Faith in the unknown.

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Faith is not an easy thing, even if you have so much faith in something for so long, it can all change in an instant. 

Life is always changing and challenging us, every time we think we have it figured out, it throws a curve ball to knock us off our high horse and challenges our faith and knowledge of what is true.

Finding it once again becomes the best journey and growth of our lives, to throw our own ego and uncertainties out the window and have room to see the door, that’s been awaiting,our entrance through it, back to peace, comfort and divinity. 

Faith in the unknown: we try to have all the answers at times, like to have certainty and proof, but really none of us can know if anything we comprehend as human beings is total accuracy of the truth, while we are still only one perspective of the universe and others. 

Having faith in anything can hold so much power and force and the lack of it can be devastating to motivation, productivity and growth. As we all walk our own path losing faith leaves us lost and alone but we can always take the leap and find it again, while scary as hell the risk of not getting it back and staying stagnant can be a much worse fate. 

Wishing you all the courage in the world to leap for the stars and let the moon catch your fall and embrace you with love. 

🙏😊❤Infinite Blessings-Namaste🙏😊❤

“Be real, Be true, Be honest, BE YOU.”



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