Those notes of knowing beyond your words, exchanged through interaction…

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Inspired by a recent experience which at first left me a little confused, I reflected and fell into my heart to intuitively regain clarity and find myself, such moments of confusion to not be wasted in my view as beyond this state answers can be found, for curiosity presents when we feel we don’t know. When we really love ourselves deeply and find that acceptance we find we become more compassionate, when we don’t come from an ego state, of stories of unworthy or more worthy, things become more simple. We are each on a road to a destination, which comes with different speed bumps along the way, we must slow at these point to not have an accident but they are not all at the same place on everyone’s road. Through the understanding of the heart we can have faith that others are figuring out their bumps and not attach a worth of us to their communication.

Link: Heart Math information

Video on Heart Math

Communication often seems so tricky when people can over think what the meaning is being sent, especially in a digital age, where body language isn’t always apparent, our minds can’t always find the answers when we are disconnecting from our heart, through our heart we can access the love and wisdom of our intuition and greater self, from this place we can determine more than just the spoken or even the seen communication.

Gregg Braden – Institute of Heart Math VIDEO

Confusion will disappear when we tune into our heart and allow the simple answers to be clear, beyond an analytical and logical mind, we are all so much more, the verbal or written words are such a small aspect of communication and when we let our ego step in, we often forget that we in our hearts are all perfect, from the innocence of a new born baby, this compassion and trust still lies within.


When just using our mental faculty and permitting our ego stories and triggers of label, status, worth and doubt, we can put ourselves in a state of analysis paralysis, some experiences and information can be misunderstood and obscured from this state of mind, there are different forms of information, some which our eyes can not see, when we try to deduct the answers from a physical understanding and thinking place, fragments of information and answers are left out, resulting in a confusing state. When emotions get involved and fear and doubt rises we get sucked and drained of our inner selves, our confidence, intuition and heartily acceptance of things begins to retract but when we learn to become aware of these patterns and external triggers we can master this programmed response, we can balance and utilize both hemispheres of the brain and see more options and solutions in our life and communication.

 Link: Small article on verbal cues and dual hemisphere communication

Google’s explanation of the word communication.


There can be much pressures and trauma in our modern society, even on a daily basis, in our modern world of health crisis and fear programming (news, ads, media) our bodies have devolved to a state which makes simple things become more challenging to process, let go of and even function with. This can trigger imbalanced use of our brain, chemical imbalances resulting in numerous diagnosed mental and physical disabilities and resulting in much poorer quality of life and connection to others. In my view and experience, when we can believe in our choices and intent to directly effect our outcome, we can grow to becoming empowered to see more options, become more aware and master aspects of our inner challenges, mentally, physically and emotionally.

Link: Wikipedia on dual hemisphere in brain 


I am a transformational coach and intuitive healer and this information also comes from my study in these fields, the Mind Body connection is something that is getting more focus and attention to provide some outstanding  results in many lives. My studies in NLP (nuero linguistic programming), hypnotherapy, coaching, Reiki healing and more have aided me in my understanding and self sustained happiness and a much easier life.

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;🙏😊❤Infinite Blessings-Namaste🙏😊❤

“Be real, Be true, Be honest, BE YOU.”

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3 thoughts on “Those notes of knowing beyond your words, exchanged through interaction…

    […] Those notes of knowing beyond your words, exchanged through interaction… […]


    Sex, Love and New Paradigm Union « Inspire Destiny said:
    September 4, 2016 at 1:06 pm

    […] Those notes of knowing beyond your words, exchanged through interaction… […]


    […] Communication is one of the greatest ways to interact with others, it is the foundation for our interactions, not just verbal but physical and energetic. We are always transmitting waves of information from our minds, hearts, communicating with others, even if they are not aware of receiving this or we are unconscious of sending it. […]


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