DREAM BIG – THINK BIG – LOVE BIG = 3 Manifesting Wows

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DREAM BIG – THINK BIG – LOVE BIG = 3 Manifesting Wows:

Best thing I herd today: “Keep thinking big and keep the space in your plans and schedule for those who get it and also think big.”
I was so thankful to be thoughtfully thanked and acknowledged for my “LARGER than life” IDEAS and THINKING.

“It is really the inspiration that gets you through any challenge” – Cynthia Jauch

I have had the most wonderful and long first day in Hawaii, so many things done, new ideas, brainstorming, visioning and much more.
I really took so much restoration from the other big thinkers I connected with and was refreshed to KNOW others got it and also had the same BIG plans, and when we come together and THINK them, Believe them, KNOW them and fill them with LOVE, nothing will stop them from being seen and felt by many, as the visions come together, as all the puzzle pieces are uniting.

We are BEing the CHANGE, we are BEing the SHIFT, we right NOW are BEing the NEW and Evolved place for Peace, for massive growth and success.

We are really limitless, when we allow those programmed limitations to leave, align ourselves to our higher selves, our brighter selves, our most unique and creative selves, empowered by our life giving drive and passions, through a sometimes overwhelming exuberance that others become infected by, if they like it or not.

ARE you READY? Ready for BIG?

To be in your expanded and empowered and elevated YOU ???


Solutions are NOW!!!

Freedom is NOW!
Thinking BIG and BOLD is NOW!!

Stepping UP is NOW!!

I love the knowing in NOW, of pure potential!
Use conscious thoughts, of what you wish for.
See different within.

Care BIG!

Share BIG!

Believe BIG!


Show BIG!!

and most importantly – LOVE BIG!!!

I hereby give you permission, on this Chinese NEW YEAR. To be the brightest, boldest, greatest, loudest and most big expression of YOU.

Chinese New Year 2017 – The Year of the Rooster – has begun and will last until Feb 15, 2018.

The new year, also known as the Spring Festival, is marked by the lunisolar Chinese calendar, so the date changes from year to year. ”

Sunrise in Hawaii (Big I) Chinese New Years Eve
So I had sensed I would be here for New Years, I was in Mount Shasta California (Chakra point and energy center of earth), I almost felt myself here in Hawaii, than like magic things flowed and showed up for me to be here just before the Chinese New Year. I have massive affinity to China and went there in 2015. Check out this post about my interest in their culture: Overcoming fears and speaking your TRUTH and Water Meditation
A Poem I wrote today. 27th Jan

Transformed Land:

Treasured space,
shared land.
Healing all around.

Chirping Birds,
Buzzing bees.
Swaying Breeze.
Humming Sounds.

The rain falls,
cleansing all our selves.
The waves crash,
full of love.

Plants begin to birth,
fruit of sweetest sense,
Everywhere you go.
Humble Eco homes.

Simplicity of time,
Sacred shapes in harmony.
Dolphins play,
singing freely.

Visions of purest places,
here in this NOW.
We can see peace,
within our hearts.

Know you do,
Your higher YOU.

Stored in deep,
a magic to restore,
we KEEP.
Open the DOORs.

In you sacred temple.
The reflection,
in gratitude.
A location,
everywhere, is NOW.

SHE shifts.
Choose light,
Choose FREE,
Choose BE.

Happiness in ME,
this sacred know.
A world, of peace,
Soon shall BE.

© 2017 Cynthia Jauch
A Symphony of Words


 3 Manifesting Wows


Our Dreams are thoughts, powerful ones with desire and passion, they hold keys to unlock our life path and purpose. When we let our inner DREAM effect our outer DREAM (“Merrily, Merrily, Merrily, Merrily, Life is but a dream” 😉 ) it has massive Manifesting potential, when we are in happiness and alignment our vibration attracts what we want fast, based on Law of Attraction. The BIGGER the Dream, the more inspiring and the greater the energy inside to Attract.

Our Time is NOW!!!

This morning…. I had a dream in a mildly lucid and half-awake state; it was almost a command to me to do something. I was writing and expressing an understanding of something, it was about urging people NOW, to wake up. To realise their innate divinity within and to start coming together in UNITY in any way which they CAN. To express and share my story and message to set a tone and cue for anyone waiting to be given this permission to be brighter  and to let their sparkle shine. There was an immense urgency in this dream, it never left when I awoke, thoughts of the pending planetary shifts with Super Moons, Orionid meteor shower and us easing closer to the centre of the galaxy, such tension building for so much, and uploads of energy. It is never been more important to stand in your sovereignty and unity, be you and let your amazing self shine. It is the eve of the Rare Aries Super Moon promising lots of changes. If you are reading this, I know there is an important reason for it.”


THINKING is a constant and ALL comes from thought, let your thoughts be of ALL that you really want, they create your reality, they create your perspective and they create your perceived challenges, problems and solutions. Be very mindful of your thoughts, choose them consciously and be empowered to know what they are creating AS a CAUSE to an EFFECT. Getting your WORDS and THOUGHTS aligned to your desire, create the means and the material to co create it.

The POWERful MIND: 3 Keys

“We all have a mind, the energy of our mental bodies. This place is the beginning of all creation. When we are victims and servants to our mind, we feel helpless to our unconscious habits, patterns and behaviours, humans are naturally creatures of habit, habits in our thoughts become our feelings and then actions and they inevitably become our results. In our life we want the best, so why would we not harness a powerful tool of our own minds to create all that we can think of.

Our unconscious mind is so powerful, it decides that our body will work and keep us alive, the way we see the world, what things we allow in and out of our mind, what we will actually see (we have a delete, distort and generalize filter in our minds).”


LOVE is one of the Highest vibrations, it heals, it expands and it nourishes. When you open your HEART and let the energy circulate through ALL your bodies, energy and physical you have more flow, health and abundance channelling around you. In this flow, you align to the U-in-verse-all (UNIVERSAL) flow and have its support for the natural order and progression of evolution and infinite ABUNDANCE.

Self Loved Up

“To me self love is about removing all the thoughts, feelings, words and actions which are unloving towards ourselves. This is a process, but an extremely important one. When we are unconsciously feeling unworthy and unloved by us or by others, we create sabotage and punishment for ourselves. Leaving us feeling lonely, abandoned and unworthy of the things we deserve and desire. But we have put ourselves there. Yes, our society does not educate us to embrace our individuality, in fact it suppresses our nifty quirks and gifts, all to be the same for a future of feeling enslaved by a system and grabbing at little things to create joy and fulfilment, easily addicted to that little time we feel love, or joy and then when it is gone, we crumble, not having a solid pillar of inner love for us, which is so important for our growth, fulfilment and connections in life.”


 ALSO Check out this Awesome Book on thinking BIG
The Magic of Thinking Big By David Schwartz

Bless – Ma Halo Ma Halo Ma Halo

Check out: Traveller Destiny –  Xmas Magic – Power of YOUGrowth from the Journey$1 a HUGAs the Phoenix rises from the Ashes:  and Inspire Destiny – Inner BalanceNew Earth NOWGenerosity and Giving, Caring Community

“Be Real – Be True – Be Honest – BE YOU.”

With Peace, Love and Light.
❤Namaste – Infinite blessings

Cynthia Jauch

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Inspire Desiny
Intuitive Medium, Transformation Coach, Healing Facilitator, Poetry, Writer/Author, Inspirational Speaker, Thought Leader and New Earth Visionary.

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