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Looking in the mirror, staring into my eyes, seeing a reverse of the me I think to be real.

Drifting memories, from times since past, five weeks ago, the differences which last.

Those people who mirror me so well. Have you feared the real you? Is your reflection the illusion.

I have all but become someone new, to this image from passed of view. We all grow each moment on. Those shifts in us can be a subtle song.

What have I learnt? What have I shared? How have I allowed my dreams to grow? Which seeds did I plant to sow?

I see these eyes, looking back at me, but know now, they are so much more then me. The person or image I see is more glorified, than who I was. The leaps and bounds to get through to NOW…

I thank my mirrors and my teachers, for the experience to flow closer to the truth. Take off another mask, be seen more closer to my core. The sensation releasing each and every flaw.

I am now drained of this unnerving past, to heal and mend, with such a start. Tips for those who wish to know. Just breathe through this perfection of your passing show. Light up your heart, don’t dull your shine. For wondering of a magnificent sublime.

Always be the youest YOU. Be honest and humble and ever so true. The purest gift with in you lies, allow to release and break the sighs.

Surrender to that inner calling, for never will it stop its knowing. It will build and it will shout. Watch those trips, which catch you out. For truth arises when you sleep. Your unconscious mind will seep.

And now to turn and drift away, those memories of yesterday, prepare your path from truths you’ve learnt. Create that future you deserve.


💜️Namaste-infinite blessings 💜

Cynthia Jauch
Intuitive, Coach, Healing Facilitator, Poetry, Writer, Speaker, Thought Leader and Visionary. 💗😊


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