10 Greatest Lessons from Adversity

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10 Greatest Lessons from Adversity

“It is through the greatest storms, that the brightest rainbows appear” – Unknown

What adversities have you faced? How have you become who you are now because of them? How can you be grateful for all the hardship and let it mold you into the diamond you are?


We all have tough times, those times we feel like everything is crumbling and our ego says, you can’t do this, you are not strong enough, you are not supported or equipped for this and then behind that is a burning inside you, waiting to respond and say “Hey! YES I am”, you find inner strength. Through some tough times, like being alone with no support, no money, being homeless, the death of my mother, challenges in school – dropping out at 15, being physically, verbally and sexually abused, having things stolen and having my dignity taken away, being abused in work  situations, being ill, having loved ones ill, giving all of myself to others and being empty, many heart breaks, nearly killing myself at 10 and also at 17. Through all of this though I am so grateful because that taught me some amazing lessons, below are my 10 greatest lessons from all the adversity I have experienced and how I used it to empower me, grow me, shake me and fulfill me to be more, see more, and live a life full of passion, love, inspiration and joy being authentically and un-apologetically me. Having some crazy and amazing experiences.


I have learnt that anything seen through love can transform whatever it is into something greater, the practices of gratitude, love and forgiveness allowing us to expand our minds and souls to a higher thought and way of being.

When we think we have hit rock bottom, we just decide we are not letting things get any worse and we begin to use our inner power for what we are here to do.” – Cynthia Jauch

In times of immense stress and challenge, we begin to see things from a place of being humble, from a looking up point, seeking truth and answers. We start to question why? and we want to know what to do? We look inside ourselves to find the strength and fire to get up and be better.

All life has ups and downs and through the downs we find a new appreciation for when the storm calms and the rainbow comes out. Use the intense emotions and drive to create a transformation within you. You are great, you will do great things, finding courage to be the brilliant being you are.

The bottom is a chance to re create yourself and your life, a new life, a new you, a new day, you can start again at any point, become who you want to be, who you feel you are deep inside. There is only a view of going up from the bottom. It is in each step in any direction we take, that begins a journey. Sometimes one journey ends and a new chapter to your life will begin.

Celebrate the new and allow the mourning of the old you to drift away, like the stormy clouds, allowing the true colors of your inner rainbow to come out and bring a smile and joy to you once again.


10 Greatest Lessons from Adversity

1. Forgiveness and Apology:

Taken from the above linked post Apology and Forgiveness:

“True forgiveness is not always easy, sometimes it takes time to realize and release the negative attachment. As long as we hold on to it we hold ourselves back from peace. The dark energy of pain, hatred, revenge, powerlessness, blame and defence keeps us in this negative hole, replaying and repeating the pattern. The energy increases and manifests in physical pain, illness, stress, discord with others. We see more things to be annoyed at in people we care about, we become the victims of our thoughts and actions and project this and our stories into our reality.”

This is number ONE for me because without apology and forgiveness, including to ourselves, we hold on to the negative charge and stop ourselves from seeing the potential for more and release the pain and feelings like anger and resentment that keep us blocked and dense in our energy and this creates illness, fatigue and feelings of disconnectedness.

Link with more info on this: http://www.enlightenedfeelings.com/symptoms.html

Taken from the above linked post Apology and Forgiveness:

“To say you’re sorry isn’t easy, admit your error and be genuine, accept some kind of failure and allow yourself to be vulnerable. Most of us avoid this, some like the plague. How ever it is so powerful and liberating to finally be honest and admit fault and try to correct your error of hurting another person. It takes a lot of courage.”

I have a regular meditation practice where I will forgive myself and all those I feel have harmed or wrong me and sometimes it is emotional, but I have learned to let this flow and grow and release me from a past experience and not let it negatively affect me and the future.


2. Unconditional Love (First of self):

Taken from the above linked post Self Loved Up:

“Self love. What does it mean? #LoveYourSelf

To me self love is about removing all the thoughts, feelings, words and actions which are unloving towards ourselves. This is a process, but an extremely important one. When we are unconsciously feeling unworthy and unloved by us or by others, we create sabotage and punishment for ourselves. Leaving us feeling lonely, abandoned and unworthy of the things we deserve and desire. But we have put ourselves there. Yes, our society does not educate us to embrace our individuality, in fact it suppresses our nifty quirks and gifts, all to be the same for a future of feeling enslaved by a system and grabbing at little things to create joy and fulfilment, easily addicted to that little time we feel love, or joy and then when it is gone, we crumble, not having a solid pillar of inner love for us, which is so important for our growth, fulfilment and connections in life.”

