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New Earth NOW:

Many would dispute the idea and claim that we are NOW in a “New Earth”. What has changed? What is new? Why do you think that? or you may say that is some “New Age” junk and I am crazy, let me explain myself:

I have been in a huge state of preparation, for the past several years, re awakening to my feelings, psychic abilities, gifts and taking a path of radical self love, travel and throwing myself in the deep end to grow. There has been many known things on this journey, mostly from inner knowing and experience, I have had since my youth (including dreams and visions), which has only gotten stronger. More and more experiences have begun to prove these knowings, from other people having experiences, research and science proving things with Quantum Mechanics and Physics and other more modern and universal sciences.

As I opened myself to more understanding and connection to “Source Creator/Spirit“, more messages came through me, visions and blue prints for “New Earth” a Utopian world, which we are getting closer to seeing. Our mothers vibrations are rising with ours, we will begin to see more and more of these “New Earth” energies and realities and we allow our inner world to become more new and pure, through raising our own vibrations, surrendering to the support we have, the new information and experiences on how to better us, in love and peace and how to be part of a more sustainable ways of life, in HARMONY with the spheres.

Our MOTHER, a great and caring being, GAIA is the HEART – Sacred Heart of our solar system. EARTH – HEART (Move the H to the beginning of “earth” and it is “heart”)

Ascendo Sphere: “When your heart and your earth will be one singular field, and not two opposites of the same dual coin, the promise of heaven will be fulfilled. That, beloved creators, was the original concept of heaven when you created it and put it in your DNA”

We are energy beings first and foremost, the rest is an illusion of matter. We are one and the same with GAIA, in a Macro and Microcosm, when we harmonious vibe with her, ALL become flowing in EASE and GRACE.

Our Collective Energy bodies and consciousness, collect in the Sun and we have our own inner “Central Sun” for our Power and warmth.

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“The portals this month (1, 10,11,19 and 28 January) dates related to the fractal type circuits of purification and vibrational raising are doing to us a great decompression work that enables us to get out of the cave without getting blinded.

For sure the transition will not go unnoticed. We will enter the land of the HEART, an unfamiliar landscape to many and will trigger many healings linked to love and relationships (family, friendship, love) that will affect a large number of us.”

“New EARTH”: (Channelled Message) 7th December (By Destiny Fae)

My Darlings,

NOW is the time, OUR TIME, NOW is ALL the time, NOW we are shifting, waking and moving faster, we have more power, resources, awareness and strength than ever before. WE have the knowing within our hearts, you feel the changes ALL around..

If you are for this please comment YES below (I am taking note for some new and current projects and want to know who is interested)

What can you do NOW?
What is your mission and life purpose?
How are you offering your gifts, service and self to this world?
Are you ready to be all that you are?
How can you be supported in your role?
What guidance or healing do you require?

ALL of this will be DONE and ANSWERED.

Will you give me some of your time? To share, to see, to shift your current perspective, to a world of magic, love, laughter and joy?

New is never really new, this new is old, very ancient, it is somewhat different but more evolved, as the cycles of perfection and circular nature of the universe passes through a time again of peace, of balance, of harmony, of restoration to unconditional love, to inner strength, to fun, play, to connection to all multidimensional realms, to all aspects of self in integration, through ALL above and below.

We need not force, fight, fix, but simply BE and allow our true presence and divinity to show, BE present and grounded in the truth of the moment, the NOW, where all power to shift, change and evolve exists.

You are amazing, powerful, ready, evolving, effortlessly. Remove the illusion of lack, for in the world unfolding in NEWness to what we know outside, the WISDOM and TRUTH from within us trickles out.

We will be BALANCED in our Masculine and Feminine, we will know, understand and embody unconditional LOVE, you will experience the feeling of being in UNITY and connectivity to ALL.

The honour and respect rises, to the Stone Nation, Plant Nation, Devic Nation, Elemental and Angelic Nations, to all the Hue-Man Nations of this EARTH, all the galactic Nations and Federations.

This Planet will be known as a Planet of FREEDOM, (please shift your disbelief and programs of old, for a brief moment to imagine), you inner child will be healed, your ego will feel integrated, ALL acceptance, LOVE and respect will exist within all, in the re-balanced, Harmony of the Spheres, Our Mother will return to her true form of beauty and GRACE.

We will reunite with our STARRY FAMILIES and Homes, we will remember our pasts, our infiniteness and DIVINITY…..


