Goddess Synchronization

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I couldn’t not write this….. too much magic!!


Start Christmas day, Mountain climb up the glass house mountain, Tibrogargan to watch the sun rise. On the drive noticing 3:33am when nearly there and listening to Hands by Jewel and thinking of my Mum, being a bit emotional. This is the song she used to listen to when she cleaned the house and I put it in the video I made for her at the funeral.


Mountain climb, this was amazing and I had to get a Merry Christmas video taken on the edge too. On the way down after talking about my Native American life I hugged a tree hug. My amazing soul who came with me Greg, was telling me about the Native Indian which gave him the Merkabah in a heart I was borrowing. So I had to add him on Facebook and go to the Eumundi Markets to see him. Last year while climbing this mountain I found out my name Cynthia is actually after Mount Kynthos in Greek and a female name because of the Moon/Hunt Goddess Artemis of Daughter of Zues was born on the Island Delos and got nicknamed Cynthia.

A week ago I got the Earth symbol tatto0ed on my wrist, with the kanji for year of Dragon and Yin Yang with the Bagua symbols for all things, Chinese symbols. By this awesome guy called Ky from

 Foundry Ink

 at the Sunny coast.


Back to Chinese culture my Nine Star Ki is 3.5.3,  a process that pre dates Numerology. Remember this because it’s important, In my book on my kindle, The 3 is a warrior soul number.


For the first 3 it is:

3 – Tree:

Associated with: Sunrise, East, Early Spring, Liver/Gallbladder, Light green

Character of House: Proceeding, Advancement, Beginnings, Accomplishing, Optimism, Creativity

The 3 Tree Personality: Emotional, strong, idealistic, poetic, brilliant, active, aesthetic, kind-hearted, straightforward, romantic, successful
Extremes: Temperamental, opinionated, stubborn, competitive

Check it out on this site: Nine Star Ki

After the climb I saw Horses everywhere and forgot to look them up in my book ( I got a book for Spirit Animals). A few days after seeing the horse everywhere, words, pictures and symbols I looked it up.

Horse: About to embark on an unexpected adventure and will have to move quickly once it’s initiated. Lower down: Needs strong warrior energy, balanced with sensitivity, patience and compassion.

Later that day after going to visit my second mum (my ex boyfriends mum), I decided to stay away for a few days in solitude near the ocean. Wanting some peace before the busy new year that I’ve planned. A friend who lives on the Sunny coast, called me and offered for me to stay at thier place while they are away. Perfect I think!!!!

Now side note this is the streets I am staying on in a triangle.


So I must mention one of my new best friends who I call my elder flame’s name is Lindsay, who is a Taurus and just like my mum. Who I posted a pick of me and her from Sky diving together and getting twin Namaste tattoos in a previous post:

 Overcoming fears and speaking your truth.

Keep Alice in wonderland in mind…..

So I go get the key and they show me this book (mentioning how much I will love it):


Which after reading some of, I cried a little! It’s about Dolphins and Whales beaching themselves and calling out for help psychically to the lady who wrote the book. It’s an amazing book and I have always had an AFFINITY to dolphins, since as far back as being five or younger and loved the beach.

This evening of the Christ Birth Full Moon, I put my crystals, oracle cards and my friends out to charge in the moon light.

Now I must say if you see the Travel stone in the middles,  rose quartz Runes to the left bottom and at the bottom right is a goddess pendant that has written underneath “listen to your heart” which I got when I was here with another friend for their birthday and paid for a Medium reading for them and saw the goddess pendant for my car.

After charging the cards I decided to do a reading with my friends oracle cards. The elementales deck, as I have seen a lot of dragon flys everywhere recently and the spirit guide book says it’s about working with fairies and elementales and I have a sticker on my car with fairies on dragon flies.


The card I drew was this:


Gaia stone, (earth goddess/spirit) Now it’s a good time to mention that I have the number plate with the end 444, because I see 4 everywhere, I am 4th born and 4 is my main Karmic debt number.

Check out the books meaning:


Before bed I wrote down what I wanted to manifest and some money and abundance was surely part of it…….

