Lions Roar to the POWER of 88

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The 8-8-18 Lions Gate Activation:

Supercharged Energy Shifts—8:8 Lion’s Gate—Opens July 26 to August 11

The Lionsgate Portal is activated every year on August 8th when the Sun, Sirius, and the Earth move to specific points in the sky

Have you been feeling the pull to open to new levels of abundance, clarity and wellbeing? Have you been feeling more spiritually connected and a power to ROAR, and express yourself and get out of your comfort zone and old patterns, more confident or firey?

Well the Leo energy is strong and the fire is soaring right now. I know I have been feeling so inspired and passionate and signs for big changes, letting go of challenges and stepping into new levels of abundance and inner balance.

opening-lionsgate-portal-august-2017The annual 8:8 Lionsgate occurs on August 8th during the month of Leo, the Lion. It is the time of year when our planet aligns with Star Sirius and the Galactic Center, creating a harmonious portal that unites “matter and antimatter”. It is a special galactic event that enhances your ability to fully embody the divine self in physical form. The powerful energies of the Lion’s Gate portal are assisting Gaia through the Gateways of Time and into the higher dimensions that are guarded by the Royal Sirian Lions of yesterday and tomorrow.

Often called the Dog Days of Summer, the star Sirius (Dog Star) rises and sets with our sun between July 3 and August 11th. During this time Sirian indigo light uplifts humanity and opens portals to the halcyon days of Lemuria. The Sirians are members of the Family of Light assisting Gaia’s ascension.

The 8-8 Lions Gate opens the ‘hallways of time’ to ancient history when Sirian Masters traveled to Earth and taught the principles of Ascension. The ancient Egyptians celebrated the annual event when Star Sirius aligned with the Great Pyramid forming a frequency receptor of celestial light transmission.

Blue Star Sirius streams the indigo blue Light codes of an advanced race of Light Beings to Gaia and humanity that initiates the path of Ascension. They taught the lost Art of Alchemy, which they recorded on sacred scrolls, on pyramid walls and in the Halls of Amenti. The Sirian Masters introduced “Christ Consciousness” to humanity. While the Lions Gate is open, we are blessed with increased power and strength to change the world as a planetary sanctuary for all life.

Lovingly, Meg


With all that you can expect with these amazing portals opening and the cosmic energy alignments and our higher realm access being heightened, what can we do to support out growth, transformation and abundance? 

While there have been many intense energies and shifts this eclipse season, having out next eclipse on the 11th of August (11 being a powerful number of balance and synchronicity and us being in an 11 year in Numerology) , a partial solar eclipse. We have been shaken up, and most of us feel very tired and ready for new things and rejuvenation.  So it is about time, we set strong and clear boundaries for getting balanced, grounded and aligned to health, wealth and happiness.

Have you felt the pace pick up with synchronicities? I know I had a lot of rise in the number sync the last 6 weeks, and soulmates showing up, lovers from my past when I was 17 and a lot of intense projections and judgement from people for me to realign, refocus, and listen to the many messages from my guides and higher self. I had messages connecting to my birth name Cynthia and connecting to the soul that is part of this experience, that resonates with that part of me and my soul in harmony. Which is connected to the signs of Egypt (where I am living in Mexico, has Sehkmet (Lion headed goddess) statues and papyrus all around) have been strong, syncs about my life in Sirius and also connecting a lot to the Dolphins and there meditations, with sound

We have just entered our “Galactic New Year” and the pull to new beginnings is strong, letting go of the old and clearing ourselves completely for the new. We are now in a position to bridge words, gain greater access to lost information, remember our other lives, see where we are out of balance, make new intentions, let go of all that is not serving us for our new alignments and be than in a state of receptivity for healing, for balance and for greater abundance and well-being.

During this time it is easier to access higher realms, and receive downloads from angels, messengers, and your loved ones from the other side. It is also a favorable time for healing deep seeded wounds, and opening both the heart chakra and third eye.

“The Lions gate Portal is considered a gateway into the heavens and into higher realms of consciousness. During this time, higher frequency energies from the star, Sirius are beamed down onto Earth, in order to help advance the human race and raise the consciousness of the planet.”

Sirius has long been known as our “Spiritual Sun” and is revered by many ancient cultures as a place of higher consciousness. It is believed that higher frequency beings inhabit Sirius and that it is home to the purest type of love.

My top 5 tips for this Portal are:

  1.  Meditate more, or begin if you don’t. Here is a guide on this: and a link to my recommended meditations on YouTube: (Please also subscribe to my new channel,  note this playlist is not my videos I just compiled them)

  2. Ground. This is so important so that the higher energies and sometimes fast paced energy doesn’t burn you out or get you stuck in the clouds, also giving you balance and feeling more centered to better manifest your desires and new opportunities coming in. – Bare feet on ground. – Crystals such as shungite, black tourmaline and onyx. – Guided grounding meditations (some on above link to Youtube Playlist)

  3. Cleansing your energy field and clearing your past. (also amazing in prep for the Leo New Moon on the 11th, preparing for the new phase of the Moon) – Have a salt bath, or go to a lake or beach if possible and just soak and feel emotionally and energetically cleansed in the fresh water. – Use sage or pale santo. – Write down a list of all the thoughts, patterns, people and things you are letting go of and burn it. – Choose to release physically up to 11 things that don’t serve you in your life for your goals and intensions i.e. people, belongings, habits or choices (Possibly best after next tip).

  4. Get clear on what you are creating for the new you and the future you want to dream and align to and write a list i.e. healthy partnership (New or existing), healthier habits for balance and personal wellbeing, More wealth and abundance. Be really clear and detailed, this will help with intensions and manifesting the opportunities and resources.

  5. Extra self nurture i.e. Eat foods that are nurturing and gentle on your body and digestion, something that helps you align and integrate the higher frequencies. Go get a massage or an energy session. Have a coaching session to grow and align yourself to your goals.

