Respecting Your Sacred Temple

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Respecting Your Sacred Temple: The Gender Battle within and 10 Tips on Deeper Respect.


We all have goals to improve our body and we can all abuse it at times, but now is the time to change our attitude towards our body and how it supports us, give it the respect it deserves and work on some changes to create a thriving temple for our growth, wellness and fulfilling our potential in life.

Our bodies are the vehicles for our lives and how well and enjoyable we are experiencing our lives, how fulfilled and supported we feel and what we feel capable of doing.

There is a major imbalance in ourselves, in both waves of polar energy, both the masculine and feminine within us all, we fight within ourselves for the right to be heard and understood by both gender and through this fight we then fight with others of the opposite sex, which are triggering our inner battle.

 Old Paradigm for each Pole – How this may not be serving you.


Sexual property, being submissive, negative stigma of what is beauty, being seen as an object’s, feeling like we need to be as strong as men and do everything for ourselves, hormonal imbalances due to the pill and morning after pill, PMS myth – it is common but not healthy, impossible and unhealthy expectations around sex, not getting sexual satisfaction, being disrespected and hushed, told to calm down and belittled, not appreciated for your gentle, nurturing, intuitive and powerful nature, who you are attracted to.


These are a number of ways that the collective views and stigmas of gender and the temple of the body affect women today, it is very sad and something needs to change, but as women we need to take a stand and first start loving and nurturing ourselves and creating healthy boundaries, than sticking to them. So we create a new benchmark  for the collective and the other pole to step up.

My message to the Feminine:

Women know your divinity as a portal for creation. Your temple is sacred. Don’t let it be touched by those who don’t honour and respect your sacredness and splendour.
Love your body for the amazing tool it is for your life, experience and expression and never be ashamed of it or for only allowing the best for you and it.

Step into your divinity: 



Needing to be  Macho, must have muscles, needs to want sex and lead, porn, told to be emotionless and toughen up, extra pressure to provide and support a family and get a house, fight for your country, make something of yourself, get a good job,  keep it together for everyone else, work hard, pay for dinner, open doors, be romantic, being dominating, acting like you don’t care, who you are attracted to, not feeling respected for working hard and feeling you can’t do what you want to wind down.

These are a number of ways that the collective views and stigmas of gender and the temple of the body affect men today,  the way men get pressured into having to be so macho and emotionless robots and slaves is unfair and outdated, both of the genders want to be able to provide and share different roles, the promotion of porn and how it negatively and unrealistically gives young men the view of how to treat women and the illusion that this is what women want to be aroused and desired as sex objects, they are too naive to realise the lies, this is also a way to create negative views of the feminine energy inside them, that it will be abused and is not allowed to be shown. This all needs to change, now is the time to take back the power to educate and love ourselves without anger, lust, abuse and egotistical ideals of a patriarchal and matriarchal society.

My message to the Masculine:

Man know your divinity as a force of creating and protecting. Your temple is sacred. Don’t let it be touched by those who don’t honour and respect your sacredness and splendour.
Love your body for the amazing tool it is for your life, experience and expression and never be ashamed of it or feel forced to do something that does not feel right and noble to do. Be the one to step up and open your heart, don’t fear the views of others. Embrace your inner self and power to be balanced. Allow your good qualities to be honoured and respected.

Step into your divinity: 



“Love both parts of your soul, the male and female, we each hold both poles within, allow balance and utilise the gifts both energies hold within” – Cynthia Jauch

“As we go through life we begin to notice different parts of ourselves, sometimes the collective view of the duality in us and imbalance can make it hard for us to accept and use both parts.

The battle of the sexes and other dualities is that of the battle within us all, when we can see and experience this we begin to find a way for peace for both energies to live within our temple and they learn to work as one.

Over time we can learn how to harmonize with both songs and vibrations of the energies that exists within all of us, this creates an imaging and perfect feeling of wholeness and empowerment and affects our outer world and the way we connect and engage with other energies around us.”