This also includes respecting you and your Sacred Temple, accepting yourself, knowing and growing your inner strengths  and having boundaries.


3. Always empower through your thoughts:

Taken from the above linked post The POWERful MIND: 3 Keys:

“We all have a mind, the energy of our mental bodies. This place is the beginning of all creation. When we are victims and servants to our mind, we feel helpless to our unconscious habits, patterns and behaviours, humans are naturally creatures of habit, habits in our thoughts become our feelings and then actions and they inevitably become our results. In our lives we want the best, so why would we not harness a powerful tool of our own minds to create all that we can think of.

Our unconscious mind is so powerful, it decides that our body will work and keep us alive, the way we see the world, what things we allow in and out of our mind, what we will actually see (we have a delete, distort and generalize filter in our minds).”

“Key 1: Joining together with Like minded people –”

“As we join our minds, gifts and creativity, the world we see transforms into the masterpiece we enjoy in our fantasies” – Cynthia Jauch

In our own minds we can fall victim to programming, but with our choice in awareness to observe and utilise the mind as a part of our experience and potential for actions and creation. We can become a master of the mind. When we choose to put our thoughts and feelings to good use and come together with others of like mind, anything we can dream of and imagination is possible.”


4. Change your perspective:

“The choices of the past, tool us with awareness to create the future, right now.” – Cynthia Jauch

It is through our own choice to allow the past to affect us in a negative or positive way, our choosing of attitude and where we use the tools granted to us to grow, evolve and thrive.

We in the NOW, have the power to create our future and if we want it to be amazing we must commit to make now amazing and to let go of the pain, hurt and suffering by releasing and healing and becoming more accepting and loving of us and others. We become aware of the things in our lives that shock us into seeing it, we than have the awareness to make a choice to change it and let the things no longer right for us go.

In all our past choices lies an answer and opportunity to see how we have created what is happening right now and we can change this and grow this for what we want now and in the future, no many what has happened in the past, you are the master of your life, you either choose to not allow yourself to be aware of your choices and feel victim or you allow yourself to be empowered to create everything you want in your life and in the world.

Allow for transformation in you, to shed the old and create the new, in now and in your future. Your past does not dictate your future, you do.

Taken from the above linked post Inner Cage:

“In our external world of judgement, restriction, rules, guides, signs and structure, we are almost in a cage, in our bodies, we feel limited but it starts from the mind. Within us are our beliefs, memories, experiences and programs of how to behave, how to be, what to do, what is allowed, some of us rebel and some of us have different social experiences of what is acceptable.  I have often reflected on the contents of my mind and I am currently working through some deep programs from long ago, as I sit in the silence of my mind and observe all the thoughts, restrictions, defeating feelings and judgements, I feel almost a slave and trapped in this space.

I have a longing today to be free, to feel at ease, for the past few days I have felt so much building, in waves it comes and drifts away. Through my new observation and awareness, it has occurred to me these programs have always been there, I was just not so aware of these ones, from conditioning and societies view  of  acceptable and real. We all have these inner dialogue and scripts we play unconsciously most of the time, commanding us to feelings and actions, to fall in love, to judge, to react, to reach out, to cry. As a new perspective and observation begins things start to shift around us, as it is no longer something we are unaware of.”


5. Endorphins and Oxytocin rule:

When we engage in an acts that release Endorphins and Oxytocin in the brain it create bliss and happiness. Doing things you love, being at places you like, hugging others, exercise, travel and adventure, sex (Intimate and caring), learning new things and chocolate are good ways to release these hormones in the brain.

Taken from This day is a long one coming! Blog for Free Hugs 4 Awareness

“Over 12 months ago the Campaign Free Hugs 4 Awareness began, from an idea on a bed in 2014, after a thread of many interesting occurrences, from an article on the health benefit of hugging trees, to a Ted Talk by Paul J Zak author of “The Moral Molecule” , explaining how Oxytocin is the Moral Molecule and the happiness hormone, then shows the quickest way to release it is to give someone a hug. The following day I took to the streets of Brisbane City in Australia.”



