey to new understanding for life and experience.


As we each shift our view of what education and learning can be we open up the collective view of our own inner potential to grow and excel in life, experience and choice. We are all full of untapped wisdom and potential. I encourage you today to let it shine.

“Be Real – Be True – Be Honest – BE YOU.”

With love, peace and light.
💜️Namaste-infinite blessings 💜

Cynthia Jauch
Intuitive, Coach, Healing Facilitator, Poetry, Writer, Speaker, Thought Leader and Visionary.

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Self Loved Up

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Self-love. What does it mean? #LoveYourSelf

To me, self-love is about removing all the thoughts, feelings, words and actions which are unloving towards ourselves. This is a process, but an extremely important one. When we are unconsciously feeling unworthy and unloved by us or by others, we create sabotage and punishment for ourselves. Leaving us feeling lonely, abandoned and unworthy of the things we deserve and desire. But we have put ourselves there. Yes, our society does not educate us to embrace our individuality, in fact it suppresses our nifty quirks and gifts, all to be the same for a future of feeling enslaved by a system and grabbing at little things to create joy and fulfilment, easily addicted to that little time we feel love, or joy and then when it is gone, we crumble, not having a solid pillar of inner love for us, which is so important for our growth, fulfilment, and connections in life.


On my own journey, I have discovered that this inner feeling of unworthiness started when I was ever so young, from memories of childhood and then in school. It is easy to blame the situations but I know I am responsible for creating the theme and the life I desire. So it comes down to choosing to release the pain and thoughts of the past. To become more aware of where I am not doing things which are for my highest good and committing to me to change and grow through the challenges and hurt.


We really do set the bar for how others will treat us and if you reflect on your thoughts, words, and actions for you, then you will see where this is how others are treating you. We are so worthy of unconditional love and respect, the feeling of worth we felt as little babies. We have truly infinite potentials and when we show up present to see, forgive, love and nurture ourselves, all around us transforms. My self-love journey has not been easy though, as the best things never are always easy. On my path I have made sacrifices, learned discipline and had many nights crying, healing my wounds from the past, letting the shadows of myself rise and fall away, creating actions and commitment to be more true to my heart and live in a way that nurtures me and achieves the things I desire. To allow me to feel supported, loved, worthy and my expression important and honored.

Here is a video from my YouTube Channel on Self Love:

After walking a path of putting everyone else first and making myself sick to be accepted by others, to put on a brave face and be tough and be friendly all the time, do what everyone wanted, be what everyone wanted, I could only do it so long before my world came crumbling down in a heap, crying, sick and alone not knowing who to call, feeling like I was unworthy of this life, like who was I to live, to breath, to do what I wanted, but in those moments I surrendered and felt something beyond me ease my pain, I had words of encouragement from within me, nurturing me, telling me what I would want another to say. These moments in my life were to this day some of the most profound. I felt inner strength, courage, and a desire and mission to share, to love myself deeply and to be an example of love that others can hold for themselves.

When we feel loved and appreciated we excel at everything, like when you fall in love, you are on a high, on cloud nine, a cocktail of happy hormones are released in your mind and you feel unstoppable. So I say learn to fall in love with you, flaws and all then your world will have no choice but to follow suit.

A great mentor once told me of a person who changed their life by saying they met someone who loved themselves so much it gave them permission to do the same. This is so true, the more we treat ourselves with love and respect, in a gentle and nurturing way, with our thoughts, words, actions and the things we choose to allow in our world, the greater gift we can give and share with others. The best leaders, lead by example, people follow authentic people, they can trust, if you see someone walking their talk you don’t need to question them or what they do or say, their lives become a testament to what can be achieved and what wisdom they have gained from experience in life.

Take our masks off, let ourselves be free, to see our real selves, to heal the past, to forgive deeply for how we have hurt ourselves, to support our inner child and find integration and balance in ourselves, to flow with life’s waves and receive all the abundance we deserve.


So I created the Self Loved-Up 21-day online program to share this with others, for those it resonates with. To guide, encourage, promote and share how self-love will be a catalyst for so much more in life, feeling supported, empowered and ready to achieve your dreams, smash barriers and grow daily to be your truest potential.

21 days of activities, videos, a community of other self-love warriors, coming together to share, grow and support one another on removing those things in our way of feeling deep self-love, acceptance, and purpose, to be the best version of ourselves we can be.

