Cross Road

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I am at a huge crossroad in my life! I feel like something is about to change in a big way, my current job has become unfulfilling and I spend too much time at work and wanting to have more time to research things to help enlighten me and enrich my life.

I have a plan to travel next year, my gut guided me to this trip and in the process I’m ridding myself of my possessions. But financial burden is making me doubt it happening and I feel blocked in my job, doing something out of habit to pay the bills, but never having more money to spare. I enjoy spending my money on others (like buskers and strangers) and believe I will always have what I need if I give generously to others.

I have recently started a campaign, giving out free hugs in my city (on my lunch break) which is in tribute to Robin Williams. In the hopes of raising awareness for mental illness and hopefully spreading my light and love to the busy people of my city. This campaign has got a little publicity in a short time, an article in Septembers Celebrate and as of yesterday a request for an interview for a tv pilot for the company who released the article. I feel so blessed and humbled by this support and the generous words and hugs from all the people.

My dilemma, I feel strongly urged to quit my job, a job I once loved and am still grateful for all it has taught me, financially it’s not wise to leave but my urge to rid my life of my things and my past is making it hard to find peace in doing the same things, which have lost their spark in light of my new found love for touching people in a more generous and powerful way.


Can anyone share some experience of feeling the same and taking the leap of faith and it working out? I’m not afraid of things being tough as I’ve don’t my share of tough times and I aspire to be brave and overcome any fear I am faced with.

🙏😊❤Infinite Blessings-Namaste🙏😊❤

“Be real, Be true, Be honest, BE YOU.”


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