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Inspired to Inspire:

As far back as I can remember I had people saying I was inspiring, from my courage to speak up and be seen, to being really authentic and caring, not worrying what people thought of me. I would dance, sing, draw, write, share and laugh, enjoying every part of self expression I could. There was some times when the scrutiny of people seeing me and criticising me for standing out, affected me, I was young, I was a bit chubby and I came from a big family, so I was always in the back of my head almost fighting to be seen, I am the middle child you see, haha! I did have middle child syndrome for a time. Learning to accept myself and enjoy time alone was one of the greatest lessons for me to learn.

Inspired Life 12 week

I grew up in a big family, with parents separated and neither parent worked, so there wasn’t much in the way of luxuries, or family holidays or fun trips, we went to school and played in the yard or with the kids around the street. I really didn’t like life when I was growing up, all the pressure to be the same in school (most of us hated this) but for me I felt it was like torture and punishment. I had many friends in different groups but was never close to anyone. I always felt quite lonely, especially at home. My mum suffered from deperession and was on antidepressants. She was a strong and amazing women, I always envied her ability to go and get things done, never asking for help from anyone. A real independent woman, I aspired to be like that. Me and my mum were very similar, always wanting to connect with lots of people, and have a long chat. Never afraid to speak about ourselves and our stories.

Inspired Life 12 week 2

As I got older and dropped out of high school, things go heavy, I was pressured to conform. To do what I was told to get money from the government or get any job. Because of my parents financial choices, I had no back up. I struggled with the whole growing up thing, I saw adults making choices which made them unhappy and it never made sense. I thought there had to be another way, or what a boring and meaningless existence. When I felt so unmotivated and didn’t see the point in living like others, as I knew I was different, I would turn to sleep and my dreams, I began to write. I wrote poetry and reflections on life and the things I aspired to, I set huge goals and started reading self help books at seventeen, no one I knew did this. I was always told by adults to get over it and just be like everyone else, get a job, go to study, move out, get married, have kids, like there was no other way, no other choice.

Inspired Life 12 week 5.jpg

Deep from within me, I knew there was another way, I had a burning passion, to make a way, to see a way. What was stopping me? If I used my brain and grew with time, anything was possible, this was how I always felt. It didn’t matter if I was different, or the only one doing this. I knew for my happiness and my life, if I learned what I could, from the fields which interests me and I took great action I could do anything. I was teased a lot by my elder sister through this time, I was learning who I was, I was not ashamed to dress different, all colourful and be seen, or judged. She never liked this, so she aspired to push me down and make me feel bad, to make herself feel better. I learnt so much from her pain and how she projected it onto me.

Inspired Life 12 week 4

As I started reflecting and growing my lessons, moving through adversity and allowing my potential to really come through, with my poetry and sometime living in a dream land in my head. I would have people occasionally say, I had inspired them, my words, writing, kindness or courage and this lit a flame deep within me. I found inside me a deep well of passion, strength, perseverance and creativity, to express to be heard, to share and to dance through life as  happy and vibrant as I could. This was when my slogan came to me, it became my Mantra “Be real, Be true, Be honest, Be YOU.” (which is tattooed across my left forearm, since before travelling solo for 2 months overseas in 2015).


We all have our stories, our heart aches, our challenges, those people who pushed us down, but those experiences all shape who we are. They grow our skills, our experience, our resilience, inner strength, passion and love and acceptance of self. Striving to know deep within our true self, our true potential, we are all so powerful and amazing. All of us hold different inner gifts and skills, which we can share. I wanted to share my lessons with everyone, to encourage them, and let them see and know that “they can do anything”.

Inspired Destiny 12 week

As my life went on and I got into a relationship, I changed for those I was with, I let my light be dimmed to lift them up, as many of us do. We can lose ourselves in others, when we feel we will help them and this can be both addictive and toxic to ourselves and our souls. I learnt through my changes and relationships, to honour myself deeper , my true inner knowing and intuition and to put me first, then give the excess to others. I am always filled with inspiration to create and share and it is always over flowing to share with others. I feel so grateful for this and all the experience I have had and learned from all the people in my life. I was always told I should be a counsellor, as I loved helping others and people always opened up to me but it did not resonate with me, once I heard about coaching, it made so much sense, I had studied management with an underlying basis in coaching, due to the trainers degree and experience,  from a job I worked at. Sharing tools, and seeing the best in others, enabling them to remove their obstacles and feel empowered was so much a hit for me. I felt I had done this naturally for so long.


From all the things passed in the last 28 years of my life, I have come up with 12 Pillars for living and extremely Inspired Life. I studied movement, in dance, art, exercise, sports, poetry, writing, philosophy, relationships, business, speakers, projects, cooking, nutrition, natural remedies and watched many inspiring people, including Oprah Winfrey, when she was in Australia in 2015. I observed and gathered information, watching speakers, reading articles and using those amazing experiences in my life and I was so overwhelmed with excitement, momentum and joy to share what I have learned.


I created 12 Pillars of living an Inspired life, From the Inner Inspirer to Inspired Soul to Inspired Relationships. It has been a pleasure bringing together all those amazing things in my life and knowing how it all joins together, from connecting people, to writing, to creative works, to self expression and speaking. It has delighted me so much reflecting on this time and how I can now deliver something which can enable anyone to use some principles and activities to sky rocket their lives into the thriving and in love presence that are worth being in this world, and how important it is right now.

I am heart felt in my thanks to you for sharing in this time with me, from the young me, to the now me, I am so honoured for you following and if you happen to pass me by one day. Please ensure to give me a hug and share your deepest passion and desires, for this is what lights up my world to know, those things that spark you into your path, your passion and your purpose.

This is the link to the program: The Inspired Life next one commencing on 26th September.

The Inspired Life 12 Week

“Be Real – Be True – Be Honest – BE YOU.”

With love, peace and light.
💜️Namaste-infinite blessings 💜

Cynthia Jauch
Intuitive, Coach, Healing Facilitator, Poetry, Writer, Speaker, Thought Leader and Visionary.

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