We all need to take responsibility for our own healing and that means both pole within us, there is too many battles of the sexes and it does start within, but we need to as a whole come together and apologise and forgive and see our part in the whole, to grow, evolve and create more harmony. The devastation’s in the world today is a direct effect to the cause of unhealed wounds within us, it will continue until we each take our part to step up, be our best, love ourselves first and take loving actions for our temple and our path ahead.

Healing is a journey of commitment to see the wounds in our triggers and then nurture ourselves to heal them, to have gratitude to those who allowed us to see, to explore ourselves with love and grow this love consistently. It is important to allow for Unity within us and allow this for the collective.


10 Tips to really respect your temple:

1. Power of your thoughts:

Thinking nice thoughts and saying kind words about it, no matter what you don’t like, you will change and improve how it looks by loving, accepting and nurturing this part of your body, this will promote confidence, higher vibrations to create shifts and changes.

Meditation or contemplation in silence and stillness:

This is all part of thought and mastery of the mind, the mind is a part of you connected to your temple and enables you to be aware to create balance in your body by how our thoughts affect our physical matter and the emotions and actions they cultivate.

“Through inner reflection and stillness of mind and body, all fears can be overcome, all problems solved and all things created” – Cynthia Jauch

2. Nourish through nature:

Ground with bare feet and go to forests, mountains and the beach or water bank, connect to it as much as you can, hugging trees, sitting on grass, climbing mountains, swimming in the water (very cleansing for your body and aura, releasing a buildup of toxic thoughts and emotions), make sure to thank the land for its healing energy and show respect to it. Get out in the sun and  breathe deeply. Thus allowing all the elements that are in you to be replenished by those outside.

3. Move how you Love:

Whether it be dancing, skipping, yoga, running, martial arts, sports, cycling, swimming, skateboarding or anything that gets you consistently moving, allowing your body to move in a way you enjoy, promotes wellness and balance. Movement is number 4 of 7 things we need to survive and thrive as beings, it even comes before eating. When we move our bodies we allow energy to shift and to learn and grow ourselves in new ways, feeling stronger and more empowered to achieve more.

3. Conscious Eating:

The food we eat is both fuel and medicine to the body, so naturally if we feed it poison and toxins it will eventually shut down, slow down and have no way to build back up again. Our bodies are amazing to heal and evolve but when they are too overloaded with things they have not been designed to consume they become incapable of fulfilling their potential. Conscious eating means to tune in and know what your body needs, to create balance, and to not give it the things that make it feel sluggish and unwell, most allergies and mental health challenges have direct links to food, especially ADHD in children and other conditions that are growing rapidly in our culture and society, the common theme in this is the food we eat is getting worse. Until we take responsibility for our bodies and show them love we can not expect them to respond with love to us.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” – Hippocrates

 4. Self Love:

With this one comes a whole plethora of things including all of the above, but for deeper love we must see ourselves as we are and choose to accept even the flaws, to hold unconditional love of self, to learn what the self is and first we must learn what the self isn’t. A choice must be made to take regular action to love self, part of this is knowing your boundaries and not letting you or anyone else neglect what you rightfully deserve in the way of respect, appreciation, acknowledgement and joy. Doing things that you love regularly, being creative, finding a space for healing, connecting with other like people and being nurturing when things are tough, giving yourself that time to process and grow and sticking to the boundaries and values you hold dear to you, speaking your truth and holding your ground in love. Self Love is one of the key things to create positive shifts in you and your life.

“Don’t forget to fall in love with yourself first” – Carrie Bradshaw

5. Self Care:

This includes hygiene, the toxicity of the products you use, drinking enough water, educating yourself on what is best for you, trusting your intuition and what is right for you, creating regular practices that care for the bodies needs, like healing, extra time out, knowing when you need to get into nature, making sure you have enough sleep and rest for what your day will need energetically. It is no one else responsibility to care for us but us. We need to understand others will not treat us better than we treat ourselves.

