The depth 

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The depth: Deep within, so far beneath the surface. In that depth, hidden in surplus

The expanding of intense power. Outside distance, heights of a tower.

Contemplation, explanation, expression and encounter. Such non tangibility to the common fearful doubter.

Feeling so truly. Embrace this purity. Intuitively surely. Has to reach maturity.

If only a transference, Let know from ones experience. The truth be revealed. Much spirit to be healed.

Down under this absurdity. Reaching certain clarity.  Faith in what is within me. Must only often let it be. Being such anomaly. Freeing from such normality.

Core reached to greatest depth. Passion spread, leaking, wept. The joint known, behind this facade. Truth, bold and silent, past decade.

Strengths will grow. Despite ropes bow. Fire always burns. Patterns, unstoppable turns.

Don’t worry of the stories. Protection and nurturing consistencies. Prevail, will the balance return. Inevitable, undeniable and stern.

© 2015 Cynthia Jauch

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🙏😊❤Infinite Blessings-Namaste🙏😊❤

“Be real, Be true, Be honest, BE YOU.” xx

One thought on “The depth 

    malbarihemant said:
    July 4, 2015 at 11:53 am

    Love this Cynthia so true and full of reality and truth .

    Liked by 1 person

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