The following day I saw a friend post a picture of this book, as a gift she got from her parents.


Amazing book, I was thinking about how much I wanted it and then, I found it among my friends books as a gift from their mum. Magic Right??

So I looked it up and then came across this


Mount Saint Helens (side note my Aqaurian Aunts name is Helen) and I am an Aquarius if you can’t see the zodiac sign on this. Also Greek Earth Goddess, High Vibrational Green stone. Remember my nine star ki also mentioned green? Beneficial for self healing, past trauma and emotional wounds.

Later this day I went out out and saw the numbers 999, 111, 888 and 555 all in a few minutes so I took a note to look their Angel numbers up and this is what it said:


When I got back to the apartment and was reading I saw this book, by the same author as My spirit Animals book.


On Sunday my Mountain climb friend came and took me out to Lunch and there was an amazing market place next to us, I love markets, so we went to look. There was an amazing couple playing music that made me want to dance and I gave them a hug and had a chat. Check out there music here:

 AZUR (As you Are) Charly and Rodger Bradshaw

After dancing to this music and having a lovely moment my friend and I found some beautiful scented and artistic candles by the lovely 

Seth Kingsbury ,

who we also got a hug from.

After leaving here I stopped to look at some crystals and hit a wind chime, which was pink, not an accident really, it got a talking to the beautiful Leann from

 Natural Crystal Jewellery

After I saw this

Made of Blue Obsidian and said on it from Mount St Helens, this caught my attention. COINCIDENCE???? I think not, this crystal is good for Astral Projection, Oh yay!! I haven’t been able to do that in ages. I need this crystal. I didn’t have spare money though as I was paying for a friend to get her daughters names tattooed on her arm the following day for Christmas.

Side note: Saint Helena Island is in the South Atlantic Ocean check this site out:

 Dolphin Watching


Someone on my facebook posted a picture of a dolphin tattoo just for me to see as a sign. The dolphins are calling to me, I feel there song when I am at the beach….

The following day I went to get the tattoo with my friend, now I  could get another one matching my friends because I was lent some money by the Mountain/market friend. The words were to be Infinite Blessing with a infinity winged dragon fly. Check out the above Spirit animal meaning for dragon fly again….. Something to do with Fairies and Elementales…

When we went to get the tattoo we were told the words wouldn’t fit so we just got the dragon fly, which is perfect. It was from the same place as above tattoo, Foundry Ink Mooloolaba Sunny Coast and Ky is the only artist to ever tattoo me more then once out of my 7 tattoos, such an amazing artist.


This evening I asked my guides for messages, I asked to be spoken to and did a card reading with my Rainbow deck and this is the first card I got.

And this is the last card

After this reading I did a reading with my runes and realised I didn’t have the pictures on my phone of the meanings any more and like magic while looking at books in my friends shelf I found this


With the runes drawn as The Self (current situation), Constraint (Challenge) and Movement (Outcome). So divine!

And finally Yesterday a post from Bali by a friend on Facebook, who I met after I had a dream I would meet them, this was at a showing of “The Shift” (Wayne Dyer) after his passing. I gave them a big hug and told them of my dream when we met. This is what happened in the post:

Unexpected money showed up after an amazing meditation today. I am serious!

And I’m going to Bali! AS of today! I get there on Monday and go and catch up with the amazing Scotty Ze. Check out his Adventures and wisdom here:

 Scotty Ze – Self Love Adventures

Check out my adventures here:

 Traveller Destiny

A side note the first 2 of books mentioned are published by Hay House and I have a dream to have my book Traveller Destiny Published by them, when it’s finished and my second one next year! Just putting it out there! With faith, love and gratitude

I am going to be giving out Free hugs while in Bali, check out my page for this here: Free Hugs 4 Awareness

Be Spontaneous:

Much Love

🙏😊❤Infinite Blessings-Namaste🙏😊❤

“Be real, Be true, Be honest, BE YOU.”
#christmasmiracle #magic #peace #beleiveintheimpossible






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