A land of plenty, laughter and joy. ALL things in unison creating and co creating in EASE and GRACE, for the greater of this PLANET/GODDESS mother GAIA and for the collective Galaxy and U-in-VERSE (Universe)……..

The Vibrations of our collected parts will rise, sing and feel euphoria, for our natural state of BeingNESS will be restored. (This is prophesied) – The EARTH will HEAL and RISE, as within we will be complete, our DNA restored and the imbalances will be cleansed and washed away. Our many bodies in BALANCE, and so the outer too.

We wont see separation in anything, We will know GODS love, the unconditional, inner and outer. Manifestation will happen rapidly, we will become to understand our origins, our TRUTH and Connecedness to GOD, the CREATOR the ALL. We will get along, we will work together for the greater collective.

Pain will not be a thing, disease will not be a thing, we will KNOW the cures, the ways to heal, WE will build, create and share amazingness and splendour, our ancestors will be heard, the lessons of past KARMA released, WE will know PEACE on EARTH again.

FREE from rage, from hate, from the false Duality…….
Seek within, your stillness, your truth,
FOR ALL things are of the same DIVINITY. ALL things equal in LOVE……

WE are all related…..
This YOU know inside….
The real YOU, your soul spark…
Knows this vision. Knows the path we are ALL on….

(Do you share this vision??????)


– Sustainability in products, services, resources, relationships, actions and exchanges.
– Many Eco-Villiages and Communities
– Shared Ancient Wisdom and Knowledge.
– Empowered Education and training resources.
– New, Empowered, Creative, Fun and Transparent ways to exchange energy.
– Ways to PLAY and CREATE in balance, unity and sustainability with others.
– Healthy ways to connect, interact and support of one another.
– Health, Well being, Vitality accessible to ALL.
– Food, Water, Housing for everyone.
– Loving, Compassionate and Ethical business, Work and exchanges.
– Everyone doing things for the LOVE of it, and for the JOY of it.
– Support of the EARTH and ALL beings inhabited.

(Projects, Education, Resources to do this already exist for all of the above and will soon grow and trickle to everywhere)

= Allow connection and collaboration of all resources, ideas, gifts, services and come together.
= Choose your HEART.
= Release the FEAR.
= EMBRACE your Uniqueness
= JOIN a movement, mission, a community, a collective of creation for NEW EARTH.
= Be Present to NOW.
= Feel, BE, LOVE, open your inner EYE.
= Visualize and FEEL this TRUTH.

((((If you are for this please comment YES below (I am taking note for some new and current projects and want to know who is interested))))

“We are the midwifes- The NEW EARTH is being BORN within US ALL.” – Cynthia Jauch

So much gratitude for you ALL from the depths of my BEING to yours, my sacred and beloved relations.

On New Years eve I Grounded “New Earth” energies with my quantum selves (and I am sure many others), in meditation at Mount Shasta California (Earth Chakra Vortex and Connection to Hawaii and Lemuria), through massive guidance I went up the mountain before midnight and the year crossed over. In meditation I was shown a Crystal Castle and Rainbow Bridge, I beleive it was to Agartha.

HAPPY #NEWEARTH #2017 – A 1 Year for Oneness and Unity

Thank you so much for all the love and blessings from all over the world. I love you all so much and you helped me ground the higher frequencies into GAIA, to bring upon a new cycle, new earth, new vibration, new light and new age.
I feel so blessed for all those in my life, for the immense galactic presence on mount Shasta last night and for those who aided me in remembering more of what I embody.
So grateful to GAIA for holding it down, to Shasta and Shastina for welcoming me. For the continued support and abundance and all ways for my epic and magical journey for all my projects progressing and for the felt love, appreciation and multitude of rewards for walking this path in faith with spirit and all my spiritual guides and assistance.
For the knowing and assistance in massive clearing of my vessel to hold the higher energies, to connect to my quantum selves all over the planet in different time lines, to connect to and embody the rainbow bridge and share with my Earth and galactic Ohana.
For all those holding the vibration for Gaia, for the new energy, for advanced peace, love and light on the planet and reflected into the infinite cosmos.
For all my relatives in the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms, for the aid of the Devic, Angelic and Spirit Kingdoms. For the guardians and warriors of peace. To the safe and easy release of all that does not serve the highest gift of unity and love of our creator.

