Discord and tragedy

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In times of difficulty and discord around us, we must focus on loving ourselves and letting that flow over to the rest of the world, to help keep balance and move past certain tragedy.

Tragedy can be unstoppable, but what we can stop is our feelings of anger and hate making it worse. Feelings and words are powerful as is your amazing mind. Use it for good. We can all make so much difference to move forward with love and peace. Still take action but let it come from the heart and that will balance out the less loving actions of others.

Enjoy life in love and peace. It’s our birth right to be free and harmonic.

Peace to you all. Especially at the festive and celebratory time.


🙏😊❤Infinite Blessings-Namaste🙏😊❤

“Be real, Be true, Be honest, BE YOU.”

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