Pain of realness 

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As the tears run. Rivers flowing over my skin. Thinking of the sun.

Finding the cause, like a thread through a pin. Pain running deep from a wound. How to heal, from within? 

Struggle to feel in tuned, Questions, where to begin? My sin of permitting, The stories perplexing  

The truth, committing. Preventing such hexing. We all know the feeling Tight, aching and gripping 

Layers one by one peeling. Allowing the freedom by stripping. False vision of self hating. The world view of distaste 

Craving for mating, Find love free from haste, To accept deep to the core, The realness of purity

Nothing will force you to be poor Eternity of security, Unconditional Love 

From inside and above. Freedom so real, Flying so high, as a dove. 

© 2015 Cynthia Jauch 


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