If you know anyone who may be interested in joining the link is here:


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“Be Real, Be True, Be Honest, Be YOU.” – Destiny Fae

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Inspired to Inspire

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Inspired to Inspire:

As far back as I can remember I had people saying I was inspiring, from my courage to speak up and be seen, to being really authentic and caring, not worrying what people thought of me. I would dance, sing, draw, write, share and laugh, enjoying every part of self expression I could. There was some times when the scrutiny of people seeing me and criticising me for standing out, affected me, I was young, I was a bit chubby and I came from a big family, so I was always in the back of my head almost fighting to be seen, I am the middle child you see, haha! I did have middle child syndrome for a time. Learning to accept myself and enjoy time alone was one of the greatest lessons for me to learn.

Inspired Life 12 week

I grew up in a big family, with parents separated and neither parent worked, so there wasn’t much in the way of luxuries, or family holidays or fun trips, we went to school and played in the yard or with the kids around the street. I really didn’t like life when I was growing up, all the pressure to be the same in school (most of us hated this) but for me I felt it was like torture and punishment. I had many friends in different groups but was never close to anyone. I always felt quite lonely, especially at home. My mum suffered from deperession and was on antidepressants. She was a strong and amazing women, I always envied her ability to go and get things done, never asking for help from anyone. A real independent woman, I aspired to be like that. Me and my mum were very similar, always wanting to connect with lots of people, and have a long chat. Never afraid to speak about ourselves and our stories.

Inspired Life 12 week 2

As I got older and dropped out of high school, things go heavy, I was pressured to conform. To do what I was told to get money from the government or get any job. Because of my parents financial choices, I had no back up. I struggled with the whole growing up thing, I saw adults making choices which made them unhappy and it never made sense. I thought there had to be another way, or what a boring and meaningless existence. When I felt so unmotivated and didn’t see the point in living like others, as I knew I was different, I would turn to sleep and my dreams, I began to write. I wrote poetry and reflections on life and the things I aspired to, I set huge goals and started reading self help books at seventeen, no one I knew did this. I was always told by adults to get over it and just be like everyone else, get a job, go to study, move out, get married, have kids, like there was no other way, no other choice.

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Deep from within me, I knew there was another way, I had a burning passion, to make a way, to see a way. What was stopping me? If I used my brain and grew with time, anything was possible, this was how I always felt. It didn’t matter if I was different, or the only one doing this. I knew for my happiness and my life, if I learned what I could, from the fields which interests me and I took great action I could do anything. I was teased a lot by my elder sister through this time, I was learning who I was, I was not ashamed to dress different, all colourful and be seen, or judged. She never liked this, so she aspired to push me down and make me feel bad, to make herself feel better. I learnt so much from her pain and how she projected it onto me.

Inspired Life 12 week 4

As I started reflecting and growing my lessons, moving through adversity and allowing my potential to really come through, with my poetry and sometime living in a dream land in my head. I would have people occasionally say, I had inspired them, my words, writing, kindness or courage and this lit a flame deep within me. I found inside me a deep well of passion, strength, perseverance and creativity, to express to be heard, to share and to dance through life as  happy and vibrant as I could. This was when my slogan came to me, it became my Mantra “Be real, Be true, Be honest, Be YOU.” (which is tattooed across my left forearm, since before travelling solo for 2 months overseas in 2015).


We all have our stories, our heart aches, our challenges, those people who pushed us down, but those experiences all shape who we are. They grow our skills, our experience, our resilience, inner strength, passion and love and acceptance of self. Striving to know deep within our true self, our true potential, we are all so powerful and amazing. All of us hold different inner gifts and skills, which we can share. I wanted to share my lessons with everyone, to encourage them, and let them see and know that “they can do anything”.

Inspired Destiny 12 week

As my life went on and I got into a relationship, I changed for those I was with, I let my light be dimmed to lift them up, as many of us do. We can lose ourselves in others, when we feel we will help them and this can be both addictive and toxic to ourselves and our souls. I learnt through my changes and relationships, to honour myself deeper , my true inner knowing and intuition and to put me first, then give the excess to others. I am always filled with inspiration to create and share and it is always over flowing to share with others. I feel so grateful for this and all the experience I have had and learned from all the people in my life. I was always told I should be a counsellor, as I loved helping others and people always opened up to me but it did not resonate with me, once I heard about coaching, it made so much sense, I had studied management with an underlying basis in coaching, due to the trainers degree and experience,  from a job I worked at. Sharing tools, and seeing the best in others, enabling them to remove their obstacles and feel empowered was so much a hit for me. I felt I had done this naturally for so long.


