Spirit Walk part 1

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Spirit Walk part 1
Opening my eyes everything looked so vibrant….
Smelling fresh air, feeling the breeze and overwhelm of care free.
As I walked past the person in front of me I notice the beautiful open gate to my right and all the mountains above the tops of the trees, I see a tiny butterfly floating peacefully and land on the jacket of the lady in front, the vibrant orange and distinct black of its wings. As I wander down the hill, peering around I glimpse pale pink flowers on a tree and blanketing a patch of grass nearby. Drawn in by their beauty, I float over, like on cloud 9, receiving the sweetly divine scent as I near, overrun by awe and appreciation.


Noticing when continuing, the peace and energy swirling around me, I feel safe, I completely trust. Proceeding towards a small collection of nearby trees, I think to myself they must be communicating, as I quietly observe I see transparent ripples of waves moving between them, as though telepathically talking through their consciousness. I feel a message, like I intuitively understand a fragment of what they are transferring, trying not to doubt, rationalize or analyse this experience away, I just listen and hear about a coming festival, which they are excited about. Turning and stepping to the right sensing an energetic connection below me and the ground, nature caring for all and sharing its harmonious vibration of love and paths through the roots attached beneath the surface.


A new green shoot emerging near my feet, I relate to it like contemplating a baby being born into the world. When a seed in the earth curled up and warm by the womb of mother earth, nutrients from the soil and other connected plants, water and the above warmth of the sun, shining golden rays on the earth, the moon magnetically charging the elements and plants, ground encircling this life to be and all life. Nurturing it to grow, expand, the perfection of divine beauty and life. Directed to my right is a sign pointing me to the forest with a pink ribbon on the tree, like in a daze I ever so lightly tread, breathing deeply, moving towards the enchantment of the forest and its magical pull to be felt and known. To be continued…..



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“Be real, Be true, Be honest, BE YOU.”


2 thoughts on “Spirit Walk part 1

    yellowwolf80 said:
    November 6, 2015 at 12:13 pm

    Beautiful! Felt like I was right there walking with you


      candyego88 said:
      November 6, 2015 at 3:22 pm

      Aww!! 🙂 much gratitude. Namaste.


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