A voice to the Broken:

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A voice to the Broken:

Dear child, you amazing wonder.
You have given, you have held your head up high. That love in you, never ceasing.

They throw rocks, for you are different. They do not understand. Your brightness shows their shadows. For which they fear to see. And hurting you is hurting them. For avoiding that which they trust not be.


Dear child, you are lighting the way. Your inner beauty, reaches far. Your heart, your soul, your strengths, your goal. They will struggle with your shine. Don’t pity them, don’t let them dim your light. Your perfect path and loving heart, a brilliance in this time.

Be brave now, be calm, you are watched over still. The memories of who you are, will wash over and protect you.


Dear child, let those tears cleanse, let the passion of the river flow. To wash away the darkness, for what they’ll never know. You are so spectacular, something some struggle to see, for the glare you cast, makes them squint for your object gets obscured.

You are backed, you are worthy, don’t listen to their screams. They know not what they do. For it but all they know. The false world lures them in, they struggle with their professed sin.


Dear child, let your heart break open, let the wounds be healed, your journey has been weary, the weather sometimes dreary. Let nature warm you with her love and let your comfort be. For every moment passing, holds a message and a key.

Let the old be theirs, for we are here for the new. Don’t follow in the squabble, remember you are so truly true. That infinite within, you taste on your lips. For your true parent of the soul, will always let you know.


Dear child, you will move through this space and time, the suffering but temporary. The reality will shift, your purpose opening to your path. Your inner star let lose. For your purest when it’s dark outside. For sights of glorious splendor.

Don’t worry for their struggle, they will have their time. They have their path to walk. Which is never to fall on you. For always know your heart, for their you are forever true.


💜Namaste-infinite blessings 💜

Cynthia Jauch
Intuitive, Coach, Healing Facilitator, Poetry, Writer, Speaker, Thought Leader and Visionary. 💗😊

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