Whether astrology is science or magic, we’re open to most things, if they may be of benefit. ~ Ed. Elephant Journal


August 8th, i.e. on the 8th day of the 8th month, the energy is the most powerful. The flow is dominating and speeds up the 8 energies to their optimum capacity. This gives a great opportunity to boost the energy and fortify your spiritual growth.

Opening Of The Portal & Expansion Of Energy

The high recurrence vitality is relied upon to crack, migrate and go faster because of the overwhelming infinite occasion and shoot for alteration. It can help expand the impression of the planet by getting in and fortifying fresh light signs for the up and coming year.
There will be pouring energy through this opening.

The Sun will be firmly keyed up and transmit high vitality symbols to hoist our impressions of adoration and luminosity. We will be able to broaden and improve our spiritual senses, and boost up our consciousness due to the high frequency energy. We have to unlock ourselves towards accepting this soaring liveliness.

As the 8th of August nears I have been seeing 88 so much. Now I am actually born in 1988, so 88 has always been something in my awareness. But the signs and syncs have increased for the Leo energy, the Sirius energy and the POWER of 8, Manifestation and Abundance.

I am huge on manifesting, as a “Manifesting Generator” in Human Design. I have been big on aligning intention, affirmations and clearing with the Moon, for the power of manifesting and aligning to achieve goals in my life.

Angel number meaning of 88.


Angel Number 88 is thought to represent a message of practicality and possibility. This number also represents abundance and stability. Many interpret this Angel Number as being relevant to the financial realm. It is frequently thought to indicate that financial stability is in your future.


Number 88 is a powerful number as it is made up of the energies of the number 8, doubled and amplified. Number 8carries the vibrations and attributes of patience, practicality and dependability, personal authority and power, discernment and good judgement, ambition and potential, business acumen, finding success and manifesting wealth and abundance, self-discipline and responsibility, inner-wisdom, justice andKarma – the Universal Spiritual Law of Cause and Effect.Angel Number 88 is a powerful vibration telling of achievements, success, striving forward, progress and attainment.

The Significance Of – 8

The Strength card which is the 8th Tarot card, signifies to zodiac sign number 8– Leo, who is associated with the Sun. Leo signifies the number 8 which in turn leads to power and strength, infinity, knowledge, equilibrium, godly bond, consciousness and reincarnation.

But, just as a coin, balance also has two sides – positive and negative. The negative makes us terrified and unfocused because we have got home a brand new pair of shoes which we may adjust constructively. It tries its hardest to end, delay or deviate persons from rising up.

The Manipura Chakra

The Third chakra located in our abdomen is to be lucid, sunny, open, even-handed and in finest situation to obtain soaring power and radiance due to the arrival of the Sun’s energy. We have to keep our contaminated energy under check.

Power In The Flames

Although fire is considered to be vicious, it also gives life to the phoenix, who rises from the ashes defining rebirth. Leo brings in better fire energy. This strong transforming process brings new, chaste and something more sturdy to arise. Kind of an updated version. It is also concerning activity and the enthusiastic revival of supremacy.

The Best Lions Gate information for you all in one place.

Much love, abundance, balance and peace Beloved Ohana.  DFae xx

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“Be Real, Be True, Be Honest, Be YOU.” – Destiny Fae

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The Seed: Whole Systems Transformation

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The Seed — What is the simple root, that when activated will nourish the sprouts and branches in the whole system to thrive????

                                                              THE UNSEEN IN YOU!

When we look on the surface, we can often struggle to see the magic happening beneath the surface. “The Seed” being warmed, receiving water to drink, energy shared from the earth, the electric and magnetic “dance of life”. “If” we are so focused on all the leaves, the petals, the colors and the smells, we can become overwhelmed and distracted from appreciating what’s below. The networks, intelligence and simple and magic brilliance of a seed, connected to the whole of the earth and beyond.

When we think about it, on a social and systems level, there is so many working and planning away, desiring to shift the whole system, on the surface. Perhaps without thinking to either plant, a whole new seed, or go back to the existing seed, below what can be seen, where all the surface branches come from, and begin to nourish it. To see what it has been starved of, and why it has become so poisoned. To hold love, compassion, and responsibility, for where we can care, to simply focus on one thing, and not try to start from the top and weave through every leaf, every branch and every new seed that has fallen. For this will be complicated, confusing and take a very long time, in hopes we will finally reach the foundation/the core……

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The Seed: Whole Systems Transformation

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The Seed – What is the simple root, that when activated will nourish the sprouts and branches in the whole system to thrive????



When we look on the surface, we can often struggle to see the magic happening beneath the surface. “The Seed” being warmed, receiving water to drink, energy shared from the earth, the electric and magnetic “dance of life“. “If” we are so focused on all the leaves, the petals, the colors and the smells, we can become overwhelmed and distracted from appreciating what’s below. The networks, intelligence and simple and magic brilliance of a seed, connected to the whole of the earth and beyond.

When we think about it, on a social and systems level, there is so many working and planning away, desiring to shift the whole system, on the surface. Perhaps without thinking to either plant, a whole new seed, or go back to the existing seed, below what can be seen, where all the surface branches come from, and begin to nourish it. To see what it has been starved of, and why it has become so poisoned. To hold love, compassion, and responsibility, for where we can care, to simply focus on one thing, and not try to start from the top and weave through every leaf, every branch and every new seed that has fallen. For this will be complicated, confusing and take a very long time, in hopes we will finally reach the foundation/the core.


Start with the seed in you, your baby self, what at this simple level, has poisoned you from the start? Harmed you? or deprived you of the natural substance you deserve and need to thrive and evolve?

Behind now, to nurture this seed, this baby. To love it, to care for it and to allow it’s natural intelligence to shine. Through this, you go back to the seed of all.

“As above, So below…”

You practice and experience the path; your healing, wholeness and universal love and truth.

Once we begin to experience, from this space of powerful creation, and it again is a part of us:- and this simple principal begins to work through us. All we do, comes from here. We begin to think of the seed, of what is not seen, of the simple point in which all is joined and connected, we come from a truth that is divine love, we remember. That all in existence comes from the unseen (behind the scenes) first, like a baby being seeded and growing, or like a movie, coming finally to the screen, all in order and edited to look it’s best to be received.