“After that fateful first day of giving out hugs, which the council asked me to go somewhere else or I would cope a fine, I continued…….

Deciding I would devote a whole day to giving out hugs and not just my lunch break, as I got such a fantastic response from people, sharing their stories and with them surprised to get comfort in a busy and not so compassionate place, in the centre of the city.”


Taken from the above linked post “Life is Like Surfing”:

“I started learning to surf last year, something I have always wanted to do. Since I was about four years old and lived next to the beach in Queensland, I loved it; the sand, the wind, the salty water and the sound of the waves breaking, like a soothing song and hum, buzzing and calming. My favourite thing at that time in my life, was getting up really early and dragging any adult I could to the beach. I would get dunked so much. Being that I was so little and had never been taught to swim.”

“Going back to that four year old me, I remember my fierce determination to just be in the water, flowing with the waves, trusting the flow, loving them with all my heart. I wasn’t angry when I got dunked, I didn’t think I was doing anything wrong. I was simply enjoying the ups and downs, the ride of life, the waves and motion, the adventure and excitement. After my last lesson I was determined to stand up and to be able to use my own surf board, so I paddled out further on my own, even though I was told that my surf board isn’t the best for beginners. I really wanted to feel what it was like to be out in the ocean, connected and free. There was a longing to have that healing and powerful energy of the water all around and the abundant expanse of the life it brings. After some time and not much luck, a few life guards went by in a rescue boat, they asked if I was OK and recommended going somewhere closer to the land, as there was a lot of rough rips at the moment. I said I would go back and in my attempts learnt that the waves had other ideas. Eventually the life guards came back and told me they were taking me in, which I agreed to. I thought it funny, I was content though, that I gave it my best and got to use my own intuition. There was a lot of near moments of standing up and succeeding and for that I was happy. I learnt a few extra things from that though, that we can tackle life how we tackle small situations, the challenges and words of others, our faith in yourself and our confidence in our ability to give new things a go. “

6. Boundaries:

This has become one of my greatest lessons to be self loving and knowing and honoring myself more deeply and Speaking Your Truth. It all starts with knowing your worth and sticking to what is best for you and your well-being.

Taken from the above linked post Sex, Love and New Paradigm Union:

“I think the old paradigm male/female connection and synthetic and ego relationships needs to be shed, it doesn’t suit most people (hence all the: fights, gender battles, abuse and cheating) but most people don’t question it to create something new.
I now will only enter into a Sacred Soul Union  with someone, and only engage in Sacred Sex.
But I now know what I want with clarity.
I couldn’t get it before I knew of the opposite. All my actions will be aligned to only accepting these things into my world as possibilities.
Get Clear, Learn what you don’t want, Labels of the old and common way don’t work for most people.”

“The final decider to share my new clarity on what I really want in a connection and partnership with someone has come after having four and a half years mostly single and for nearly two years of that time I was celibate as I was unable to climax after some time in a relationship and not feeling trust or intimacy. I was in the normal relationships from the age of 17-24 all but about 5 months of my adult life was I free to be me, learn about me and do what I wanted. I always ended up bored and feeling trapped and like I had lost myself to the other person and their needs and wants, which was always a choice. But after a 5 year relationship that ended and I left with hardly anything after working for 4 years at a job I hated in order to make a family home and have a fair relationship, I was angry and I realized while in India several years later, all the daddy issues come up, but it wasn’t just my daddy, it was the masculine energy, I had mutated my own masculine and shunned it, and any male to me was untrustworthy and would break my heart after getting my trust or use me for sex, which I was usually very clever to avoid.

After hitch hiking around Australia in April, I was more aware of myself and my sexuality and desires, I was more balanced in both energies, I had learned to become vulnerable and intuitive and nurturing and also powerful, creative, protective and supportive. I was falsely led into a guy’s place under the pretenses that he liked me, he appeared to be a spiritual guy wanting to be genuine. I fell for a lie, he then proceeded to manipulate me and kicked me out of his bed after saying he can’t offer me more than sex, he spent hours seeming uninterested after I arrived and I was happy to just hang out. But then when he kissed me and stopped and said “I can’t offer you more.” I was confused, for one I didn’t know him that well, so I was silly to be there in the first place, but we had met before and had many mutual spiritual and kind friends. After I said I was ok either way, since I was actually tired and just wanted to go to sleep, he said I will set up the couch for you. I was shocked and started thinking “Oh my god, no one has ever thrown me out of their bed”, but it got worse, he than text me and told me to come back, I said no and after many messages he came and grabbed my hand and took me outside with a blanket to have sex under the stars, I felt shocked and I didn’t stop him. Why? and than while we were having sex, I realized something in my new awareness. I wasn’t in my body, I actually realized I am not usually in my body, I start making noises and they think I am enjoying myself, but I total disassociate not feeling intimacy or connection of the soul level, my soul protected me.”


