Sex, Love and New Paradigm Union

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Sex, Love and New Paradigm Union:

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I think the old paradigm male/female connection and synthetic and ego relationships needs to be shed, it doesn’t suit most people (hence all the: fights, gender battles, abuse and cheating) but most people don’t question it to create something new.
I now will only enter into a Sacred Soul Union  with someone, and only engage in Sacred Sex.
But I now know what I want with clarity.
I couldn’t get it before I knew of the opposite. All my actions will be aligned to only accepting these things into my world as possibilities.
Get Clear, Learn what you don’t want, Labels of the old and common way don’t work for most people.


We are worth the joy, bliss, expansion, infinite and unconditional love.
A lot of stigma comes along with the titles of girlfriend, marriage and relationship, this will affect you and the other person you verbally and/or written contract with for connection. Does this serve your highest good? Or is it what we have been told is the only way to connect, engage and be intimate with another person?
There is always choices and we have the power to create our lives and ourselves in any way we choose. Who are we really? 

I choose unconditional love, freedom, sacred and divine deep connection, total respect, expression and conscious expansion and growth with any other person I decide to merge my soul with.
I urge if only to think about this, for a little while and ask yourself why you want so badly to follow a tradition that limits you, makes you owned, makes you wish to resist, creates conflict, a potential for hurt and betrayal, devalues your infinite soul and sacred temple and makes you feel guilted into it.

Sex and relationships are not even about love anymore, they become about what people can get, through finances, things, kids, time, gifts, attention and validation of them as to feel like they are worthy to exist and be loved. But we all are worthy.
Love begins within and you won’t be happy and truly connected to another soul or being until you learn to do it within yourself.

Now I am not saying don’t get married if you wish to, but from the things I have learnt of observing myself, my ego, my insecurities, doing massive healing on all levels, self love and dream therapy work I have started to see where a new way can be needed for me. The old does not fulfil me and what my soul is craving for.

The final decider to share my new clarity on what I really want in a connection and partnership with someone has come after having four and a half years mostly single and for nearly two years of that time I was celibate as I was unable to climax after some time in a relationship and not feeling trust or intimacy. I was in the normal relationships from the age of 17-24 all but about 5 months of my adult life was I free to be me, learn about me and do what I wanted. I always ended up bored and feeling trapped and like I had lost myself to the other person and their needs and wants, which was always a choice. But after a 5 year relationship that ended and I left with hardly anything after working for 4 years at a job I hated in order to make a family home and have a fair relationship, I was angry and I realized while in India several years later, all the daddy issues come up, but it wasn’t just my daddy, it was the masculine energy, I had mutated my own masculine and shunned it, and any male to me was untrustworthy and would break my heart after getting my trust or use me for sex, which I was usually very clever to avoid.

After hitch hiking around Australia in April, I was more aware of myself and my sexuality and desires, I was more balanced in both energies, I had learned to become vulnerable and intuitive and nurturing and also powerful, creative, protective and supportive. I was falsely led into a guy’s place under the pretenses that he liked me, he appeared to be a spiritual guy wanting to be genuine. I fell for a lie, he then proceeded to manipulate me and kicked me out of his bed after saying he can’t offer me more than sex, he spent hours seeming uninterested after I arrived and I was happy to just hang out. But then when he kissed me and stopped and said “I can’t offer you more.” I was confused, for one I didn’t know him that well, so I was silly to be there in the first place, but we had met before and had many mutual spiritual and kind friends. After I said I was ok either way, since I was actually tired and just wanted to go to sleep, he said I will set up the couch for you. I was shocked and started thinking “Oh my god, no one has ever thrown me out of their bed”, but it got worse, he than text me and told me to come back, I said no and after many messages he came and grabbed my hand and took me outside with a blanket to have sex under the stars, I felt shocked and I didn’t stop him. Why? and than while we were having sex, I realized something in my new awareness. I wasn’t in my body, I actually realized I am not usually in my body, I start making noises and they think I am enjoying myself, but I total disassociate not feeling intimacy or connection of the soul level, my soul protected me.

On some level this was sexual abuse, how ever I learnt something and I will not go into pressing charges, I am happy to raise awareness for other men and women who have been manipulated like this as I know many have, but the issues for this goes much deeper. Some people see this as OK, that this is the norm and our culture, so many fear commitment, when really they just want Soul Mate or our Twin Flame and don’t know how to go about it, or creating true intimate and soul connections. We are not taught how to connect to ourselves, we are taught to feel guilty about sex, sensuality and connection. How wrong is this? For our first desires as children on learning to connect is naturally and primitively a sexual urge for connection of the soul, for deep pleasure and feeling of protection, nurture and transcendance of the physical body. It is not wrong. The warped collective view of connection, and companionship and community is way unbalanced and rigid.

