For all the Seas

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For all the Seas:

 Seas of me and seas of you.   All connected to the seas of blue. Waves crashing like the sands of time.  Rhyming and flowing peaceful mime.

 Feeling freely through and beyond. Nature always such a bond. Caressing gently to and fro. Inspired moment to let it all go.

 Sometimes still and sometimes chaos. Always rhythmic, place to know. Soothing, stroking never coaxing. Freedom felt through depth non hoaxing.

 Poetic harmony. Running through me.That gypsy air, So free to care. Blowing, showing rapid sowing. Seeding inward motion knowing.

Ups and downs in space and time. Never committing a single crime. Simple brilliance of pure bliss.

Choices made never to miss. Keep it near to remember the path. Truth spread widely, happiness, laugh.

  © 2016 Cynthia Jauch

 Inspire Destiny Dolphin Poetry

🙏😊❤Infinite Blessings-Namaste🙏😊❤

“Be Real – Be True – Be Honest – BE YOU.”

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