To share this wisdom, to embody and be this wisdom. We come from the “unknown” inside, the unseen, the felt, the parts we hide from (our shadows, individual and collective), that we are scared of and don’t understand. When we experience this, we know, forever, within us. We let ourselves be healed, be whole, be nourished and we release the poison, going back to the seed, the root of the unseen, fear and carelessness.

This is the “Whole Systems Transformation“, you and your seed, in the unseen, is the whole system. We are connected to all.

“We are ALL and ONE simultaneously.”


#Wholesystems #GlobalTransformation #NewEarth #Seedwithin #Consciousness #SimpleEvolution #Evolve #Nourishyourseed 

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Being a WOMAN

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Being a WOMAN:

*Note, it has been a long time since I have written like this and the time has come, for a lot that has been integrated to be let free.

In this world we live in being either gender can be challenging, there is massive controls, manipulation, and suppression all around, but for part of the separation of the gender, the power and patriarchal institutions for women, it can be a very rough ride.

I want to share with you the harsh truth and the amazing future we are thriving into, for the success of those courageous and amazing women who went before us.


When I was a little girl, I was very sensitive, the fighting in my family really hit me deep, I really struggled to push things under the rug, and move on from arguments, disrespect, and abuse, like most of my siblings, did. Now don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a victim story, for me or for women.

My mum was an amazing example of strength, she was a brave brave woman, giving birth to 6 children, then becoming single while pregnant with 5 when I was only 4. My mum was amazing, but for all these kids, low income, no financial aid from my dad, out of fear and pride, and continued abuse thrown at her after this, from his perspective of a hurt child being abandoned, when he was naughty – physical and emotional abuse, unconscious wounds from his youth and upbringing – he couldn’t see the results and impact his reactions had on my mum or us and effectively the connection and added challenge on both, as well as on his own life. But this story is one like many, from the archetypal play of his -story, that has been playing out for a very long time, longer than most will allow themselves to believe. The sad thing is, all in this story are hurt, and suffering, doing their best, especially the little girl at four, falling off the swing and hurting herself, and going to cry and her mum looking at her from a distance and staring, but not moving or expressing what is going on, in this child’s mind, she is on her own now……..

Many things occur when we are young, things which affect us, most of us unconsciously our whole lives, story; his or hers, playing out again and again, through ancestors like a curse. Sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse, usually being silenced, mostly the women, because, in our society, the feminine is weak and should not be heard, she should be submissive. But this is all changing, each day more and more women and men, speak up of the results in their reality of the wrongs being done in this world, because of the ego-driven, thinking priority conscious masses, who have been put in a trap, a reoccurring hell to some.

I could say #metoo, yes, as a child – memories suppressed from the boy next store touching me and than someone seeing and the guilt of society being forced into that child, like they are bad, they did something wrong – as an adult – leaving my body, after he didn’t stop when I said no many times, he didn’t even think he did anything wrong, like I owed him. – it’s ingrained deep, the game of duality, or suppress the goddess, the wisdom, the darkness, the power of the womb, they say she is weak, but they also fear her, truth and her power, if she ever realizes it and how it will affect them, their actions, behavior and oh how they might have to wake up and actually change.

But this isn’t for me, this is for the feminine everywhere. Now at nearly 30 years of age, after again putting the boy first, flying halfway across the world, to be with someone, who I never met, but my intuition guided me here. For what? After a few months in separate rooms, the same story playing out again. Is His-story? Her-story? My story or yours? Is it any different? until we release these stories, send them love, share them with pride for the courage we have to be here, to go through the challenges, the pain and find the peace and light through the torture and darkness, that love usually gets us into. But is that really love? At first, it always feels like love, you open your heart, feel the potential, feel the excitement, even as a conscious person, knowing you have done many years of self-love and inner work, could you finally be done with all the abuse, unhealthy relationships, and karma? and then, the same ancestral story, he closes off, he rejects you, as he rejects himself, and his inner god and goddess, the power of love, if real, is not for the faint of heart. The light will shine on your shadows, and most of us, tend to run from our shadows.

The signs of true love are all there, telepathy, synchronicity, deep love, care and desire to be united as one, you want the same things, you have had the same experiences, you feel so connected, and then……… The truth comes out, you are too this, or too that, and all the self-sabotage comes to the surface, for both of you, you clash, and even when you have come to some space, integration, and peace, there is still something missing. You go back to loving self, as a woman, who puts nurturing others first. As the mother sex, the birthing, main caregiving archetype. you have so much love, naturally you want to give it, but when that person is closed off afraid, in judgement and hurting, they have nothing to give you but their pain, which looks like all the reasons why you are not good enough, even if they really love you and want to be with you deep down. But this is the typical story. Sometimes, this plays out with the guy over giving and a hurt girl who can’t trust, who takes to feel healed and full, and never feels enough, and feels they have nothing to give and closes off their heart, their life force and their potential for true intimacy and union.

Now I am sure most of  you have been heartbroken before, most of us associate love with pain, so we are closed, and then when the little love and attention shows up and we open a bit, we get addicted, burn it out, and get stuck in lust or fantasies of perfect and forever, to be hurt, betrayed or hit with the reality of how little we know how to honor and respect ourselves, as we haven’t often been taught to do this by anyone. And the cycle continues.

As I reflect over my much needed time in a room, to myself, in the nurturing country of Mexico, I move over these stories, of abandonment, rejection, abuse, and pain, I wonder what would happen, if me opening my heart wasn’t attached to my perspective or desire and attachment for someone else to behave a certain way for me to be the loving person we naturally can be, all the time, starting with self. It is easy to create stories about how our pain is because of an outside force, someone else, something else, but us, but the truth is, when we close our heart off, which is a choice, we close off the wisdom the connection and our bliss, we close of the connection to mother nature, to our inner goddess and out true potential for happiness and real love.

