11 Tips on Conscious Dating

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11 Tips on Conscious Dating:

In this big wide world of people, relationships, love, labels and craziness it can be hard to know how to date consciously without all the hustle and bustle of drama and sexting. For those of us that are romantic at heart and want things more simple but still adventurous this is what I have learned in my research and experience.


My 11 tips 

1) Know your worth –

Release your insecurities, do inner self love work and inner healing on your past (especially from your youth and masculine and feminine energy balance).

Respecting Your Sacred Temple: The Gender Battle within and 10 Tips on Deeper Respect.

“We all have goals to improve our body and we can all abuse it at times, but now is the time to change our attitude towards our body and how it supports us, give it the respect it deserves and work on some changes to create a thriving temple for our growth, wellness and fulfilling our potential in life.

Our bodies are the vehicles for our lives and how well and enjoyable we are experiencing our lives, how fulfilled and supported we feel and what we feel capable of doing.

There is a major imbalance in ourselves, in both waves of polar energy, both the masculine and feminine within us all, we fight within ourselves for the right to be heard and understood by both gender and through this fight we then fight with others of the opposite sex, which are triggering our inner battle.”

“My message to the Feminine:

Women know your divinity as a portal for creation. Your temple is sacred. Don’t let it be touched by those who don’t honour and respect your sacredness and splendour.
Love your body for the amazing tool it is for your life, experience and expression and never be ashamed of it or for only allowing the best for you and it.”

“My message to the Masculine:

Men know your divinity as a force of creating and protecting. Your temple is sacred. Don’t let it be touched by those who don’t honour and respect your sacredness and splendour.
Love your body for the amazing tool it is for your life, experience and expression and never be ashamed of it or feel forced to do something that does not feel right and noble to do. Be the one to step up and open your heart, don’t fear the views of others. Embrace your inner self and power to be balanced. Allow your good qualities to be honoured and respected.”


2) Know your boundaries –

Let yourself receive, leave games alone, say, think and be what you want, allow respect and respect yourself.

Sex, Love and New Paradigm Union:

#newparadigm #maleandfemalebalance #sexualunion #createsomethingnew #createwhatyoursoulwants #knowwhatyouwant #beworthyofmore #consciousnessexpands

“I think the old paradigm male/female connection and synthetic and ego relationships needs to be shed, it doesn’t suit most people (hence all the: fights, gender battles, abuse and cheating) but most people don’t question it to create something new.
I now will only enter into a Sacred Soul Union  with someone, and only engage in Sacred Sex.
But I now know what I want with clarity.
I couldn’t get it before I knew of the opposite. All my actions will be aligned to only accepting these things into my world as possibilities.
Get Clear, Learn what you don’t want, Labels of the old and common way don’t work for most people.”


3) Speak your truth –

Express yourself and feelings, say no when it’s for your best interest. (Follow on From Boundaries)

Overcoming fears and speaking your TRUTH:

“Coming to the years end! what an amazing year, as I reflect on my growth more things to overcome are raising to the surface. Shedding new layers of my old self! Part of this was overcoming confusion in relationships, facing fears, speaking my truth and releasing old KARMA!”

“I have confronted a few people about uncomfortable topics and cleared my throat chakra the past few weeks and been getting voice coaching. It’s great to face fears and lift the weight of thinking things could be worse than what they really will be.”


4) Be as wild as you want –

Dress for you, express for you, create for you, scream if you feel, dance and sing if you feel, be as natural as you feel. (Follow on From Speaking your Truth)

Our Masks can come off:

“We all at times wear a mask, we show the side of us we feel will be most accepted, we put on a happy face, a pretty face, a tough face. Whatever face we feel will make us most comfortable.

But really when we get used to be our true selves and loving ourselves shadows and all, we will feel more comfortable in our own skin, than we ever could with a mask so others would accept us.

Love the real you and you will find those who do too, be the real you and you will learn new marvels of yourself. Stay true to your soul, your heart, your path, whatever that might be. No one needs to understand it, you are the one walking this path, being you, you are the one who looks in the mirror and sees your reflection. Do what make you proud, what makes you feel happy and content.”


5) Spiritual Awareness does not mean Soul Mate –

Meditation, Yoga, Chakra awareness, doing fasts and juice cleanses, knowledge and healing does not make someone perfect or the right match, even if they are more conscious than most people you know. – refer no. 1 & 2

Sex, Love and New Paradigm Union:

“After hitch hiking around Australia in April, I was more aware of myself and my sexuality and desires, I was more balanced in both energies, I had learned to become vulnerable and intuitive and nurturing and also powerful, creative, protective and supportive. I was falsely led into a guy’s place under the pretenses that he liked me, he appeared to be a spiritual guy wanting to be genuine. I fell for a lie, he then proceeded to manipulate me and kicked me out of his bed after saying he can’t offer me more than sex, he spent hours seeming uninterested after I arrived and I was happy to just hang out. But then when he kissed me and stopped and said “I can’t offer you more.” I was confused, for one I didn’t know him that well, so I was silly to be there in the first place, but we had met before and had many mutual spiritual and kind friends. After I said I was ok either way, since I was actually tired and just wanted to go to sleep, he said I will set up the couch for you. I was shocked and started thinking “Oh my god, no one has ever thrown me out of their bed”, but it got worse, he than text me and told me to come back, I said no and after many messages he came and grabbed my hand and took me outside with a blanket to have sex under the stars, I felt shocked and I didn’t stop him. Why? and than while we were having sex, I realized something in my new awareness. I wasn’t in my body, I actually realized I am not usually in my body, I start making noises and they think I am enjoying myself, but I total disassociate not feeling intimacy or connection of the soul level, my soul protected me.”