7. Gratitude:

Because without knowing and appreciating what we have, we cannot be happy with more. It is a key in MANIFESTING anything you really want in your life, appreciated and realizing all that you have NOW!

Taken from the above linked post Magic of Gratitude! :

“GRATITUDE!! what are you most grateful for?
Do you regularly count your blessings?
I am thankful for all of you and everything in my reality. Especially the feeling of gratitude = grateful + attitude. If you don’t already have a daily practice of thinking, writing and/or speaking out loud what you’re grateful for, then I challenge you to.”

“I started my gratitude journey about 24 months ago and it transformed my life. I had seen a few posts on facebook about challenges people were doing and was curious, then after a walk one day, I noticed this little pink spiritual shop that popped up out of nowhere, I walked in to look at incense and had no cash, so I couldn’t buy any. While looking around the lady behind the counter approached me to help, once chatting she gave me some much needed guidance about a concern I had with an ex boyfriend and mentioned a gratitude jar she used with her kids. A few months later this shop had vanished after I had finally got to do a group healing session. Following that first day there, I went and bought a jar and decorated it, I also bought a pretty pen and paper to use to get excited about my daily gratitude.”


8. All things happen for a reason:

As I am writing this, I am at the same friends place as the blog written in the text below, when so many synchronicities occurred, and the same thing has happened, at the end of this post, money shows up for me to go to Bali (which I brought a native american headdress while there), which was on my vision board beginning of 2015 but I never got there, until Jan 2017, ever since travelling last year, I have been guided to America, things to do with Native Americans and my parallel life I saw of me as a Native American after returning from travel in 2015, in a past life regression and than 3 different mediums mentioning it and Native American Spirit Guides with me.

Taken from the above linked post Goddess Synchronization:

“Start Christmas day, Mountain climb up the glass house mountain, Tibrogargan to watch the sun rise. On the drive noticing 3:33am when nearly there and listening to Hands by Jewel and thinking of my Mum, being a bit emotional. This is the song she used to listen to when she cleaned the house and I put it in the video I made for her at the funeral.”

333 in Angel Numbers: Linked to the ascended masters being near and offering support.

Taken from the above linked post Goddess Synchronization:

“On the way down after talking about my Native American life, I hugged a tree hug. My amazing soul who came with me Greg (my best friend), was telling me about the Native Indian which gave him the Merkabah in a heart I was borrowing…….”

“Last year while climbing this mountain I found out my name Cynthia is actually after Mount Kynthos in Greece and a female name because of the Moon/Hunt Goddess Artemis the Daughter of Zeus, who was born on the Island Delos and got nicknamed Cynthia after the Mount Kynthos on Delos.”

“A week ago I got the Earth symbol tattooed on my wrist, with the kanji for year of Dragon and Yin Yang with the Bagua symbols for all things…..”

“Back to Chinese culture my Nine Star Ki is 3.5.3,  a process that pre dates Numerology. Remember this because it’s important, In my book on my kindle, The 3 is a warrior soul number. also if the middle number is 5 it adopts the side numbers, being 333. (coincidence form above time noticed) ”

3 – Tree: Associated with: Sunrise, East, Early Spring, Liver/Gallbladder, Light green. Character of House: Proceeding, Advancement, Beginnings, Accomplishing, Optimism, Creativity. The 3 Tree Personality: Emotional, strong, idealistic, poetic, brilliant, active, aesthetic, kind-hearted, straightforward, romantic, successful. Extremes: Temperamental, opinionated, stubborn, competitive”

“After the climb I saw Horses everywhere and forgot to look them up in my book ( I got a book for Spirit Animals). A few days after seeing the horse everywhere, words, pictures and symbols I looked it up. the horse means: “You’re about to embark on an unexpected adventure and need a backup of stamina”.