I know it can be challenging to forgive, to stop blaming outside forces for these pains and feelings of not being safe inside us, but the pain is not from opening our hearts, it’s from expecting anyone else to be completely healed and healthy all the time, and are prepared to know how to treat us, better than we often treat ourselves. I see in my divine mirror the hurt and rejection of self, the way he negatively judges his body, not living up to the expectations of society, taking on the karmic pattern of his father, being judgmental of women and their bodies, feeling disconnected from his divine inner goddess, as his dad judged his mum, and other women, from the programming he too received, as he then takes off the ancestral karma, being focused and stuck in the five senses of this 3d plane, when we really are multidimensional beings. As my dad judged my mums body, and physically hurt her from his pain, as I have seen in my great great grandfather doing the same to my great great grandmother, as my beloved soul mirror, tries to point out to me that my face doesn’t look how he wants it too and how the photos I take of myself are misleading to the other angles of how I look in his eyes, crying out for love, and to open his heart, as he throws nasty words of judgement and shame onto me, from his wounded inner child, and what it was told……


But NOW, we can see it, we can see the patterns, the stories. The past, the future need not look so dull, sharp and harsh. We can choose to open our hearts, to forgive, to have compassion, as a women, we can be the leader, we can open to the goddess first, speak our truth, out the victim in us and rise into our natural state of freedom, and into our inner unity with the divine in our hearts. The choice is yours, I see you, I hear you, I love you, I honor you, I thank you, for being here, to help clear this mess up, clean our smudged view and create the new path for our future and our children and theirs.

After a very emotional trigger from sexual abuse (but the time triggered was from a lover) I channeled this>>>>>>> for those everywhere who are here to feel and be reborn.

Suppressed Divinity:

You lay there,
lump in your throat.
Wanting to cry.
Your soul leaving,
the body.

He is looking at,
your body.
But he doesn't see,
Eyes full of want.

For a taste,
he thinks he deserves.
A taking,
he thinks is his,

You said no,
he doesn't,
hear a word you,
Feeling trapped,

Left to decay,
No words,
can escape,
to share this,
twisted experience.

How could you,
let this happen.
Why did you,
attract this?
Don't you love yourself?

They tell you,
they like you.
You are beautiful.
You want to believe,

If you aren't,
what is your use?
Being a women,
if not to be used?

To be treated,
as a toy,
for their wants,
needs and desires.

The gentleness,
the love gone.
True, care and devotion.
She is not adored.

What went so wrong.
Don't they know her power?
Or do they want to,
use it for them self?

Her portal,
to other realms.
Taken from her.
She does not,
deserve pleasure.

That is for them?
The feminine,
the creator of life,
the birth giver.

She is getting,
Ready to claim,
her rightful place.

But with love,
with compassion.
For those suffering,
cutting off their love.
Harming out of program.

They harm themselves too.
They hate themselves.
Their thoughts,
keep them trapped.

The cycle will end,
oh don't you worry.
She is waking up.
Her power will,
not be taken.

Her voice silenced,
no more.
No need to be ready,
Her power,
to be reborn.

In every women,
and those noble men.
Brave enough to,
the other part of self.

Wrongfully suppressed.
Our true divine nature.
yoni_origYou are ready.

The road back,
to inner harmony.
The time is now,
ready, to break free.
The goddess,
in you and,
the goddess in me.

The fires will burn,
the roars will ripple,
across the cosmos.
She has returned.

She is ready,
to be in her true,
Honored and worshiped.

explored with love,
with touch,
with passion,
fun and,
Divine ecstasy.

For healing,
exploding across,
the Earth,

Let those fires,
Let your voice be heard,
your glory seen.
Your gift be shared,
with those worthy,
in reverence,
for self-divinity.

The scars,
the karma,
to wash away.
To release,
the pain of yesterday.

Prepare yourself,

to feel the purification.
We will be reborn.
In our sources, love.

Breath in deep,
the life so true.
your hurt,
it's almost through.

the tears,
of all Earth's pain,

the path to NEW.

The scream,
of all suffering,
the truth,
came through.

Love you,
so much,
nothing less will do.
Cherish, your heart,
your soul,
your divine you.

(c) 2017 Destiny Fae​

A Symphony of Words​

Unleash the power within!!

Your powers lay dormant until you choose to unlock them, the key lies in your heart. Step into your authentic power and truth.

The DRAGON sleeps beneath, silently, still and surreal, the spiritual warrior and salvation of your inner light……

I am learning on my sacred path, to surrender to my infinite power, the light and the darkness, finding the gem in the sacred union within, the massive flow and dance between the many parts and poles of your self.

My inner fire is burning brightly, raising and purifying my many bodies, integrating and flowing, guiding me closer to spirit and my true potential.

FEMININE and MASCULINE embrace your inner flame, your roar, your truth and power, your FREEDOM, your infinite LOVE, SOUL and expansion.

I call to you, to that deep yearning within you, let your soul soar, be free, be you, allow yourself with no apologies, forgive yourself and others, come to peace, come to love, come to your heart and inner birth right.

Come with me on this journey back to UNITY, it begins within, we are the ones to save ourselves and the earth that loves and gives us life.” – Destiny Fae


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“Be Real – Be True – Be Honest – BE YOU.”

With Peace, Love and Light.
❤Namaste – Infinite blessings

Destiny Fae

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Inspire Destiny

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The ART of being RAW!

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The ART of being RAW!!

What can you learn from those clumsy days you feel you are stumbling through?


Hahaha! So sometimes we are a bit out of wake and need to give ourselves some TLC, or just be more present. What is the Universe telling you?


The Art of Being Authentic – Huffington Post

“As I listened to the conversation and shared my own thoughts I realised there was a word that united all of us in what we were sharing and would unite all our sessions, and that is the word ‘authenticity’. Each one of us, in different ways, made reference to the best communicators being the ones who are authentic; the people who are genuine in their reasons for speaking, or their desire to connect with their audience. The ones who don’t put on a front, but who are true to their reason for communicating.”

