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Self-love. What does it mean? #LoveYourSelf

To me, self-love is about removing all the thoughts, feelings, words and actions which are unloving towards ourselves. This is a process, but an extremely important one. When we are unconsciously feeling unworthy and unloved by us or by others, we create sabotage and punishment for ourselves. Leaving us feeling lonely, abandoned and unworthy of the things we deserve and desire. But we have put ourselves there. Yes, our society does not educate us to embrace our individuality, in fact it suppresses our nifty quirks and gifts, all to be the same for a future of feeling enslaved by a system and grabbing at little things to create joy and fulfilment, easily addicted to that little time we feel love, or joy and then when it is gone, we crumble, not having a solid pillar of inner love for us, which is so important for our growth, fulfilment, and connections in life.


On my own journey, I have discovered that this inner feeling of unworthiness started when I was ever so young, from memories of childhood and then in school. It is easy to blame the situations but I know I am responsible for creating the theme and the life I desire. So it comes down to choosing to release the pain and thoughts of the past. To become more aware of where I am not doing things which are for my highest good and committing to me to change and grow through the challenges and hurt.


We really do set the bar for how others will treat us and if you reflect on your thoughts, words, and actions for you, then you will see where this is how others are treating you. We are so worthy of unconditional love and respect, the feeling of worth we felt as little babies. We have truly infinite potentials and when we show up present to see, forgive, love and nurture ourselves, all around us transforms. My self-love journey has not been easy though, as the best things never are always easy. On my path I have made sacrifices, learned discipline and had many nights crying, healing my wounds from the past, letting the shadows of myself rise and fall away, creating actions and commitment to be more true to my heart and live in a way that nurtures me and achieves the things I desire. To allow me to feel supported, loved, worthy and my expression important and honored.

Here is a video from my YouTube Channel on Self Love:

After walking a path of putting everyone else first and making myself sick to be accepted by others, to put on a brave face and be tough and be friendly all the time, do what everyone wanted, be what everyone wanted, I could only do it so long before my world came crumbling down in a heap, crying, sick and alone not knowing who to call, feeling like I was unworthy of this life, like who was I to live, to breath, to do what I wanted, but in those moments I surrendered and felt something beyond me ease my pain, I had words of encouragement from within me, nurturing me, telling me what I would want another to say. These moments in my life were to this day some of the most profound. I felt inner strength, courage, and a desire and mission to share, to love myself deeply and to be an example of love that others can hold for themselves.

When we feel loved and appreciated we excel at everything, like when you fall in love, you are on a high, on cloud nine, a cocktail of happy hormones are released in your mind and you feel unstoppable. So I say learn to fall in love with you, flaws and all then your world will have no choice but to follow suit.

A great mentor once told me of a person who changed their life by saying they met someone who loved themselves so much it gave them permission to do the same. This is so true, the more we treat ourselves with love and respect, in a gentle and nurturing way, with our thoughts, words, actions and the things we choose to allow in our world, the greater gift we can give and share with others. The best leaders, lead by example, people follow authentic people, they can trust, if you see someone walking their talk you don’t need to question them or what they do or say, their lives become a testament to what can be achieved and what wisdom they have gained from experience in life.

Take our masks off, let ourselves be free, to see our real selves, to heal the past, to forgive deeply for how we have hurt ourselves, to support our inner child and find integration and balance in ourselves, to flow with life’s waves and receive all the abundance we deserve.


So I created the Self Loved-Up 21-day online program to share this with others, for those it resonates with. To guide, encourage, promote and share how self-love will be a catalyst for so much more in life, feeling supported, empowered and ready to achieve your dreams, smash barriers and grow daily to be your truest potential.

21 days of activities, videos, a community of other self-love warriors, coming together to share, grow and support one another on removing those things in our way of feeling deep self-love, acceptance, and purpose, to be the best version of ourselves we can be.

If you know anyone who may be interested in joining the link is here:


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“Be Real, Be True, Be Honest, Be YOU.” – Destiny Fae

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    […] personality, being my sun sign, known for it’s original and delightfully out-thereish behaviors. I love being me, I love sharing in this archetypes energy and fun, it really makes life magical, interesting and […]


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