“To be a Jack? Or Not to Be a Jack?”

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“To be a Jack? Or Not to Be a Jack?”

When I say a Jack, I mean a “Jack of all Trades” as they would term it, in the altered words of Shakespeare (I love his Literature), the question remains to embrace this trait or to overcome it. For myself I have many loves, hobbies and talents, or things I can easily do well enough. I have always been cautioned and advised to do one thing, for me that sounded boring, as I enjoy multitasking and also dabble in many things, mostly creative. From poetry and writing to events and charity creation, it keeps me very busy and occupied. So when posed with the question to do many things or do one, for me it is a big challenge and I have recently discovered the benefits for both sides.

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To focus on one task at a time will give a stronger result and can be more time efficient and productive, for this point “less is more” as they say. For most of my life, my lists of things to DO, BE and achieve have always been growing, the more I learn and do, the more I add to this list and it grows exponentially, this is a common trait of ambitious and adventurous people everywhere and it does serve for a very fast paced and exciting life. When I get inspired, I am so filled with energy and passion, wanting to do so many things, enjoying creating anything and everything, not wanting limitation as I am sure most of you creative writers and entrepreneurs (but not limited to) out there can relate? I feel most grateful for this drive, this determination to express and share what is within me, for such INSPIRATION most of the time, as the saying goes “Variety is the Spice of Life.” For me this holds true, I am always excited and overwhelmed with wanting to get out my back up waiting list of writing, photos, ideas, art, projects and quotes, always with something ready to come out.

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As I walk along the path on my journey, I have discovered that things manifest at the perfect time. In my experience, there is always those things which get shared when the inspiration comes and those that get put to the side, maybe for a rainy day when no inspiration comes. I love writing and talking about the deeper things in life, the mystery, the magic, the things which can be almost challenging to put into words and make sense, the tingling feelings and curious dreams, which you can’t quite remember and define. Some say I am off with the fairy’s and to be honest sometimes that is the best way to describe how I would feel and see things, I do see magic all around, especially in nature and the things I love, in people, in music, the messages I learn from my poetry and writing, almost like I am someone sharing to myself.

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We all have naturally some underlying traits, some from birth, environment and mimicked behaviour from those around us as we grew up. I believe in the influence of the cosmos, the planets and the constellations energy, how this can influence a blue print of soul potential and personality outline, not to say it can’t be changed and worked against. For me though, my signs explain a lot about who I am when I leave it to natural flow with no resistance, I am a cusp sign, Aquarius main: which is a Fixed Air sign, so stubborn and thought/mind focused, with a flowy and unpredictable nature, I can change easily and adapt fast – my pole sign is a Pisces: Mutable Water sign, emotional, sensitive, intuitive and flowing. This duo reflects aspects of Male and Female expression, which were prominent in my personality from very young, some days I was a “Tom Boy”, other days a “Girlie Girl”, going from cops and robbers to make-up and fairy costumes. This expresses very well the nature to do many things, to always change and to have a need for interesting things and adventure.

They say to be a “Jack of All” is to be a master of none and I understand the reason for this statement but I don’t agree with it, in such simple form. Let me explain: from when I was in school and told to choose one job when I grew up (and I strongly questioned why and disputed it), I decided I was going to find a way to merge everything I loved doing into something new, something I was then the master of, as it was unique to me. I have always been a big believer that we all have our own very unique vibration and song to this world and to limit ourselves to what was done before we were here is very restrictive and to me was not something I had interest in, everything I ventured to do, I aspired to be new and unique to have my own flare and scent added to it. Now everything we do already holds this “US” print, as you will, but I always aspired to express myself in everything I did and use all of my lessons to make it a stand alone message of my journey up to that point.

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There is always natural skills, strengths and opportunities for growth and as I learn to become more authentically myself, with an ease and a deeper acceptance of my path and purpose, I begin to learn where the traits can be used as tools and where necessary to mould and altered them to what is most beneficial for the task at hand, by assessing the situations we are in and knowing our natural skill set and challenges. We can choose how we up skill and grow beyond those previous limitations. There are many books, videos, workshops and articles out there, depending on how you like to learn, which can give you tips and advice on how to make a perceived weakness into a strength, firstly by facing it with love and shifting your perspective to a place of growth rather then something to see as a problem and limitation to achieving your goal. You can check out the link below or read this post of mine how I did this: Overcoming fears and speaking your TRUTH and Insecurities, fear and Loss

Here’s how:
  1. Recognize and accept your weaknesses. You can’t turn a weakness into a strength if you’re busy denying the weakness exists. …
  2. Get guidance from someone you trust. …
  3. Be very prepared. …
  4. Hire the skills you lack. …
  5. Get just good enough. …
  6. Look for ways to serve others with the same problem.

How the Most Effective Leaders Turn Weaknesses Into Strengths

With infinite choices throughout our lives, we make so many each second, most are unconscious but as we make the choice to be present, this grows and we begin to be empowered to use all of ourselves and abilities to create the goals, lives and futures our hearts and dreams desire. So if you are a “Jack of all Trades”, or you work better on one thing at a time, be mindful of what choices you can make to use all your abilities to tackle a task, project or obstacle because really we are capable of so much more.

Jack: Derived from Jackin (earlier Jankin), a medieval diminutive of JOHN. It is often regarded as an independent name. During the Middle Ages it was very common, and it became a slang word meaning “man”.

Origin of the name Jack

It all comes down to balance, so as we learn from experience and who we are in different situations we can learn how to find our centre and our truth in any situation we are in. To balance our both logical/analytical and emotional/creative sides and feel so much more empowered to face and overcome anything in our way, to also feel confident and grounded in ourselves that YES we can! achieve our dreams and YES we can! Transcend our inner judgement, critic and imbalance. A post I made about this : Those notes of knowing beyond your words, exchanged through interaction…

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🙏😊❤Infinite Blessings-Namaste🙏😊❤

“Be real, Be true, Be honest, BE YOU.”

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    […] “To be a Jack? Or Not to Be a Jack?” […]


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