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Life is not about money.
Life is not about looks.
Life is not about trophies.
Big cars, big houses and flashy lives are nice and great to aspire to, but if you don’t have love and acceptance in your heart none of the above will make you happy. Maybe for a moment, until you want more again to distract from the separation from your self, that you feel.

When you change your mind set and open your heart, you can find magic everywhere you go, you will attract respect and generosity, when you learn this from within.
I have found happiness with not a single cent or a single person around, some of my greatest creations have come from this place.

Believing in more than just the physical. For a deep well of inner wealth, inner health, inner wisdom and inner love. These are the core foundations to be truly happy. Happy with what you will always have, something no one can give or take except you.

Connect to your heart, open to your soul, for you deep inside is the greatest key to happiness.
No other person can find this for you, can be this for you.

Once you find this place it grows stronger. You attract those who have found it, things flow more, you will grow more and no situation can strip this inner peace.

Lights of the Soul

With love, peace and light.
💜️Namaste-infinite blessings 💜Cynthia Jauch
Intuitive, Coach, Healing Facilitator, Poetry, Writer, Speaker, Thought Leader and Visionary. 💗😊




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