Some Great Books on Authenticity




A drop in the ocean,
An expression,
So real.
A persecuted fault,

Feeling unworthy,
Not always vibing,
Of being seen.

To be alone.
How to move,

The desire,
To hide away.
A fear, of unknown.
Breeding, not enough.

Release, surrender.
Allow, to be undone.
See the truth.
The courage,
To face.

Real deep love,
Allow it to stay.
Needed, silence,
And quite.

Being seen,
A hard truth,
May reveal.
Beating deep,
Below the steel.

Look out,
From the cage,
You built.
Freedom waits.
Release the seal.

Opened heart,
A softened state.
You are loved.
No matter,
Your rate.

Know your worth,
For living still.
Shed, the false,

© 2016 Cynthia Jauch
A Symphony of Words

Bless – Ma Halo Malo Ma Halo

Check out: Traveller Destiny –  Xmas Magic – Power of YOUGrowth from the Journey$1 a HUGAs the Phoenix rises from the Ashes:  and Inspire Destiny – New Earth NOWGenerosity and Giving, Caring CommunityOur Time is NOW!!!

“Be Real – Be True – Be Honest – BE YOU.”

With Peace, Love and Light.
❤Namaste – Infinite blessings

Cynthia Jauch

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New Earth NOW

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New Earth NOW:

Many would dispute the idea and claim that we are NOW in a “New Earth”. What has changed? What is new? Why do you think that? or you may say that is some “New Age” junk and I am crazy, let me explain myself:

I have been in a huge state of preparation, for the past several years, re awakening to my feelings, psychic abilities, gifts and taking a path of radical self love, travel and throwing myself in the deep end to grow. There has been many known things on this journey, mostly from inner knowing and experience, I have had since my youth (including dreams and visions), which has only gotten stronger. More and more experiences have begun to prove these knowings, from other people having experiences, research and science proving things with Quantum Mechanics and Physics and other more modern and universal sciences.

As I opened myself to more understanding and connection to “Source Creator/Spirit“, more messages came through me, visions and blue prints for “New Earth” a Utopian world, which we are getting closer to seeing. Our mothers vibrations are rising with ours, we will begin to see more and more of these “New Earth” energies and realities and we allow our inner world to become more new and pure, through raising our own vibrations, surrendering to the support we have, the new information and experiences on how to better us, in love and peace and how to be part of a more sustainable ways of life, in HARMONY with the spheres.

Our MOTHER, a great and caring being, GAIA is the HEART – Sacred Heart of our solar system. EARTH – HEART (Move the H to the beginning of “earth” and it is “heart”)

Ascendo Sphere: “When your heart and your earth will be one singular field, and not two opposites of the same dual coin, the promise of heaven will be fulfilled. That, beloved creators, was the original concept of heaven when you created it and put it in your DNA”

We are energy beings first and foremost, the rest is an illusion of matter. We are one and the same with GAIA, in a Macro and Microcosm, when we harmonious vibe with her, ALL become flowing in EASE and GRACE.

Our Collective Energy bodies and consciousness, collect in the Sun and we have our own inner “Central Sun” for our Power and warmth.

Check out some Prophecies for our time, here:

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An Article on New Earth: New Earth Circle of Light

What Will Happen After January 28, 2017??? The Effects Of Yin Energy on Our Hearts

“The portals this month (1, 10,11,19 and 28 January) dates related to the fractal type circuits of purification and vibrational raising are doing to us a great decompression work that enables us to get out of the cave without getting blinded.

For sure the transition will not go unnoticed. We will enter the land of the HEART, an unfamiliar landscape to many and will trigger many healings linked to love and relationships (family, friendship, love) that will affect a large number of us.”

“New EARTH”: (Channelled Message) 7th December (By Destiny Fae)

My Darlings,

NOW is the time, OUR TIME, NOW is ALL the time, NOW we are shifting, waking and moving faster, we have more power, resources, awareness and strength than ever before. WE have the knowing within our hearts, you feel the changes ALL around..

If you are for this please comment YES below (I am taking note for some new and current projects and want to know who is interested)

What can you do NOW?
What is your mission and life purpose?
How are you offering your gifts, service and self to this world?
Are you ready to be all that you are?
How can you be supported in your role?
What guidance or healing do you require?

ALL of this will be DONE and ANSWERED.

Will you give me some of your time? To share, to see, to shift your current perspective, to a world of magic, love, laughter and joy?

New is never really new, this new is old, very ancient, it is somewhat different but more evolved, as the cycles of perfection and circular nature of the universe passes through a time again of peace, of balance, of harmony, of restoration to unconditional love, to inner strength, to fun, play, to connection to all multidimensional realms, to all aspects of self in integration, through ALL above and below.

We need not force, fight, fix, but simply BE and allow our true presence and divinity to show, BE present and grounded in the truth of the moment, the NOW, where all power to shift, change and evolve exists.

You are amazing, powerful, ready, evolving, effortlessly. Remove the illusion of lack, for in the world unfolding in NEWness to what we know outside, the WISDOM and TRUTH from within us trickles out.

We will be BALANCED in our Masculine and Feminine, we will know, understand and embody unconditional LOVE, you will experience the feeling of being in UNITY and connectivity to ALL.

The honour and respect rises, to the Stone Nation, Plant Nation, Devic Nation, Elemental and Angelic Nations, to all the Hue-Man Nations of this EARTH, all the galactic Nations and Federations.

This Planet will be known as a Planet of FREEDOM, (please shift your disbelief and programs of old, for a brief moment to imagine), you inner child will be healed, your ego will feel integrated, ALL acceptance, LOVE and respect will exist within all, in the re-balanced, Harmony of the Spheres, Our Mother will return to her true form of beauty and GRACE.

We will reunite with our STARRY FAMILIES and Homes, we will remember our pasts, our infiniteness and DIVINITY…..