Even as children we get conditioned to feel love conditionally from our parents, teachers and adults, as that is what they know. Real love is unconditional, no limits, boundaries are beneficial for growth and clarity, but love shouldn’t be the result of being something specific or doing something specific, or even more what relationship or title a person has in relation to you. Someone you just met deserves unconditional love as much as a partner, relative or close friend. Love only has limits when we believe in a lie, which limits its true power and creative and transcending potential. We are all worthy of joy, peace, love and passion in abundance. But we must first question what we have been taught and be prepared to think for ourselves and our choices for what fuels our soul and our best intentions for growth, well-being and fulfilment.


After this above interaction occurred, I changed dramatically, I had realized where I had changed something in me to become more female and submissive, but it was imbalanced to my masculine to protect me and empower me. I decided after that I wanted a relationship but not a normal one and soon after I was getting premonitions of an amazing kiss, I had it every few weeks, like it was happening in real life, I couldn’t see anyone though. I noticed a new friend on facebook not long after this, Jc, a seemingly spiritual guy with mutual friends, I tuned in and there was a massive attraction. I will not tell the whole story but me and Jc met and before we did, we knew each other, not from chatting but on a soul level. We were in a relationship after the second time we met, I was set to go overseas for 6 months, which was part of my spiritual journey and this had thrown a huge spanner in the works, nothing flowed for me to leave. Me and Jc hadn’t even kissed before we were in a relationship, he was very shy and the first time we kissed was after 30 minutes of soul gazing, nothing else existed, I was flowing out so much poetry and we were so in love. But the feeling of resistance and the title what felt like chains to me got in the way. Not long after my dad kicked me out of his place, I had been staying there before heading overseas for 6 months. So kindly Jc offered for me to stay at his, we had only met 5 weeks prior and for me this was a huge rush, I was so freaked out feeling it was going to ruin everything.

All others show us ourselves, or parts of us, they will trigger our wounds, and as we learn to reflect and take more responsibility for our sovereignty, we begin to feel empowered to make choices for our highest good and then we can show up more authentic to everything in our lives and speak our truth, face our fears, have faith in the unknown and risk it big and get the rewards.

I am sad to say but as of yesterday me and him are now extremely close friends, we grew so much the past 6 weeks of our official partnership, I strived to not use terms like girlfriend and boyfriend as I know words hold vibration and I wanted something new, this thing we had, this connection was different. Other worldly, and I have been in love before, even love at first sight. In the past 24 hours after we have gone our separate ways we have gotten even closer without the weight of the status looming over us. We will remain close friends and I am going overseas, the means to leave have showed up just in time. Perhaps once more healing occurs in both  of the divine masculine and feminine we could maybe engage in a soul union but we felt that 6 years of experiences passed through us in mere 6 weeks. The immense growth and transformation we have both had and I feel the potential would have been even more without the dense structure and labels of society’s ideal of life and companionship. All my past stuff came up and as it did I learnt where I projected my old view of what the perfect women should be in a relationship, it wasn’t me, it wasn’t real and it most certainly wasn’t sustainable. I was drained and felt unfulfilled, I know all the circumstances unfolded as they should, for me to learn and share this. There was many things at play, things which kept me feeling trapped and drained and stuck in an unnatural flow of being, to think I needed it to connect and unite with another soul. But we don’t.

Right before me and Jc agreed to be a couple I was frustrated, as I was about to go overseas and I didn’t know where I stood, I felt his energy change in preparation for me leaving and I confronted him, I then post on facebook these 11 tips for conscious dating , which I had learned over the past four and a half years of being single and searching for what I was really looking for. He saw it and messaged me about it, we took things virtually to the I love you stage and had only hugged twice and held hands, but a few days later we were on facebook officially a couple and I had a bad and trapping feeling about the title, even though I thought he knew my views, I allowed it and all that was to follow. I wanted infinite and deep soul connection, not mundane and purely physical and emotional responsibility to another and all the dramas that follow that.


If you are single, married, or coupled, ask yourself why are you with someone?  What is the connection for? Could you be more fulfilled? Is it within you or is it in the restriction and resistance to an outdated view of connection, intimacy and companionship.

“Real love is not about labels and ownership. It’s about letting the infinite and pure creative force expand without limitations.” – Cynthia Jauch

In a world of labels, critics, definitions, political correctness, diagnosis and major logic it is easy to get stuck in a box, but that is not where we or love belongs. Love is naturally unconditional, why place restrictions on that which is infinite and perfect.

With our titles and explanations, we limit our potential for growth and expansion, for freedom, we have become accustomed to this, through experience from our youth. We can change, we can leap out of the boxes, re define what it means to love and be loved. Not need an ego gratification of an illusion of proof and forever. Love is infinite, people in our lives change. It is good. Learn to trust and love yourself. Than you will not feel trapped and confined by the labels, past energy of our ancestors and the vibration of the labels.

We can choose our essence and our magical life, we don’t need to be owned to feel love, we don’t need to be told we are taken care of, if we have faith we know we always are. Release your insecurity of the need to know for certain and to have someone forever, we are all connected and one.


“Be Real – Be True – Be Honest – BE YOU.”

With Peace, Love and Light.
❤Namaste – Infinite blessings❤

Cynthia Jauch
Intuitive, Coach, Healing Facilitator, Poetry, Writer, Speaker, Thought Leader and Visionary.

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