People will let you down!!

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Yep! It’s inevitable. Maybe not on purpose but, people will let you down. Best way to go about it, is to be mindful of your expectations. Even though you’re a good person and the world is abundant, people have their own struggles and what’s in your head doesn’t come into play with what’s in theirs. Sometimes you get caught in the cross fire of someone’s demons not being faced.
It will hurt more if you’re let down by some people but if you don’t allow your feelings and happiness to to be determined by anyone else’s actions and words, then they don’t have the power. It’s not to say you can’t trust anyone, just rely on yourself more and let everything else be a joyful bonus. Make sure to appreciate anything good others do and rejoice in your good fortune. Most things that others do in respect to you, should be filtered through their own perspective. Try to see their perspective and it makes more sense. Even good intentions can fail, people aren’t out to get you, most are out to get themselves and they don’t realize how that even effects others. If you’re truly happy and self reliant, it will wash over to how you treat others. This will also attract more people like that to you as a result of your awareness and you will see it in people more and be drawn to it.
If everyone but you was removed from your reality how would you feel? Probably at first lonely but as you got used to it, you would be forced to deal with your own demons and become more peaceful and accepting of yourself. Then when others are introduced you will become more aware of their unintentional choices that effect others. Time alone is important to grow, to reflect and to realize who you want to be in your journey and which journey you want to be on.
Don’t focus on what others need to change, that’s not your job and its a lose lose goal. Change what you want of yourself and that will change your surroundings and feelings of your reality.
Peace out and Be Well

🙏😊❤Infinite Blessings-Namaste🙏😊❤

“Be real, Be true, Be honest, BE YOU.”


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