A land of plenty, laughter and joy. ALL things in unison creating and co creating in EASE and GRACE, for the greater of this PLANET/GODDESS mother GAIA and for the collective Galaxy and U-in-VERSE (Universe)……..

The Vibrations of our collected parts will rise, sing and feel euphoria, for our natural state of BeingNESS will be restored. (This is prophesied) – The EARTH will HEAL and RISE, as within we will be complete, our DNA restored and the imbalances will be cleansed and washed away. Our many bodies in BALANCE, and so the outer too.

We wont see separation in anything, We will know GODS love, the unconditional, inner and outer. Manifestation will happen rapidly, we will become to understand our origins, our TRUTH and Connecedness to GOD, the CREATOR the ALL. We will get along, we will work together for the greater collective.

Pain will not be a thing, disease will not be a thing, we will KNOW the cures, the ways to heal, WE will build, create and share amazingness and splendour, our ancestors will be heard, the lessons of past KARMA released, WE will know PEACE on EARTH again.

FREE from rage, from hate, from the false Duality…….
Seek within, your stillness, your truth,
FOR ALL things are of the same DIVINITY. ALL things equal in LOVE……

WE are all related…..
This YOU know inside….
The real YOU, your soul spark…
Knows this vision. Knows the path we are ALL on….

(Do you share this vision??????)


– Sustainability in products, services, resources, relationships, actions and exchanges.
– Many Eco-Villiages and Communities
– Shared Ancient Wisdom and Knowledge.
– Empowered Education and training resources.
– New, Empowered, Creative, Fun and Transparent ways to exchange energy.
– Ways to PLAY and CREATE in balance, unity and sustainability with others.
– Healthy ways to connect, interact and support of one another.
– Health, Well being, Vitality accessible to ALL.
– Food, Water, Housing for everyone.
– Loving, Compassionate and Ethical business, Work and exchanges.
– Everyone doing things for the LOVE of it, and for the JOY of it.
– Support of the EARTH and ALL beings inhabited.

(Projects, Education, Resources to do this already exist for all of the above and will soon grow and trickle to everywhere)

= Allow connection and collaboration of all resources, ideas, gifts, services and come together.
= Choose your HEART.
= Release the FEAR.
= EMBRACE your Uniqueness
= JOIN a movement, mission, a community, a collective of creation for NEW EARTH.
= Be Present to NOW.
= Feel, BE, LOVE, open your inner EYE.
= Visualize and FEEL this TRUTH.

((((If you are for this please comment YES below (I am taking note for some new and current projects and want to know who is interested))))

“We are the midwifes- The NEW EARTH is being BORN within US ALL.” – Cynthia Jauch

So much gratitude for you ALL from the depths of my BEING to yours, my sacred and beloved relations.

On New Years eve I Grounded “New Earth” energies with my quantum selves (and I am sure many others), in meditation at Mount Shasta California (Earth Chakra Vortex and Connection to Hawaii and Lemuria), through massive guidance I went up the mountain before midnight and the year crossed over. In meditation I was shown a Crystal Castle and Rainbow Bridge, I beleive it was to Agartha.

HAPPY #NEWEARTH #2017 – A 1 Year for Oneness and Unity

Thank you so much for all the love and blessings from all over the world. I love you all so much and you helped me ground the higher frequencies into GAIA, to bring upon a new cycle, new earth, new vibration, new light and new age.
I feel so blessed for all those in my life, for the immense galactic presence on mount Shasta last night and for those who aided me in remembering more of what I embody.
So grateful to GAIA for holding it down, to Shasta and Shastina for welcoming me. For the continued support and abundance and all ways for my epic and magical journey for all my projects progressing and for the felt love, appreciation and multitude of rewards for walking this path in faith with spirit and all my spiritual guides and assistance.
For the knowing and assistance in massive clearing of my vessel to hold the higher energies, to connect to my quantum selves all over the planet in different time lines, to connect to and embody the rainbow bridge and share with my Earth and galactic Ohana.
For all those holding the vibration for Gaia, for the new energy, for advanced peace, love and light on the planet and reflected into the infinite cosmos.
For all my relatives in the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms, for the aid of the Devic, Angelic and Spirit Kingdoms. For the guardians and warriors of peace. To the safe and easy release of all that does not serve the highest gift of unity and love of our creator.

 Ma halo – Ma halo – Ma halo

(Hawaiian for Thank you deeply)
So much gratitude for the experience of this and all to come in this magical and marvellous year and to share this beautiful freedom planet with you all.
Facebook post (from 5th January)
When the 4am wake up call from SPIRIT continues: “The New Earth is HERE and NOW. You are a part of it’s birthing, what are you doing asleep this time of day? Let the feelings, ideas and Manifestations FLOW and EVOLVE
I have been in a deep state of Hibernation, healing, grounding, integrating and grounding new energies (listening to that guidance, to retract from social media, technology and drama): intuitively being prepared and waiting patiently for the signs to proceed at a much higher and rapid level.
After the past few days at Mount Shasta (In California, Massive energy portal and entrance to inner Earth), I know spirit wants me NOW, all the new ideas, upgrades and signs of alignment and fertility ALL in place.
Have you been experiencing signs, encouragement and ideas, to STEP UP and BE a greater embodiment and STEP into ALL that you are?
The time is NOW and we are in the perfect place and being supported on all levels. This world wants what you got, your soul wants to share and connect with you more deeply.

I want to see you truth, your shine and your rawness.

We are all coming together, so rapidly, new support, new ideas, new actions and new ways.

WE ARE in the NEW EARTH now, let yourself feel it please.

GAIA and SPIRIT are whispering to you gently, waiting for you to hear them.
An interesting Video I saw which got me thinking:

We are ONE, we are LOVE, we are NEW, we are the NOW, we are the “New Earth”. – Cynthia Jauch

We are the PHOENIX risen from the ashes.


