Inner Strengths

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Inner Strengths:

It is obvious the strength I am going to discuss comes from within, but I also want to talk about us having unique strengths that set up our foundations to overcome any challenges we are faced with and I would like to give you my Top 5 Inner Strength Tips as well.


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“When we think we have hit rock bottom, we just decide we are not letting things get any worse and we begin to use our inner power for what we are here to do.” – Cynthia Jauch

“In times of immense stress and challenge, we begin to see things from a place of being humble, from a looking up point, seeking truth and answers. We start to question why? and we want to know what to do? We look inside ourselves to find the strength and fire to get up and be better.

All life has ups and downs and through the downs we find a new appreciation for when the storm calms and the rainbow comes out. Use the intense emotions and drive to create a transformation within you. You are great, you will do great things, finding courage to be the brilliant being you are.

The bottom is a chance to re create yourself and your life, a new life, a new you, a new day, you can start again at any point, become who you want to be, who you feel you are deep inside. There is only a view of going up from the bottom. It is in each step in any direction we take, that begins a journey. Sometimes one journey ends and a new chapter to your life will begin.

Celebrate the new and allow the mourning of the old you to drift away, like the stormy clouds, allowing the true colors of your inner rainbow to come out and bring a smile and joy to you once again.”

With consistent effort and flow even water can create big marks into stone and heavy and hard objects, so when we consistently use our strengths we are utilising a more powerful force.


 My Top 5 Inner Strength Tips are:

1. Know Your inner Strengths

Learn your inner strength by doing some souls searching and know your foundation to achieve success for you even if you have many challenges in life. Sit in quiet and allow your strengths to arise, write them down.

2. Shift Your Mind

Always create and cultivate a mind shift and tool for you easy to use, to feel any hard feelings and move through them and learnt the lessons as quickly as possible, mindset and attitude is everything when it comes to inner strength. Examples are: Have a gratitude practice or Have a 1 minute of victim ritual (let yourself feel down and sorry for only 1 minute and then get back to everything else happy and released)

3. Celebrate and Enjoy your Strengths

Take regular time to use your strengths share them, feel good about them and do nice things for yourself for having them, the collection of gifts and inner strengths are unique to you.

4. Use them Often

Create a time doing something you enjoy that uses your inner Strengths regularly. So schedule time daily, weekly or fortnightly growing this strength, like a muscle.

5. Pair your Strength together.

When you can use your strengths all together it allows you to have them as a lot more powerful, this will boost your confidence to tackle any challenge and get amazing results in your life and goals.


Spiritual Growth- Inner Strength >>>

Most people are not are not born with inner strength, but it can be developed.

Inner strength consists of willpower, self discipline, self control, persistence, detachment and the ability to concentrate. In this article we will focus on two of the ingredients, willpower and self discipline, which are important and essential tools for success in all areas of life, and which can be learned and strengthened like any other skill.”

So what are you waiting for?

Get your inner strength on, get inspired, get passionate, get motivated.

Inner Strength Motivation Video

Bless – Ma Halo Malo Ma Halo

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“Be Real – Be True – Be Honest – BE YOU.”

With Peace, Love and Light.
❤Namaste – Infinite blessings

Cynthia Jauch

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