 Ma halo – Ma halo – Ma halo

(Hawaiian for Thank you deeply)
So much gratitude for the experience of this and all to come in this magical and marvellous year and to share this beautiful freedom planet with you all.
Facebook post (from 5th January)
When the 4am wake up call from SPIRIT continues: “The New Earth is HERE and NOW. You are a part of it’s birthing, what are you doing asleep this time of day? Let the feelings, ideas and Manifestations FLOW and EVOLVE
I have been in a deep state of Hibernation, healing, grounding, integrating and grounding new energies (listening to that guidance, to retract from social media, technology and drama): intuitively being prepared and waiting patiently for the signs to proceed at a much higher and rapid level.
After the past few days at Mount Shasta (In California, Massive energy portal and entrance to inner Earth), I know spirit wants me NOW, all the new ideas, upgrades and signs of alignment and fertility ALL in place.
Have you been experiencing signs, encouragement and ideas, to STEP UP and BE a greater embodiment and STEP into ALL that you are?
The time is NOW and we are in the perfect place and being supported on all levels. This world wants what you got, your soul wants to share and connect with you more deeply.

I want to see you truth, your shine and your rawness.

We are all coming together, so rapidly, new support, new ideas, new actions and new ways.

WE ARE in the NEW EARTH now, let yourself feel it please.

GAIA and SPIRIT are whispering to you gently, waiting for you to hear them.
An interesting Video I saw which got me thinking:

We are ONE, we are LOVE, we are NEW, we are the NOW, we are the “New Earth”. – Cynthia Jauch

We are the PHOENIX risen from the ashes.


A few months ago the newness and awe I felt for life and adventure:

“Never hide your inner brilliance, bliss, freedom, fun and innocence. Each new day is a rising from the ashes” – Cynthia Jauch

As I gaze up at the magical stars, reflecting over and integrating all that has passed the last few months, I see the Golden crescent moon and remember last night, I was in Heaven, my bliss, nothing can hold me down, Dancing as a free flying bird above, sharing space with the spirit world on under the glaze of the moon lit night, silent to the on looking, a party of paradise in my head. Despite all the challenges in my path the months passed, merged with the most extraordinary magic, mystery and transformation on all levels, it as amazing to just be in my space of free expression, a perfect harmony of moving with and merging into the vibration of sound,
The dull hue of the night and lunar’s watch, the occasional passing of a wanderer, early morning from a night out, I was in my own world, a world where I was empowered, to express and move, to feel sensual and totally liberated and free, my primal nature taking over as I surrendered to my bliss, I was hot and cold, I was rising higher, to bliss and new awareness. To give in to our full POWER, our inner desire to be strong in joy and expression, to not feel guilt or weight, to be as free as a child and be as wild but innocent,
I so deeply, feel a strong and powerful honour for my journey, to learn, understand and experience all that I do on my mystical and magical journey, tonight the moon and stars are my message, to let my inner phoenix free, burn with heat, howl at the moon and connect deeply to soul, spirit, freedom, liberation and all in existence. This was the best way to spend my final night in Phoenix Arizona, before journeying to one of my major destinations on my long pilgrimage and I made some lovely new friends, drawn to my free bird dancing and blissful energy.

We are transforming each new moment.


Magic is in every moment..

To the beginning of a wonderful and peaceful cycle of “New Earth” 2017.

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we offer a central networking platform to all people to support the creation and development of sustainable, conscious communities and community initiatives, and invite people to join our global family of sovereign men, women, communities and nations”

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FREE ebook of the above.



The world has woken up, GAIA has woken us up, we are rising in vibration we are now in the PHOENIX age and a Golden DAWN coming to be United and Soon to be 1000 years of PEACE, which has been prophesied by our ancestors. I am bringing together festival creators for a global Unity Festival Event this year and I am creating a Documentary “Inspire Unity” premiering at these festivals in September. The MOVEMENT.

Check out: Traveller Destiny –  Growth from the Journey$1 a HUGAs the Phoenix rises from the Ashes: , The Time has Come and Inspire Destiny – Generosity and Giving, Caring CommunityOur Time is NOW!!!

“Be Real – Be True – Be Honest – BE YOU.”

With Peace, Love and Light.
❤Namaste – Infinite blessings

Cynthia Jauch

Inspire Desiny
Intuitive, Coach, Healing Facilitator, Poetry, Writer, Speaker, Thought Leader and Visionary.

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