A few months ago the newness and awe I felt for life and adventure:

“Never hide your inner brilliance, bliss, freedom, fun and innocence. Each new day is a rising from the ashes” – Cynthia Jauch

As I gaze up at the magical stars, reflecting over and integrating all that has passed the last few months, I see the Golden crescent moon and remember last night, I was in Heaven, my bliss, nothing can hold me down, Dancing as a free flying bird above, sharing space with the spirit world on under the glaze of the moon lit night, silent to the on looking, a party of paradise in my head. Despite all the challenges in my path the months passed, merged with the most extraordinary magic, mystery and transformation on all levels, it as amazing to just be in my space of free expression, a perfect harmony of moving with and merging into the vibration of sound,
The dull hue of the night and lunar’s watch, the occasional passing of a wanderer, early morning from a night out, I was in my own world, a world where I was empowered, to express and move, to feel sensual and totally liberated and free, my primal nature taking over as I surrendered to my bliss, I was hot and cold, I was rising higher, to bliss and new awareness. To give in to our full POWER, our inner desire to be strong in joy and expression, to not feel guilt or weight, to be as free as a child and be as wild but innocent,
I so deeply, feel a strong and powerful honour for my journey, to learn, understand and experience all that I do on my mystical and magical journey, tonight the moon and stars are my message, to let my inner phoenix free, burn with heat, howl at the moon and connect deeply to soul, spirit, freedom, liberation and all in existence. This was the best way to spend my final night in Phoenix Arizona, before journeying to one of my major destinations on my long pilgrimage and I made some lovely new friends, drawn to my free bird dancing and blissful energy.

We are transforming each new moment.


Magic is in every moment..

To the beginning of a wonderful and peaceful cycle of “New Earth” 2017.

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New Earth Nation:


“The new earth nation portal is the centre of coordination for the self-organisation of new earth nation by you its members.
we offer a central networking platform to all people to support the creation and development of sustainable, conscious communities and community initiatives, and invite people to join our global family of sovereign men, women, communities and nations”

Eckhart Tolle – New Earth:


FREE ebook of the above.


The world has woken up, GAIA has woken us up, we are rising in vibration we are now in the PHOENIX age and a Golden DAWN coming to be United and Soon to be 1000 years of PEACE, which has been prophesied by our ancestors. I am bringing together festival creators for a global Unity Festival Event this year and I am creating a Documentary “Inspire Unity” premiering at these festivals in September. The MOVEMENT.

Check out: Traveller Destiny –  Growth from the Journey$1 a HUGAs the Phoenix rises from the Ashes: , The Time has Come and Inspire Destiny – Generosity and Giving, Caring CommunityOur Time is NOW!!!

“Be Real – Be True – Be Honest – BE YOU.”

With Peace, Love and Light.
❤Namaste – Infinite blessings

Cynthia Jauch

Inspire Desiny
Intuitive, Coach, Healing Facilitator, Poetry, Writer, Speaker, Thought Leader and Visionary.

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Our Time is NOW!!!

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Our Time is NOW!!!

This morning…. I had a dream in a mildly lucid and half-awake state; it was almost a command to me to do something. I was writing and expressing an understanding of something, it was about urging people NOW, to wake up. To realize their innate divinity within and to start coming together in UNITY in any way which they CAN. To express and share my story and message to set a tone and cue for anyone waiting to be given this permission to be brighter  and to let their sparkle shine. There was an immense urgency in this dream, it never left when I awoke, thoughts of the pending planetary shifts with Super Moons, Orionid meteor shower and us easing closer to the center of the galaxy, such tension building for so much, and uploads of energy. It is never been more important to stand in your sovereignty and unity, be you and let your amazing self shine. It is the eve of the Rare Aries Super Moon promising lots of changes. If you are reading this, I know there is an important reason for it.

I am not begging although I feel I should be, I feel the pain of the people, the animals, to inner battles, the death, the toxins everywhere, I travel the world, I see it, there is such amazingness and then such destruction. The reality is, the destruction outside us is allowed to exist in abundance because we are letting it win the battle within us. We are looking outside ourselves, for distractions, for love, for safety, for protection and salvation. We only need to be saved from US, from the victimization of not stepping into our true and glorious divine birth right, to choose to create and be abundant, to allow the shackles to fall. I might sound righteous or preachy, that is OK, for within me I fight my own battle and know from my own inner work, that when I turn the light on within and I let my trueness and brilliance shine without fear, it awakens and affects another part of my external reality. For within us exists everything reflecting outside of us, as we transmute the suffering or negatives within, or find peace and integration for them, we become more unified, we marry within us, out masculine and feminine poles, we harmonize with the cosmos and the god and spirit within our worldly temple of the body.


“We are letting it win the battle within us”


So again I urge you to let your true and complete worthiness and special gifts shine, see the both poles, however good or bad you may view them, allow them and love them, let them be part of you as a whole, acceptance and love within of every part is the most profound and fastest way to transcending a perceived threat, attack or pain you believe to come from outside of you. We each harm ourselves much more within the confines of our own mind. We aren’t limited from outside, we have become limited from within us, to the understanding of allowing ourselves to be part of all that exists, to observe and allow, for who does not have imperfections to be righteous enough to judge another. For when we begin to see the ways in which we can love and serve more to us and then to the world, we can feel liberation of the fears and challenges of the external world.

“Create the you, who you wish to become, for all personality and looks are changeable, not for others, but for you.” – Cynthia Jauch

We are never defined by others views, prejudice, our society or our past experience and choices, at any given moment, when we choose the NOW we can make new choices, we can re define us at any moment. Who do you want to be? What do you want to do? What do you want to have?

Allow your true nature from within, your pure essence of love and unity to present it self, to guide you, to protect you, to nurture you and love you. Infinite bliss and pure creation is your birth right, you can re create and change and evolve, you can choose always in the NOW. To grow and evolve and see peace, harmony and balance.


Please realize your major creative and transformation ability, you have infinite potential, allow and embrace your magnificent beauty and balance of unity within you. Love and be for you, be your truest and most joyous you. Shed the pain and the illusion of suffering, observe the false you and breathe into the discomfort of releasing the synthetic to allow for integration and completion within and inner peace to return of unconditional love.