6) See your Mirror –

Notice where those you are attracted to are mirroring you or the lesson your soul is seeking. – remain empowered on what you are co creating.

Respecting Your Sacred Temple:

“As we go through life, what we see is us, the parts sometimes we refuse to see. Don’t hide from your shadow, love it and let it integrate into you as a whole.” – Cynthia Jauch

“Those things from others that trigger us are from within us, the anger, frustration, resentment, struggle, it comes from deep within us, something they do, has just brought it to the surface. When we become more aware of ourselves and our stuff we begin to see this, we can then observe, learn to love and heal these parts of us and thank the other person for this awareness.

We than can rise above our inner battle and feel more centred and empowered to be our true authentic selves and let our gifts shine, showing all parts of ourselves with confidence. We are amazing and fascinating creatures, all our different bodies, physical, emotional, mental, astral and more. We are multi-dimensional and connected to all.

Our inner state vibrates out into the universe to attract what we need to learn and remember, so we can rid ourselves of our inner battle, pain and false guilt of our existence.”


7) We all have our hang ups –

Remember, people are still people, we are all learning and growing.

Insecurities, fear and Loss:

“INSECURITIES: we all have them but it doesn’t make them easy to overcome. When there is extra stress it makes fear and insecurities from long ago come back, when we are run down or don’t know when to say no. Even if you think you’re doing great and accepting and loving yourself…. Then BAM!! something happens that triggers fear or feelings to make you feel inadequate and unworthy. It can be something logical to your mind but rationally things tend to seem worse in a heightened state of emotions or troubled feelings.

Through recent experiences, of my greatest fear being made a reality, coming from the loss of a special and important person, I have been made more aware of my insecurities, which I had believed were resolved. There is the positive in the fear and lose, which are usually believed primarily as negative. To be made aware of such struggles and limitations especially of the mind is a huge opportunity to grow and overcome current and future challenges. Investing energy, thought and time in healing, acknowledging and understanding these troubling thoughts and feelings will have invaluable consequences. In the midst of the rain of weight, doom, pressure and inadequacy, it’s difficult not to feel overwhelmed and demotivated but to change the focus and perspective to the positive outcome these feelings being noticed can present, can fulfil and achieve unbelievable things in yourself and your life.”


8) Always trust your intuition. –

We have this for a reason, it holds so much wisdom.

“Destiny is a flow of surrender, a path of chosen purpose, unconsciously guiding us to truth, to ourselves.” – Cynthia Jauch

“As signs show up in our lives, we only see them when we are ready, patiently our soul and unconscious divinity, wait for us to stop and remember. For us to step back and admire and be grateful for all the magic ahead and around us.

Destiny becomes a choice of allowing yourself to flow, to a inner peace and place where purpose can be felt. Uncover the creation of you, fall into your heart. Wake up with a new sight for the magnificence in your will, your thoughts and your bond.

We are never apart from our destiny, it’s a place for us to realign. To see the connections that have always been there.”


9) Are you sure it is LOVE? –

Heart love and lust love are very different.


10) You always need you first –

If you feel you need someone, you really need more of yourself. Refer 1 & 2.

Self Loved Up:

“Self love. What does it mean? #LoveYourSelf

To me self love is about removing all the thoughts, feelings, words and actions which are unloving towards ourselves. This is a process, but an extremely important one. When we are unconsciously feeling unworthy and unloved by us or by others, we create sabotage and punishment for ourselves. Leaving us feeling lonely, abandoned and unworthy of the things we deserve and desire. But we have put ourselves there. Yes, our society does not educate us to embrace our individuality, in fact it suppresses our nifty quirks and gifts, all to be the same for a future of feeling enslaved by a system and grabbing at little things to create joy and fulfilment, easily addicted to that little time we feel love, or joy and then when it is gone, we crumble, not having a solid pillar of inner love for us, which is so important for our growth, fulfilment and connections in life.”


11) Open to NOW –

Be present, open up, embrace closeness in a newer and deeper way.

Water Meditation:

“Ripples, waves, vibrations – manifest in many ways into matter but everything is connected and interwoven with everything else.

Never can we be alone….

We are always part of everything, only when we ignore and disassociate with this truth does the pain and suffering of detachment to our core and connection occur…

Lines and waves in ALL, Male (phallus) 1, Female (Vagina, Yoni, Circle of Birth) 0, Binary in nature and also under woven science of numbers and patterns throughout all existence, especially that of animated life, ALL but lives as ALL comes from LIFE force, which came from nothing.”



Sex, Love and New Paradigm Union

“Real love is not about labels and ownership. It’s about letting the infinite and pure creative force expand without limitations.” – Cynthia Jauch

“In a world of labels, critics, definitions, political correctness, diagnosis and major logic it is easy to get stuck in a box, but that is not where we or love belongs. Love is naturally unconditional, why place restrictions on that which is infinite and perfect.

With our titles and explanations, we limit our potential for growth and expansion, for freedom, we have become accustomed to this, through experience from our youth. We can change, we can leap out of the boxes, re define what it means to love and be loved. Not need an ego gratification of an illusion of proof and forever. Love is infinite, people in our lives change. It is good. Learn to trust and love yourself. Than you will not feel trapped and confined by the labels, past energy of our ancestors and the vibration of the labels.

We can choose our essence and our magical life, we don’t need to be owned to feel love, we don’t need to be told we are taken care of, if we have faith we know we always are. Release your insecurity of the need to know for certain and to have someone forever, we are all connected and one.”

I hope you get something from my experience.

Comment and let me know what you think or what you liked.

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“Be Real – Be True – Be Honest – BE YOU.”

With Peace, Love and Light.
❤Namaste – Infinite blessings

Cynthia Jauch

Intuitive, Coach, Healing Facilitator, Poetry, Writer, Speaker, Thought Leader and Visionary.

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