Apology and Forgiveness

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To say you’re sorry isn’t easy, admit your error and be genuine, accept some kind of failure and allow yourself to be vulnerable. Most of us avoid this, some like the plague. How ever it is so powerful and liberating to finally be honest and admit fault and try to correct your error of hurting another person. It takes a lot of courage.


When someone shows remorse and is truly sorry, like magic the weight lessons. As if something or someone is now helping you carry the load. We all deep down want to do right, sometimes circumstances of pain, confusion and despair make it harder to know what is right for us in the moment and making ourselves feel good first is a habit that takes time to go away. As we apologize an unconscious expectation is for the other to forgive us but sometimes this doesn’t happen and the cycle can then begin again, pain, confusion, discomfort and we may lash out.

True forgiveness is not always easy, sometimes it takes time to realize and release the negative attachment. As long as we hold on to it we hold ourselves back from peace. The dark energy of pain, hatred, revenge, powerlessness, blame and defence keeps us in this negative hole, replaying and repeating the pattern. The energy increases and manifests in physical pain, illness, stress, discord with others. We see more things to be annoyed at in people we care about, we become the victims of our thoughts and actions and project this and our stories into our reality.


“Forgiveness: Is the intentional and voluntary process by which a victim undergoes a change in feelings and attitude regarding an offence, lets go of negative emotions such as vengefulness, with an increased ability to wish the offender well.”
reference: Wikipedia, forgiveness.


I believe we all have the strength, we are all made in love and all were created to love and are loved unconditionally. It’s natural and all in nature to crave touch, respect, comfort, trust and loyalty, even though we aren’t always able to fulfil this. We all make mistakes, it’s part of learning and growing as beings but each new day is a chance to embrace our immense strength and courage. To show ourselves and others what we are made of and that love in us and out of us will prevail. That love transcends all and there is more than enough in the universe to sustain everyone and everything, the power, joy, healing and enormity, thus which created our planet and ancestors. It’s beyond a feeling, a pattern, a purpose, a desire; it encompasses all good or bad. No darkness can harm you in the light of love once you allow it, to once again flow through you and around you.


To everyone I’ve ever hurt or done harm to intentionally or unintentionally, from the bottom of my heart I am sorry and to anyone who has done me harm both aware and unaware I honestly and humbly forgive you and set us all free from the chains of this negative and dark energy and emotion.


Is there anyone you need to apologise to or forgive? How could you do this? They don’t always even need to know what it’s for or acknowledge it. We will still start the healing for both involved.


“Be Real, Be True, Be Honest, Be YOU.” xx

#forgive #saysorry ❤

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