Feel the fear and do it anyway

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Both Feet

When it comes to the short term, I’m a notorious risk taker.

I jump out of planes, I abseil down buildings, I volunteer in Jamaica, I crash US award shows, I cliff-dive, I rock-climb, I perform on Beale Street.

Basically, I live like there’s no tomorrow.

And it’s incredible.

But when it comes to the long term, it’s pretty stock standard.

I go to work (usually in a job I don’t particularly enjoy) and come home to a house (usually full of unruly roommates).

Then I rinse and repeat.

Every now and then I’ll interject something from the ‘risk list’ just to remind myself that I’m actually alive. But for the most part it’s pretty vanilla.

So it got me thinking.

How can I tap into that part of me more often? Why does she only turn up when I’m about to lose it? Or when I’ve had a case of…

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