Total Solar Eclipse on March 9th: What it means for You!

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On March 9th a Full Solar Eclipse will take place, heightening energies here on Earth.
This event amplifies and supercharges all of the New Moon energy we will already be feeling. When they occur, about once a year, total Solar Eclipses are only visible to a small geographic location on Earth — March’s eclipse will be visible to Southeast Asia, Eastern Australia, and parts of New Zealand.

The last solar eclipse I was able to view was in 1995, in New Jersey. The next visible total eclipse I will see, here in California, will be in August 2017. So, you see how rare it is to be present at a location that will have visibility of this event.

Though, like the power of the moon, just because we can’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t affecting us! We can’t see Mercury, yet it’s retrograde causes quite enough trouble. I believe that when…

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