6. Sacred Sex:

For me this means only engaging in any sexual act when it is out of love and respect, in a way that is for the intimacy and connection of both parties who are committed and love each other, sex is naturally sacred but our views and attitudes of it has been so twisted that it has become a tool for quick pleasure and lust in which degrades it and all involved. If you are seeking sex as an escape eventually you will have to stop and heal and take responsibility, either through an STD’s, STI’s or pregnancy. Sex is meant to be an act of love, but with so much of the skewed views and attitudes that have been influencing us, people are scared to be seen and open up to being real, raw and vulnerable. Sex is so much better when sacredness and honour is involved, where two souls are connecting to feel unified and spiritually alive and grow.


7. Your Associations:

The people you surround yourself with are a big indicator of how you will respect yourself and your temple, you are a part of that temple and if those around are not loving, respecting and nurturing themselves, chances are you will become someone who isn’t. We are naturally affected by those around us unless we choose to totally close off and not have anyone around, which can be harmful to our mental and physical health. Choose people to be around who love and respect their bodies, they will encourage you and treat you right and you will grow and evolve even more, you will feel happier and more connected to your soul and integrated and grounded in your temple.

8. Choose THRIVE:

This is key to aligning yourself to do all of these things mentioned, you must change your thoughts and beliefs and actions to THRIVE, to grow, to be nourished, to be supported and to excel, to not settle for OK, or GOOD. In our current society and health system, the goal is to be OK. WHY should we just be OK? Shouldn’t we want to be amazing? As best as we can be? As best as we can feel? YES we should. So choose to thrive, believe it with every part of your being, you can thrive, you will thrive, know it, show it and allow it.

9. Get good at saying NO!:

It is not often easy to say NO, and I don’t mean to opportunities, I mean keep your boundaries firm and don’t give yourself away to those who don’t respect and appreciate you, those who want you for what you can give them and will attempt to manipulate you and talk down to you so they can get what they want. It is good for us to learn to say NO to us also for those things that we know in our soul are not for our highest good. Having balance is important, so be conscious about the things you are asked and see the benefit for you, of saying “YES” or “NO” and always trust your gut.

10. Commit to Personal Growth and Authenticity.

We can become so used to the person we think we are and then we can lose the meaning and passion in life, to really treat our souls and temples as sacred we must keep moving forward to grow expand and set new intentions, get out of our comfort zones and feel liberated and excited for the newness and the person we become. It is not always an easy task becoming authentic there is a lot of ourselves we did not see, and as we do we must use our self love to grow with nurture and care. When we become more authentically us, we align ourselves to those things that are true to our heart, our values and our true path and potential.


“As we go through life, what we see is us, the parts sometimes we refuse to see. Don’t hide from your shadow, love it and let it integrate into you as a whole.” – Cynthia Jauch

Those things from others that trigger us are from within us, the anger, frustration, resentment, struggle, it comes from deep within us, something they do, has just brought it to the surface. When we become more aware of ourselves and our stuff we begin to see this, we can then observe, learn to love and heal these parts of us and thank the other person for this awareness.

We than can rise above our inner battle and feel more centred and empowered to be our true authentic selves and let our gifts shine, showing all parts of ourselves with confidence. We are amazing and fascinating creatures, all our different bodies, physical, emotional, mental, astral and more. We are multi-dimensional and connected to all.

Our inner state vibrates out into the universe to attract what we need to learn and remember, so we can rid ourselves of our inner battle, pain and false guilt of our existence.


To a future of peace within, nourishing our sacred temples and respecting each other with, love, compassion, nurture and kindness.

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“Be Real – Be True – Be Honest – BE YOU.”

With Peace, Love and Light.
❤Namaste – Infinite blessings

Cynthia Jauch

Intuitive, Coach, Healing Facilitator, Poetry, Writer, Speaker, Thought Leader and Visionary.

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