From all the things passed in the last 28 years of my life, I have come up with 12 Pillars for living and extremely Inspired Life. I studied movement, in dance, art, exercise, sports, poetry, writing, philosophy, relationships, business, speakers, projects, cooking, nutrition, natural remedies and watched many inspiring people, including Oprah Winfrey, when she was in Australia in 2015. I observed and gathered information, watching speakers, reading articles and using those amazing experiences in my life and I was so overwhelmed with excitement, momentum and joy to share what I have learned.


I created 12 Pillars of living an Inspired life, From the Inner Inspirer to Inspired Soul to Inspired Relationships. It has been a pleasure bringing together all those amazing things in my life and knowing how it all joins together, from connecting people, to writing, to creative works, to self expression and speaking. It has delighted me so much reflecting on this time and how I can now deliver something which can enable anyone to use some principles and activities to sky rocket their lives into the thriving and in love presence that are worth being in this world, and how important it is right now.

I am heart felt in my thanks to you for sharing in this time with me, from the young me, to the now me, I am so honoured for you following and if you happen to pass me by one day. Please ensure to give me a hug and share your deepest passion and desires, for this is what lights up my world to know, those things that spark you into your path, your passion and your purpose.

This is the link to the program: The Inspired Life next one commencing on 26th September.

The Inspired Life 12 Week

“Be Real – Be True – Be Honest – BE YOU.”

With love, peace and light.
💜️Namaste-infinite blessings 💜

Cynthia Jauch
Intuitive, Coach, Healing Facilitator, Poetry, Writer, Speaker, Thought Leader and Visionary.

Heartful Warrior

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Heartful Warrior:

Do you share your heart?
With yourself? With others?

Do you shield yourself? Your feelings?
Scared of being hurt?

Have you detached from the magic within you? Your inner truth?
Your innocence? Creativity? Divinity?

What would you need to find the courage? To face yourself? To see yourself? To love yourself?

We all walk different paths, to different destinies. But we all hold the same potential. Infinite!!!!
Only we hold ourselves back and allow others to control us, influence us, hurt us, harm us.

To block from anything you block from you, your truth, your intuition, your inner compass and guidance.
Feelings are powerful, for growth, for experience, great teachers to us learning how to truly live in this flesh. To transcend its limits to who we really are, our eternal essence our connection to our passion and purpose.

Don’t hide in your shadow and then run from it. Allow integration of all parts of ourselves.


“Be Real – Be True – Be Honest – BE YOU.”

With love, peace and light.
💜️Namaste-infinite blessings 💜

Cynthia Jauch
Intuitive, Coach, Healing Facilitator, Poetry, Writer, Speaker, Thought Leader and Visionary.


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Today I held my granddads hand, he struggles to talk from Parkinson’s and other things from old age, but I wait and listen to make out his words, always as usual calling me beautiful with the biggest smile and so much gentleness, he mentioned my mum, being his first baby, I look a lot like her, she passed away 21 months ago, I could see a few tears in his eyes as he mentioned her and we held hands in silence and he strokes my hand, he looked well today. When I was younger he struggled to accept my rebellious personality and I didn’t like him trying to restrain me, I realise how much he is like my dad in that sense, they say we marry our parents.

What I shared with him today was so special, it was so heart felt and I will cherish it so much, in that moment only him and I existed, I wouldn’t be here today if my granddad didn’t meet my grandmother (bless her soul), he is my last living grandparent and I said to him today, you are the guardian of the family, watching over us with his wisdom. My mum was with me, I could feel her smiling so happily, seeing all the family together as she loved so much, she would be so grateful to my sister for organising this and I’m so humbled and grateful for that experience no matter how brief before I leave overseas. For a moment in time, a gem of pure connection and love shared through generations, he recognised my mom’s engagement ring on my hand and looked at it. I shared with him my reason for wearing it on my engagement finger. He smiled in understanding.

Simple love and touch transcends all else, it’s beyond time, beyond space, experience beyond physical matter.

💖We are all infinite in possibilities and potential, don’t limit others by your view of your own limitations.💖



“Be Real – Be True – Be Honest – BE YOU.”

With love, peace and light.
💜️Namaste-infinite blessings 💜

Cynthia Jauch
Intuitive, Coach, Healing Facilitator, Poetry, Writer, Speaker, Thought Leader and Visionary.