Inspired by Illumination!

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Illumination – Inspiration comes from bizarre places at times, so I was randomly hit and inspired to write about this topic right now. I love the discussion and experience in becoming lit up and lighter, to rise higher in consciousness, physically and in my growth. My inspiration today was in the sense of enlightenment, how it begins, how it progresses, how we can understand and define it. Through all consciousness there is a process of ascending and growth, a point of realization to something more to aspire, a connection of the unknown to be known.


Google definition: illumination

noun: illumination; plural noun: illuminations
  1. 1.
    lighting or light.
    “higher levels of illumination are needed for reading”
    antonyms: darkness
    • lights used in decorating a building or other structure.
  2. 2.
    the art of illuminating a manuscript.
    synonyms: decoration, illustration, embellishment, adornment, ornamentation

    “the illumination of a medieval manuscript”
  3. 3.
    “these books form the most sustained analysis and illumination of the subject”
    synonyms: clarification, elucidation, explanation, revelation, explication, exposition, exegesis,rationalization

    “these books form the most sustained analysis and illumination of the subject”

I am curious of your understanding and experience with illumination? Have you thought much on the topic?
Do you think philosophically when you see a light going on and off? questioning how it works?
The illumination of the moon, the stars and the sun? the heat and speed of light?
Do you wonder when you see lightning racing across the sky?

To me I sense a desire towards the illumination of the mind, a memory of what lies within the unconscious, being brought to light, to the conscious mind for utilisation. This is almost something I become addicted to, piecing together the puzzle of my mind, memories and distant times of history, parts of a collective hive of life, in all cycles and processes, a perfect pattern and moving to new and magnificent heights.

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I often aspire to grow rapidly and raise the bar ever so high to understand even the most complex things in life, to create solutions and see a greater world and self. As I wonder and desire new things become my norm, new people, understanding and opportunities to grow, evolve and thrive in life. Simplicity in the most brutal can be so genius to create and adapt.

On my own journey to discover more enlightenment, there has been false flags along the way, it gives us the opportunity to look deeper within us and trust our intuition and guiding compass, using discernment as our truth radar. We all hold such amazing capacity for love, creation, solution, discovery and inner peace, the path is different for us all but always starts with going with in and reflecting on what is really us and what is really true for us. Rather than letting others decide what is right and wrong and allowed for us and our lives.

I found this awesome video on Enlightenment Thinkers (Time Period):

This video got me thinking about how we are being controlled and restricted and puppeted, but when we question and allow ourselves to embrace our sovereignty  and believe we can change and improve, as a collective we can grow and move through this power struggle and suffocation.

As we grow in ourselves and it affects our families, friends, children and community, we enable ourselves to choose a progression and a way for freedom and individuality, for safety, protection, sustainable, peace and sustenance for thriving in ourselves and our lives.

Here are some links with info on the people mentioned in the video:

Thomas Hobbes,  John LockeMontesquieuJean-Jacques RousseauVoltaire


I hope there is something meaningful for you in this post and you enjoy the information. I enjoyed learning more and sharing this with you all. Much Gratitude.

“Be Real – Be True – Be Honest – BE YOU.”

With love, peace and light.
💜️Namaste-infinite blessings 💜

Cynthia Jauch
Intuitive, Coach, Healing Facilitator, Poetry, Writer, Speaker, Thought Leader and Visionary.

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