Cynthia Jauch

Cynthia is a conscious and heart centred Aquarian soulpreneur with flair: Specialising in Creative and Customised Transformation Coaching and Consulting – Her prime focus for this work is for the NEXT GENERATION of Leaders waiting to step into their power, who are seeking assistance, resources, support and collaboration in mastering and understanding their unique gifts and purpose in life, for the greater fulfilment to themselves and the collective unity of earth.

Inspiring through authenticity and sharing experience of my journey.
Conscious information, Awakening, Self love and Adventure.

As a Polymath Cynthia has studied the likes of Crystals and their healing abilities, Ancient healing with Plant essence and Essentials oils as well as cultures and religious scripts from as far back as Egypt and including text like the Vedas (Yoga and Ayurveda Medicines and Meditation comes from this text) from the middle east, Nutrition and the body’s natural ability to heal when the cells are nourished to achieve their potential, Sacred Geometry, Past life, Akashic Records, Ancient Civilisations, Etymology, Language, Theology, Astrology, Alchemy, Colour and Art Therapy and Psychology, Positive Psychology, Understanding the conscious and Unconscious Mind, Manifestation and Law of Attraction tried and tested principles and Psychologists and Philosophers such as Carl Jung, Sigmund Freud, Plato, Socrates, Lao Tzu and many more.

Certified: Usui Reiki (Rei = Spiritual – Ki or Chi = Life force Energy) and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner, Time Line Therapy ®, Hypnosis, Coaching, Retail, Make-up and Skincare.

 Cynthia is also an aspiring author with 5 books in writing, two of which are poetry and the Book “A Symphony of Words” will be published in May and “Traveller Destiny” late 2016 sneak peak at some of chapter one HERE. She has two Blogs: Inspire Destiny and Traveller Destiny (the crux of the story in one of her books).

 In 2015 she has also started Public and Motivational Speaking, has been interviewed by several people and has a YouTube Channel: discussing topics of consciousness/self-awareness, wellness and sharing her lessons and experience of her journey.

Her passion to connect, inspire and support YOU fills her life with such commitment, drive and compassion to enable YOU to experience within, a spark of inner conviction, direction and fullest potential for you, your business, clients and beyond. 

She freely shares with you her connection of like-minded creative, professional and gifted mentors, leaders and visionaries to allow you any further support, connection or flair your message, business and future could need. 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Inspire-Destiny-1563830140534980/

Inspire Destiny You Tube

    Published on May 16, 2016


Intro to my channel: Fun, Authenticity, Adventure, Growing,

Conscious Living, Awareness, Tips, Sharing.

Self Love Series

Tips on Deeper Levels of Self Love, for the Body, Mind and Soul.


“Be Real, Be True, Be Honest, Be YOU”

Vision: far reaching ecology, creativity, productivity, empowerment and  conscious  present and future focused, authenticity and motivation.

Creating as many amazing connections, relationships and a community environment for creative businesses and professionals to grow, expand and flow with abundance, freedom and direction. 

 Contribution, offering service to the community with creative tools, positive messages and wisdom, with the highest level of value and service to whom ever crosses the Inspire Destiny path. 

Giving back to the collective entrepreneur community through shared content, connection, respect and collaboration. 

Impacting the social ecology globally and  closely in QLD and surrounding states of Australia through a non for profit organisation creating connection, healing and higher awareness, focusing on a positive outcome for the now and future. 


Collaborating with conscious and creative businesses, speakers and leaders to educate, guide and support the extended community through a conscious experience festival. Inspire Unity

Inspire Unity

 To Volunteer, Speak, Perform, Do a demonstration or Host a stall 

Email your details: inspiredestiny4@gmail.com



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