Risk it all!! Do it!

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What would you risk?
Most of us have to think long and hard before taking a risk, calculated risk we call it. But how many times when you calculate a risk do you actually then take it? Yes we’ve all been taught to be careful and make good decisions. We have almost been made to fear ever messing up. Like every risk or mistake will end in death or terrible consequences.


For too much of my life I lived in fear, I missed out. I always felt tired and like something wasn’t right. I was doing everything I herd I was supposed to, the job, the car, the relationship and the following the rules all the time. But I was miserable.


The world is actually a very wonderful and for the most part safe place, despite what other scared people tell you your whole life. Yes danger is real and sometimes calculation of risk is necessary. But to calculate your whole life and to believe life will go according is a) ignorant and b) boring. There are things in the world you are yet to be aware of, there fore you would never think to calculate it into your plan and if things went to plan, you would totally miss out on all the amazing things you never knew existed.


We all hold inside us inexhaustible courage, joy and peace but if we constantly look outwards for guidance, love, acceptance and acknowledgement we will never find enough. Risk is the token to which you deserve the reward. If you aren’t prepared to take risks and big ones, you will never reap the amazing benefits around the corner. Fear is contagious and it is but a feeling, like anger it can become actions that limit us and cause grief. Courage is but the act of doing even with the fear and there for disarming it from controlling us.


Anything can be made possible if you so believe, decide and take the risk. You will always disbelieve until you have a little strand of faith to take the leap, the risk and prove to yourself you’re worthy of the reward.

This is me dangling my feet off the edge of the Coliseum in Rome a few days ago. (Totally not allowed, I climbed over the rails)


I have met so many amazing people and become so excited and overwhelmed with joy from taking big risks. Things I never could of imagined. And I’m totally in one piece.
If you are interested this is my blog for my travels.

Traveller Destiny

🙏😊❤Infinite Blessings-Namaste🙏😊❤

“Be real, Be true, Be honest, BE YOU.”

Go in courage, faith and joy and please take a risk today and it will change your life. ✌️💖

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    Sex, Love and New Paradigm Union « Inspire Destiny said:
    September 4, 2016 at 1:06 pm

    […] Risk it all!! Do it! […]


    […] Risk it all!! Do it! […]


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