We can change the world we think we see, from within our temple. I know this is a nice thought and until you have your own experience of what I am referring to, it will be a challenge to really know and understand what I say, even if it sounds honest and makes sense. There have always been struggles in this world, through history, the battle of Kings, the battle of Sexes, the battle of Religions and Nations. But really we all hold this battle in our thoughts, souls, DNA and when we choose to let the battle fade away within us, then we can really embrace peace and harmony within our vessel and then be a catalyst for its manifestation in the world around us. NOW on the earth with all the apparent WAR threats and injustice, with the illusions and things seeming DOOM and GLOOM we hold the power within each of us to make a change, to be the change, to let fear sit in the back seat and be our best, to share our golden gifts, to serve in us and share outside, to be a leading light and pillar of BALANCE and UNITY in the world.

I am currently heading to Dakota in America, on a long mission and Pilgrimage, I have created a Gofundme campaign to allow for more resources to this base of the earth, there are Natives from all over the world gathering to stop the Construction of an Access Pipeline under the Dakota land and water, there are those of Dakota, Lakota and more, as well as people all over the world like myself coming together. To do my part it starts within me, to connect to my mission, my heart, to know my purpose and shine my light wherever I go. My mum was a great women, she daily asked what Jesus would do, a true legend, giving in every way she could every day, as I am her daughter I promised on her deathbed that I would live my life the same way, going wherever somewhere needed help, support, love, connection and guidance. My life has transformed since my mother passed on and I feel even still closer to her NOW, I know she had a grand mission to be that guiding light of love, to be the example for me to see happy, brave and loving single women, in the world reaching every soul she could. I am so grateful each and every day for my beautiful mother’s example, to be the light in the world. Below is a mass realization I had about something I felt I needed to change within, after my dream this morning, I felt I needed to take some time out for me to process a lot of what is happening in my life and the world and how I can better be a part of the positive future I can see and feel within my heart. I am in awe and thanks to each and every soul who crossed my path, preparing me and leading me to the place I am right now, feeling confident and courageous to be who I am and to not fear to be my brightest and lightest in the world. Please shine your light, within and let the love within you wash away all your pain and imbalance and be a bigger part of the masterpiece of life that you were born to be. Be all that you are!!!


“Sometimes when we shine brightly, it triggers many around us. They might see it as bad, but really you are doing them a favor. Don’t take on the trigger for you. Bless them and let their triggers go, as you have released your own.” – Cynthia Jauch

In a world full of suppression, a lot of the things that are coming out now are the things to be purged and released, both in us and others. Things can only be hidden and pushed down for so long, before they come out to be cleansed and released. Be your true self, don’t worry if others stuff comes up, protect yourself with your loving heart and rainbow. Hold your energy within your heart of the spiritual warrior.

Letting our hearts beat and vibe out to the world, like a ripple to cleanse and brighten. At first people won’t know how to respond, but the seed planted will allow them to let go, face their fears in time, surrender and find the love and truth within themselves.

You are hear to be a light, a warrior, a rainbow soul, a leader, a guardian, to be your best and to not let anyone inner struggles be a reason to doubt you and all you hold within right now, to shine, to rise and to feel joy and peace.

BE the trigger, BE the rainbow, BE the ripple of newness, BE YOU! as true and beautiful as you are. It is the greatest gift you can give to yourself and the rest of the U- in – verse.


(Realization today)
**That moment** when you are emotional and looking through photos of your mum and then, like a tonne of bricks a realization hits you:

About your Grandad, Father, Brother, Past Relationships and inner Masculine and how it has been playing out this cosmic duality battle ingrained in your DNA and inner pattern.

My inner masculine has been so disrespectful to my inner feminine, not letting her be sensitive and intuitive and be treated right by others for her nurturing and giving heart.

I have thought of this on a surface level, but after a deep meditation this morning, the actual seeing of all the patterns and physical playing out of this from within me was immense, I am feeling so happy and balanced NOW and have been able to effortlessly forgive my inner masculine and all those lovely souls outside me who physically played out this inner energetic imbalance.

I am grateful and forgive all those men who hurt me and took advantage of me, just giving me an opportunity to see what I was really doing inside. WOW! New things coming, new balance, new awareness, new peace and deeper inner love.

#awareness #balance #divinebalance #masculineandfemininebalance #polaritytounity #innerunity


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A Poem for a world needing us to Love unconditionally and Unite as one for ALL.

World in Chaos:

Fear, hate, pain..
Crying babies, it’s insane.
As we rise, we heal.
Within, we move the seal.

Opening to our potential,
creating a heaven, here.
Don’t look out.
Don’t hate what you see.

From within,
a torturous grief.
The sun will rise,
a new day.

Chance to ease,
an inner fray.
Use the time,
in peaceful contemplation.

We hold the power and the key,
For global harmony.
Take off your glasses,
the horror struck tint.

Our inner journey,
knows the way.
Create a unity, within.
Don’t delay.

Running will, further this,
Cosmic battle.
Must we keep,
such unnecessary hassle.

Please my family,
find some inner peace,
take off the illusion of shackles,
and release.

Look up to a new dawn,
of peace.
Beginning within you NOW.
It all starts in your heart.

The old will rise,
creating harmony.
Allow a rising of 4th to 5th.
Transcending the denseness,
of 3rd, fallen rift.

Look up and smile,
a connection always present.
Eternal in your, temple.
Find your truth, the real you soon.

I know within,
we can all win.
Sovereign being, so magnificent.
Reclaim your creative, right,
from birth.

Gaia calls us,
her children of light.
rising up,
to all take flight.

Move beyond the chaos,
We can create, and let it disappear.

© 2016 Cynthia Jauch
A Symphony of Words


“Be Real – Be True – Be Honest – BE YOU.”

With Peace, Love and Light.
❤Namaste – Infinite blessings

Cynthia Jauch

Intuitive, Coach, Healing Facilitator, Poetry, Writer, Speaker, Thought Leader and Visionary.

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