“So I must mention one of my new best friends who I call my elder flame’s name is Lindsay, who is a Taurus and just like my mum, and the sign parallel to the street I am staying is called Lindsay Street.”

Lindsay is in america (a writer for Elephant Journal, and her business with husband “The Life Warrior“) , and there is so much going on there with government and protesting in Dakota. It is no coincidence I end up write back in “Alexandra Headlands” with links and Signs to Egypt everywhere and one of my best friends Lucy message me from Alexandria U.S (also a place in Egypt I keep getting drawn back to from a parallel life in which I shared with my ex [Ryan and his son Ben who were brothers]and Ben wanted to be a bird Scientist and knew way too much about birds).

“In Egypt, the meaning of the phoenix is connected with the sun and the Nile. Their version of the phoenix was a Bennu, which was part heron, and part falcon. The Bennu was said to control the cycle of the sun each day. It flew with the sun in its beak, plucking it from its sleeping place at dawn, and putting it to rest at sunset. In this way, the Bennu is symbolic of the daily death and birth of the sun.”

Phoenix Meaning

 Lucy was talking about a song she sang with the second word Phoenix (my spirit guide animal) I see it everywhere  (after meeting Ben), just as I had messaged her.  I am leaving for the states in 2 weeks as the money has just shown up and my travel writing will be put on my blog Traveller Destiny. I also have a friend called Orion (The Lover of Artemis, goddess of the Moon) in the states near Phoenix , and his real name is the same as my exs (who I met before travelling in 2015), who is tattooed on my back within my mums name “VonmaRYANdrews”, which I got done in Bali in January. There is more synchronicities in the above blog post, linking also to me going to hawaii on this trip (Lifelong dream to go for my HoneyMoon, signs to go with people, signs and linked to my affinity to Dolphins, and the Pleiades [There are links between the Pleiades and Artemis] (recently when I was at Crystal Castle,  a medium told me I was from the Pleiades) opposite the Orion Constellation, so they are linked too.  Orion’s Belt is aligned to the 3 Great Pyramids in Egypt.


9. Deep faith trumps all:

When we choose to believe to have faith in ourselves and something greater we open our minds to new possibilities and potentials and this attitude will get you through many challenges.

Taken from the above linked post Faith in the unknown.:

“Faith is not an easy thing, even if you have so much faith in something for so long, it can all change in an instant.

Life is always changing and challenging us, every time we think we have it figured out, it throws a curve ball to knock us off our high horse and challenges our faith and knowledge of what is true.

Finding it once again becomes the best journey and growth of our lives, to throw our own ego and uncertainties out the window and have room to see the door, that’s been awaiting,our entrance through it, back to peace, comfort and divinity. “


10. Ask and you Shall receive:

In my recent experience whenever I am in a hard situation I ask for help and say what I want or I write it down and figure out what I need to do and pretty quickly and opportunity shows up. I always a have faith and I always ask with gratitude. I recently was in the rain at 3am in the morning, after having a fight with my partner (now ex as of the following day), my phone was disconnected, I felt alone, but I surrendered and thanked god for help repeatedly, soon my tears dried and I felt guided to go for a walk, the rain cleared and I bumped into a girl walking home drunk, who lived a few houses away, I asked if she was ok and I mentioned my night wasn’t so good either. She then offered me a room, clothes to change in to and a warm shower, I went to bed so happy and grateful.

Matthew 7:7

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”



“The heart can withstand so much, but remember to fill it with your soul’s light, to heal, open and transcend the mundaneness.” – Cynthia Jauch

As we hurt, we learn of a wound from long ago, so we can be aware, to heal. No matter the trigger, a gentleness and care to see and accept whatever the reason for the wound or triggered it’s pain. We aren’t always conscious of the first experience, but with the intention to heal.

The needed methods and balms will show up in your life, to nourish you and aid you to reach new heights.
You are immensely worthy of healing, joy, peace and love. No actions, or word, or deed, or past can keep you from an ability to heal, once you set the choice and believe it’s possible.

“Be Real – Be True – Be Honest – BE YOU.”

With Peace, Love and Light.
❤Namaste – Infinite blessings

Cynthia Jauch

Intuitive, Coach, Healing Facilitator, Poetry, Writer, Speaker, Thought Leader and Visionary.

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